Wednesday, October 3, 2012

NSVs -- Like a Boss!!!!

First off, I am glad that everyone had a great time in Chicago and equally glad everyone got to and fro all safe and sound.

While part of me is sad I missed out on BOOBs3, my weekend RAWKED pretty hard despite not being in Chicago.

Last week/weekend was full of some HUGE non-scale victories as well as a scale related victory.

My scale related victory was getting to see a new all time low!!!  I am finally solidly into the 170's with my new low of 174 lbs.  For anyone keeping count that comes out to a total of -110lbs.

Thanks to my new all time low I got to experience my first NSV in a long time when I decided to try on a pair of Size 10 jeans.  When I pulled them off the rack, I really didn't think they would fit, but the jeans were super cheap on clearance so I thought "What the hell -it's worth a shot!!" I really anticipated doing some dressing room acrobatics to wrestle them on, but it wasn't necessary -- they slide right up and fit like a glove.  

The proof!!  Even better they were clearanced for $13 (I found the same pair at another store on sale for $12 -I totes bought those too!!) 
I won't lie -- I almost cried right there in dressing room.  I have never worn a Size 10 anything in my entire adult life.

NSV: Numero Dos

As of this weekend I am officially a Licensed Z*mba Instructor, well, I am licensed to instruct.  I haven't actually instructed my own class, yet.  There is still a lot of work for me to do before that happens like, 1) coming up with some routines, 2) learning those routines, 3) getting over my paralyzing fear of being in charge of a class, 4) dealing with my anxiety that everyone will hate my routines and will leave class before the 2nd song.  You know, no big.

Taking this certification class was so HUGE on so many levels.  Now, in all honesty, they will pretty much give anyone a certificate if you complete the class, so don't let me fool you into thinking that I got some mad, awesome dance skills.  However, the class IS pretty intense.  It is basically 8 hrs of almost non-stop Zumba lead by an Instructor who has been doing Zumba since it began in the US almost 10 yrs ago (Chica was pretty hardcore!!).  So the fact that I could hang in a class that intense for almost 8hrs -- feels like a pretty big deal.  (Especially considering that 3yrs ago I spent most of my free time sleeping).  Bonus, I WASN'T THE BIGGEST GIRL IN THE ROOM!!!!  That still takes getting used to, I have spent so much of my life being the biggest person in the room that it still takes me by surprise.   Having that realization in a fitness related environment is just double bonus.

This me goofin' with my pal K.K. who took the class with me.  Notice our matching BondiBands!!!  Our class was held at a church so we didn't get to shower at the end of the day ---  we were RANCID!!!  I think KK's car still smells like BO.
****  With all this talk of NSVs and new lows I must tell the whole store of this weekend.  When we left the training class I was HUNGRY like I have never been before (despite having fueled myself throughout the day on good, healthy snacks).  My bones were hungry!!!  I remember thinking --- this is what athletes must feel like.  Anyways, KK and I had to hit the road for home so we opted for drive-thru dinner.  Somehow, someway in the course of the 3hr drive home I consumed a bacon cheeseburger, Lg onion rings, Lg Cherry Coke, AND a Chocolate Frosty.  I have NO idea where I put it.  Any other day I would have been horrified with myself but I DID NOT even feel the teensiest bit of guilt since my HR/calories burned monitor said we had burned 5000+ calories that day.  And lemme tell ya, I am not crazy about fast food these days and I really do my best to avoid it but I have no words to explain how that meal rocked my face!! 

As if this weekend couldn't get any better, I found the purse I have been lusting after for over a year on sale at TJ M@xx for $150 cheaper than normal retail. SNAP!!!! 


 It is by Michael K0rs and I have lusted after it fo-eva!!!  Even on deep discount it was still waaaaaay more expensive than any purse I have ever owned before.  But I had some extra birthday $$$ burning a hole in my pocket and I really wanted something nice to reward myself for making more forward progress in my weight loss/fitness journey.  Now I am gonna start saving my nickels and dimes for the brown version.  

Lots good stuff going on!!  I am also making plans to run a couple of 5Ks before the end of the year.  The Hubs and I have decided to wait till the first of the new year to resume any baby making efforts in order to avoid being all hopped up on hormones/baby stress during the holidays.  ('Cause when it comes to the holidays I don't need any help in the Crazy Dept.)  So, while I haven't accomplished certain things I had set out do this year, I will [hopefully] end the year having accomplished even more weight loss and fitness goals than I could have imagined.


  1. Great NSVs and that SV rocks! Way to go!

  2. You and I have a lot in common! We are close in weight/size/height. And most importantly, we love TJMaxx! lol I too, just purchased a MK bag that I was eyeing for a long time.

    But this girl has no rhythm! lol Good for you are being a zumba instructor. Not only will this benefit your self confidence, you will be a great role model for others as well.

    Keep me posted on the 5k...sounds great and gives me something to think about!


    1. Oh and I loved your "neighbor" RockBandBarbie! :)

  3. HOLY SMOKES!!! That's a lot of Zumbaing.. you are amazing!!! I need to get back into Zumba, perhaps you can come to AZ and practice your moves and teach me at the same time?? Maybe??
    Love the purse! MK rocks!

  4. i love to read about everyone's NSVs! THEY'RE SO INSPIRING! way to go. and, from a purse whore as myself, can i just say i LOVE that wonderful purse score you made...SO jealous!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. You are rockin' the fitness and weight loss stuff!!!

  6. AWESOME!!! Congrats on the cert. so exciting. And awesome job on the weight loss. I hope someday to be firmly ensconced in the 170's.