Sunday, May 13, 2012

I Call Bullshit on the BMI Chart

Lowest weight : 181.4 (as of this morning)

Current Size: 12 (mostly, still the occasional 14)

Current BMI: 32.1 which is STILL FREAKING OBESE ?!?!?!?

But I don't feel Obese

This pic was taken over 5lbs ago.

According to the BMI chart I have to weigh 140lbs to be "normal weight"- that's another 41.4 lbs to lose.  While I know I definitely have that 40 lbs available to lose, I question if I am up for it.  I have talked about my "psuedo-maintenance/planned weight loss break" and I am really struggling with what is my goal?  Unlike many of you, my surgeon didn't give me a specific number that I needed to strive for. This is a good thing in that I am not hung up on some arbitrary number but a bad thing in that I don't have a "finish line" that I am running towards.  

I am oddly content with my weight right now, which is so hilarious because I am content with almost nothing else in my life at the moment.  So how do I know the difference with being satisfied and giving up?


  1. I call bullshit too! You look great! I think if you are happy with where you are you should make a life time mantainence range using the weight where you are.

  2. Honey...the BMI chart was made by skinny, hungry gay men. LOL

    You look amaizing. I personally believe you have to decide what makes you happy. If you are happy at your current weight and feel good about yourself then there you have it.

    According to that damn chart I need to weight about 140 or 145...It ain't gonna happen. LOL

    My goal is 175-185...nothing more nothing less...that is what I'm comfortable with.

  3. I call bullshit too! The BMI chart says I am still overweight. And by the way, you don't look obese AT ALL!

  4. You look fabulous! Honestly though, I haven't seen many surgeons give numbers to reach for. All they seem to do is take what would be a "lap band success" (which is 50-75% of your excess weight) and give you that. It's ultimately up to YOU to decide what weight works for you and trust me, sweetie, this weight is WORKING for you! You are hot!

  5. I don't see another 40 pounds available anywhere. I think you look great.
    BMI charts are evil!!!!

  6. Fuck the BMI chart. It says I'm basically still overweight, too. But I don't feel like it. So I simply reject its validity.

  7. You have to measure your wrist to get your bone mass and THEN relate it to an adjusted BMI chart! let me find the link, hold on....

    ok, 10 mins later - HERE IT IS!!!

    Before reading this - I ALWAYS thought I was a medium/small body frame - ummm, not so much! I have NO FAT on my wrist and it measures at 7.5"!! Def a large frame (dammit).... which this link will educate you on how to adjust your "normal" BMI after you follow the formula! you're just like me and we over think shit so you will LOVE this!! LOL

  8. Its cuz u have huge cans.
    Nothing to be ashamed of.