Monday, August 5, 2013

When a 'little break' turns into almost a year...Part 1

First off, thank-you to the handful of folks who got in touch and checked in on me.  I really appreciate it.

It's been almost a year --- really?? seriously?? How does that happen?? ---- it feels like so much has happened and not much has happened all at the same time.

Anyway, I am just gonna rock some bullet points to fill you in.  If there is anything you wanna know more about then you can always just ask and I will go into deeper detail, but I have a feelin' this is gonna look like a novel even with bullets. I am gonna do my best to keep it on track.

Here is how the end of 2012 wrapped up::

* I didn't really mean to take a break from blogging.  It all started out with being overwhelmed with holiday type things. Christmas 2012 was really, pretty tough.  I spent it pretty much hating the world and hating life and generally just being pissed off. Of course 2 miscarriages in one year has a tendency to make a person kinda cranky.  I just didn't want to participate. Especially since a large part of our holiday festivities involved being surrounded by a baby that was born the same time as MC#1 would have been due (the same baby who was named using the baby name that Hubby's cousin hijacked from me.)  I didn't want to have to paint on a smiling face while my heart broke over and over again.  And since I was chocked full of fertility-type hormones, I also didn't want to risk an outburst that was the baby related equivalent of this:

Warning: Language is prolly not safe for work -- just sayin'. 

*Around November I started experiencing some pretty effed up band tightness thanks to my new regimen of fertility hormones.  We're talking serious, serious acid reflux every night. No. Matter. What. This led to me eating next to nothing for quite a while which led to my lowest weight ever of 161.  It didn't matter if ate before bed or if I didn't eat before bed -- the minute I fell asleep I was ripped awake by coughing up battery acid.  It seemed to get better and worse based on my cycle so I tried to see if I could wait it out.  However, when I reached the point where I couldn't even sleep sitting up without coughing up acid I knew something had to be done so I scheduled an un-fill.

* I got my un-fill in December.  I had the FNP remove a full 1.0cc from my band.  It felt glorious.  I did gain around 5lbs afterward but I sooooo did not care.  I gained that because I was finally able to eat real food again.  It was nice being at my lowest weight but not at the expense of my health or the health of my band.  I was also fortunate to find out that my band was still okay and hadn't been damaged by all the acid reflux.

*We also decided to spend the last 2 weeks of December at the beach.  Actually, The Hubs decided for us --- well, for me.  I never really wanted to admit that I could not handle Christmas but the closer it got the more The Hubs knew he needed to get me somewhere  He called the families, handed them some BS about his vacation time running out for the year and said we were going on vacation.  He booked a condo on the beach, we packed ourselves and the dog and spent the last 2 weeks of 2012 on the beach in Mississippi.  It really was the best thing that we could have done.

I guess that covers the end of 2012.  I plan to follow up with some more posts about 2013 so far, but then again, I plan to do a lot of things.


  1. Wow! nice to see you blogging! Sorry your year sucked....Your hubs is the bomb for taking you away - the holidays suck in general and I couldn't imagine going through them in an emotional state.
    Hope to keep hearing from you...

  2. What a sweet hubby. I'm sorry you had to go through a storm last year :(

  3. glad to see you back- sorry to hear about the crap from last year - I hope this year has been better for you and the hubs.

  4. Glad your back!!! I'm glad your husband was able to recognize what you needed and took you away. It just shows men do pay attention sometime. LOL

  5. Welcome back!! Better late than never I always say =)

  6. Great to see you posting! You are very, very fortunate that the acid didn't cause esophageal erosion or damage! I had to get my band removed because of the same issue. Since they converted me to bypass at the same time, I am out of the fertility rounds until January of 2014. It was a welcome break given how nutty 2012 was for me. My hormones, my band, and my weight were not playing well together for as long as I was on all the fertility drugs.

    I can't wait to hear how things are going for you in 2013!