Wanna See My Photos?

I really don't have a great deal of pictures of myself either pre or post surgery.  I have made a sport of avoiding cameras.  I still am shy of cameras.  Even with my weight loss, I feel that I end up looking drastically different than how I view myself in my minds eye.  I find it quite jarring and shocking sometimes.  As a pasty pale Ginger kid I don't photograph well from a skin tone/lighting/ etc point of view.  Also, I found that when I was larger there were 2 types of larger woman. The ones who have skinny faces on larger bodies and the ones who have chubby faces on larger bodies.  I was the latter.  I have a few girlfriends who are larger women with skinny faces.  They can rock the "above the shoulders" shot because a head shot photo doesn't reveal their body size---not this gal!!   I am still terrified of my double-chin----it took losing 80lbs before the bitch even started acting like she was gonna go away. 

Anyway, I am trying to get better about photos.  Here are some old ones and I am gonna try to get some new ones. 


These were taken my Senior year of high school (circa 1996-1997). At around 185ish pounds, I thought I was about as huge as a person could be.  What is so funny is that the weight I was at then is approximately the same weight as my first major goal.  

This picture--------->>>>  was taken right before I left for college.  I was about 160ish pounds after taking Phen/Fen for 3 mos.  I thought I was the shizz. (Can't you tell by that pose?)  I left for college, Phen/Fen was banned, and I proceed to start piling on the weight.  

These were taken in 2005 on the Gulf Coast (approx 1 month pre-Hurricaine Katrina) I was hovering around 255lbs. I think I had actually lost a"few"pounds. I just
remember being really
hot and miserable the
whole time we were there.

The photo above was my 10 year high school reunion in 2007.  That was a delightful experience.  There was a shocking number of girls who were the same size as high school and the ones who weren't had the 4 kids to show for it.  The photo below is sometime in 2008.

This is me and the Hubs sometime around 2008.  Oh those chubby faces.

Post Surgery Pics

Fall 2010
Approx 6-8 mos.
- 30-40lbs
This pic isn't the most flattering but it does show how my face has slimmed down. (How wrong is it that the Hubs took a pic of me while I had food in my mouth AND I am now posting it on my weight loss blog.)  Summer 2011 down approx. 60-70lbs

These are from me playing with Hipstamatic on my  iPhone.   Summer 2011 down approx. 60-70lbs


  1. I'm catching up on blogs since I'm slow at work and I just have to say that you are so pretty!!

  2. Aww your so beautiful. Why no recent photos? Get it up there2012 Baby!