Wanna Hear About My NSV's??

*These are not in the order I experienced them I am just adding them as they come to me.

1) I am finally completely out of Plus-Sizes. No more "W's" after my number!!! (8/2011)
2) I no longer have an "X" in my size. (8/2011)
3) I can cross my legs like a proper lady.
4) I had to stop wearing my wedding and engagement ring because they wouldn't stay on my hand. (9/2011)
5) I was able to wear a ring that my Mom gave me when I was in high school.  I have no recollection of ever having been able to wear it comfortably before now.  (10/2011)
6) I realized last night that I have stopped worrying entirely about fitting into seats or booths and being able to squeeze through compact spaces.