Monday, July 23, 2012

D & C with an NSV

First off, I wanted to offer all my thanks for all the kind words and thoughts.

Last week pretty much sucked.

The services for my Nana went well.  They were quiet and simple just the way she always said she wanted.  My family (mainly my Dad, Aunt, and Uncle) managed to maintain good behavior.  This is a huge blessing because they do not get along well and it takes very little for them to go nuclear on each other.  However, we managed to get through the weekend with no one losing their shit and that was a HUGE success.  I have to admit I was moderately amazed that the weekend didn't descend into a nuclear meltdown because their childishness knows no bounds.  The real stress was walking on eggshells and being perpetually prepared to deal with a family fight that could happen on a second's notice.

As for the miscarriage, I am coping way better than I thought I would.

There are a lot of things I want discuss and purge but that will come out over time.

With my 1st miscarriage, my OB/GYN gave me a pill that would make my body "release" the tissue so that the process wouldn't draw out for weeks and weeks.

With this current miscarriage, there were some factors that were suggestive of an ectopic pregnancy so they wanted to do a D & C in order to test the tissue to rule out an ectopic.  If you aren't familiar with D&C -- it is a minor surgery that is done under general anesthesia.  Here where the NSV comes in --  when they rolled me back to the pre-op to start my IV and begin my anesthesia.  I heard the Nurse Anesthetist talking to the nurses at the main desk about my height and weight stats.  (I guess she was looking at my body size and comparing my stats) Next thing I know, she comes walking over to my gurney and questioning me about my height/weight.

I had given her my height 5'3 and my most current weight 195lbs (taken at my Drs office the day before)  ----  SHE DIDN'T BELIEVE ME!!!  She was all "No way!!!  But you are so tiny!!!" Then she raises my blanket and says "You must have incredible muscle mass?!?"

In my head, I just kept thinking "What!?! Did you seriously just call me tiny???"  What blew my mind even more was that for the whole 5 minutes that I was pregnant I had managed to gain 10lbs and I just felt super gross and huge and bloated.

The lesson is, NSVs happen even on the most terrible of days.


  1. What a nice compliment out of a shitty situation.

    Tiny thing!

  2. Way to go, "Tiny!" Can we call you that now? :) :) :)

  3. Glad the family didn't explode... I am all too familiar with that. Sorry about the D&C... but awesome complementary nurse. ;) Love it... "tiny"

  4. so glad to hear things were peaceful at your nana's service.. HUGS to that...

    and what a positive twist on such a hard situation... you muscley-mass woman! ;)

  5. You are right, NSV's do happen during even those terrible days. I'm sorry for your losses.

  6. NSVs on terrible days are what keep them from being completely un-live-through-able. (Yeah, I'm no wordsmith, sorry.)

    Glad your nana's funeral was a reflection of her and not something everyone else wanted it to be - simple and quiet are the way to go. I'm glad your family was able to pull it together and celebrate her life without incident. <3

  7. A glimmer of sunshine in a dreadful week. My thoughts and prayers are with you AJ. xx

  8. You are going through so much right now. I'm glad things went well despite the circumstances. And that you had an NSV during a horrible time! Praying for you! <3

  9. Love NSVs, they are always hiding around the corner and offer a nice surprise.

    Sending you big hugs :)