Monday, November 5, 2012

High Cotton!!!

Wow!!!  I have been absent for a while.

Fair warning this post is gonna be random as all hell with bullet points firing in all different directions.  

  • I have been really busy lately.  There have been so many things going on but for the most part they have been really good.  West TN is cotton country and several members of The Hubs' family still make a living growing cotton.  It's cotton pickin' time in this neck of woods and the cotton is HIGH!!!  "High Cotton" is a very good thing.  Here in the South (particularly where cotton is grown) we have a saying, "Shittin' in high cotton!!" and it means that everything is really good.  I feel like I have been going non-stop and things are whirling around but I feel really good about pretty much everything right now.  (Hence, the blog title. Ha!)  Here is a pic from the family's farm.  
It's even more gorgeous when you can see it go on for miles.  

  • October 20 was my 11th anniversary.  The Hubs and I just took a quick little weekend trip to Nashville.  We had a great time!  I hit the clearance rack at 0ld N@vy and racked up on some awesome deals.  Even bought my first pair of Skinny jeans -- in a size 8.  They are snug but they fit and I can still breath (a little) in them.  NSV!!!  My first clothing in a single digit size!!!!  Holla!!!  Here is a pic I took that weekend (I am terrible at cell phone self portraits!)

These aren't the skinny jeans but it's a huge NSV bc I  am wearing a belt purely for the purpose of fashion.  
  • I got to go to my FAVORITE Zumba class with my Zumba idol -- Maggie!!  She is a ball buster!!  Just when I start to get cocky about my Zumba skills I go back and take her class and get my ass kicked in the best kind of way!!!  She has encouraged me from the beginning and even though she is a former professional dancer (as in Broadway professional not pole/g-string professional)  she always made me feel like I was totally awesome in Zumba class!!!  
Sweaty post Zumba sparkle!!  You can't tell but she had to bend quite a bit so as not to be 2ft taller than me!! Ha!

  • One of my anniversary gifts to myself was to have my wedding/engagement rings resized.  I hadn't worn them in over a year because they were too loose.  The idea of getting them resized made me very anxious.  For some reason, it felt like a huge leap of faith that my weight loss was really real.  Like I was REALLY committed to this new body of mine and there is no going back.  I don't know --- it's hard to describe.  But I was really pleased with the way it came out.  


  • Finally made it back to my hometown in East TN to pick up many of the items left to me by my Nana.  Most of it was sentimental pieces that aren't particularly valuable but that remind me so much of her and going to her house.  However, I did get some really awesome things.  The first is a gorgeous rocking chair that will be PERFECT for a nursery when/if that time comes.  The second were her diamond stud earrings -- she wore them everyday from the time she got them till shortly before she passed.  Since she never took them out they were just bit "gunked" up with make-up and such.  It took some serious scrubbing but now they sparkle like new.  I really love having a piece of jewelry that she loved and valued so much.  

  • My OB/GYN determined that he thinks my pregnancy issues are related to a Luteal Phase Defect.  Which in my case, means that my Luteal Phase is too short (The Luteal phase is the part of your cycle after you ovulate ideally it should be around 14 days long.  Some women can get/stay pregnant with as little as 12 days but anything shorter than that makes getting and/or staying pregnant a challenge.)  One of the primary treatments for LPD is HCG injections.  Yes, HCG. The same HCG that is produced during pregnancy detected by a pregnancy test  AND the same HCG that is being used in one of the newest (and freakiest) weight loss fads.  I have heard so many horror stories about fertility treatments and hormones etc that I was really apprehensive about beginning any kind of hormone therapy.   For now, I have gotten super lucky in that department.  Of all the hormone treatments out there, HCG is the least complicated.  I only have to do 4 shots per cycle, it has very few (minor) side effects, it's a small shot in my belly (not one of those huge ones that have to go 3 miles into your muscle).  Other than the fact that I almost passed out the first time I had to give myself the shot -- this first round has been relatively easy.  Hopefully, my Luteal phase will be extended which will hopefully pump up my progesterone levels.  

  • Remember in the last point when I said that HCG is used in some new fangled weight loss fad???  Well, I am happy to say that it's the best side effect ever!!!  I am at a new all time low of 170lbs.  I have lost 4lbs in the past week --- it's totally because of the HCG because I haven't been especially great in the eating department.  We shall see if it "real" i.e. if it stays off this week since my last shot this cycle was yesterday.   I haven't had a loss like that since the early days of my surgery.  But I would be lying if I didn't admit to being seriously geeked about the weight loss side effect.  I am finally the person who gets weight loss as a side effect of medication!!!  I have never in my life been that person.  
That's all I can think of for now.  I know there is more stuff to tell about but I just can't think of it right now.  


  1. I love ALL of this!!! Praying for you guys for this cycle!!! :)

  2. Size 8....Holy Moly....that is awesome!!!

  3. Size 8! You are the bombDOTcom! You look fantastic!

  4. Fantastic! Your NSV's are truly inspiring!!

  5. P.S. I just nominated you for a liebster award!

  6. Awesome8... I did the HCG diet lst 21 lbs in 3 weeks, put back 25 in 2 months then got banded. K thanks:)