Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Epic Thrift Store WIN & New Low Weigh-in!!!!!

This weekend I made 2 trips to a couple of local thrift stores.  The first one was completely by chance because The Hubs and I had some time to kill on Friday afternoon.  After my first good trip, I decided to try again at another store across town on Sunday.

I have never really had all that much luck with thrift store clothing shopping.  It always seemed like the the selection available in larger sizes had a definite Granny vibe going. I wasn't super confident I would find anything during this trip either, but I figured "What the hell?!?!"

Since getting back into regular exercise I had started noticing that my clothes were getting a little looser so I thought I would take a chance on trying on some stuff in the next size down (size 12).  Lemme say that the quality clothes options get waaaaay better the lower the size.

I racked up!!!  Both trips combined I spent just over $100. However, except for 2 coats, I didn't spend more than $6 for any single item.  Most items were around $2.50-$3 (some were even $.99)

It is sooooo nice to really fill out my closet.   Throughout my weight loss I have kept clothing purchases to the absolute bare minimum.  Between the fact that I don't work outside my home and never knowing how long I would actually be able to wear an article of clothing --- spending oodles of cash on clothes just never made sense.  This reluctance to spend $$ on clothes meant that my fashionable wardrobe options were non-existent.  (God forbid I have to dress up 2 days/evenings in a row!!)

Imma gonna get my fashion on now!!!

I don't even live in a very large city --- I am sure you big city folk have waaaay better thrift store options.

Stretch khakis - Unlisted, Kenneth Cole

Okay, this is hilarious! These are actually maternity pants. I THOUGHT they were yoga pants and they were on the .99 rack so I just threw them in the cart. Didn't realize they are maternity until I went to wash them.  Oh well, they will live in the back of the closet till I need them.  

This coat is AMAZING!!!  Straight off the Mad Men wardrobe dept.  And yes! That collar is REAL FUR!!!
 It was only $25!!!!

This pleather coat is also totally pimpin'!!!  It was only $16 

This sucker is a CASHMERE blend!!!!  Did you hear me??  CASHMERE!!!   For $2.50

Love this--  Boots and leggings, what?!?!

Another nice little layering sweater! 

There are few things I love like a black, turtleneck sweater -- it's just so classic!!!  That is why I bought TWO!!!   Seriously!?! when it's .99, how can you not??? 

More fuzzy sweater action!!

I fuh-reaking love this outfit.  Top: Old Navy, Pants: The Limited

Just some generic floppy cargos, but they are SUPER comfy!! 
The last thing I need is more T-shirts but the Adidas shirt is  U Tenn Orange and the black one is a moisture wicking material for fall winter workouts. 

These jeans are so great!!  Ann Taylor Loft!!

Again, another outfit I fuh-reakin love.  It doesn't get more classic than a French blue oxford and these pants are from the Gap and they are THE BALLS!!!!  I LOVE THEM!! 

More slacks from Dockers, (They look black but they are really dark grey)

These pants are kind of an NSV for me.  They are corduroys from Old Navy.   In my bigger days I would NEVER have worn these because I would have been mortified by the "Swishy, Swishy" sound of my super huge legs rubbing together.  Not to mention, the fear that my inner thighs would have caught fire.

So there you go my thrift store conquest. This maybe a fluke but I think I am really coming around to thrift store shopping.  I like it for a couple of reasons -- mainly the $$. What I like is that if an article is maybe just a wee bit too snug but I liked it anyway then it's only $3 so I can afford to get it as a motivational item.  I would never do that with something that costs $50.

The real downside to thrift store shopping is the time --  you gotta hunt for your deals and (I recommend) you gotta try things on.

Here's hoping I have  more awesome thrift store luck in the future.

I totally failed to mention that now that I am officially wearing Size 12 pants (and I say officially because all the pants I bought were Size 12's ) it means that I am in the smallest clothing size of my entire adult life.  HOLLA!!!!!


I totally woke up this morning to a new low on my scale - 178.8. (I actually saw 178 on Friday at my Docs office when I tagged along to The Hubs' appt- but I wasn't gonna count it until I saw it on my own scale)  Can I tell you how totally geeked I am to be out of the 180s!!  Woot!!  It's also good to finally see my renewed commitment to exercise FINALLY paying off. (It's also nice to see that the Snickerdoodle brownies I made over the weekend didn't completely derail me.)  It's been almost a month and the first 2 weeks I didn't see a damn bit of movement!!  Only 4.8lbs to go to my first goal on 174lbs!!


  1. Congrats on the new "official" size. WOOT!

  2. Great finds! Congrats on your new size!

  3. That ROCKS! Trift store Score! And I'm totally Jealous of the pleather jacket!

  4. Holy crap!!!! That is the best thrift store spread I have seen in a while. You definitely made out. congrats on a new low and size!

  5. Omg! I would kill for that mad men coat! Total score!

  6. Awesome finds! Great scale movement and NSV's! You are awesome!

  7. dang girl!! you got some NICE STUFF!!!!!!!! I am jealous! Times like this is when I wish I wasn't so tall, I could never make out with that kind of loot!