Wednesday, May 14, 2014

WTF with 2013 part one

So, like, 8 months ago I caught you up on my 2012 and I promised to fill you in on 2013.  Well, here I am in 2014 and I am sure that all 3 of you who still follow this blog are wondering "What the hell??"  Or maybe not, but either way, here it is.  I am gonna break most of it down in photos mainly because so much happened in 2013 that to write it all down would mean writing a novel and none of us want that. (Of course, hit me up in the comments if you have questions and such.)

In January we came back from the beach.  I was determined to make this baby thing happen.  Despite lots of frustration, we kept  (going) at it.

In April we got this:  
We were soooooo happy but I was, of course, stricken with a paralyzing level of anxiety.  I admit that I spent a considerable amount of time bracing myself for yet another miscarriage.  My OB had determined that low progesterone levels were most likely the cause of my other m/c's. Because of this, as soon I got my positive HPT I was in my OB's office getting progesterone shots in my butt 2x per week for the whole first trimester.  Just FYI, progesterone is the preggy hormone that makes you all nauseous and fatigued --- getting a straight shot of it into your ass makes the effect, oh, about 20x worse.  Progesterone shots + paralyzing fear/anxiety = hiding on the couch under a blanket alternating between trying not to puke and eating cookies like it was my job.   Needless, to say I emerged from my 1st trimester still pregnant (YAY!!!!!) but 20lbs chubbier (Not so yay.) 

I also ended up having my Band loosened to only 4cc in an 11cc band.  (That is the least amount I have had since getting my first fills.)  That's about the point where my aspirations to have the "super-fit-gonna-Zumb@-till-the-day-I-deliver" pregnancy fell apart.  By the end of my 1st trimester it was full blown Summer here in the Deep South complete with 147% humidity so I opted for staying inside with my A/C.  

Oh, and I also made and ate about 14 of these: 

Strawberry Pretzel Awesome --- it's very common here in the South. It's like a Strawberry Cheesecake with a Pretzel crust.  I craved it constantly.  

There was also a lot of this: 
Pistachio Ice Cream (best ice cream in the history of ever) 

and this : 

Krystals, It's a southern thing.  You either love 'em or hate 'em.  I love them.  Even more when I'm pregnant.  

Thanks to all that here I am at 23wks (barely half way through my pregnancy) up approx. 45lbs from my lowest weight and looking like I am full term. :-

I got at a dozen "You're about to pop!!!" comments from total strangers.  

I kinda took a "Band Holiday".  I really just ate what I wanted, when I wanted and didn't really care about weight gain.  I realized that I could only handle so much stress in this pregnancy and the stress I felt worrying about whether or not this pregnancy would even last was more than enough.  There really wasn't enough room for worrying about every single pound I might be gaining.  I wasn't out to gain as much as possible but my anxiety over miscarriages was SOOOO huge that I needed to find as much happy as I possibly could. Sometimes I found that happiness in chicken parm and ice cream.  I fully believed that I had the tools to get my baby weight back off once this kiddo arrived.  

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