Thursday, May 17, 2012

10 Things of Thursday

Well, here we are again, Thursday, and what better excuse to spew forth a small sampling of the ridiculosity floating around in my noggin??  Props to LauraBelle for saying it's okay!

1) Has your band ever been so tight for, like, 4 days that you swear you are too tight and seriously need an unfill??  Then you make up your mind that you are gonna make an appointment for an unfill and then the next meal you eat turns into one of those "Where the hell did I put all that food??" situations.

2) I am thinking of going back to work.  I love being a housewife and we are doing pretty okay financially but I have way more free time on my hands than I can justify. Actually, it's the fact that we have gotten to a good place financially that makes me wanna work because I know that anything I make can go to paying off debt faster or into savings.  I am looking for jobs outside of the dental field since the dental market here is total crap.  It will take a small miracle for someone to hire me in something other than dental because few employers can see past my Dental Hygiene license or the fact that I haven't worked steadily in almost 3 yrs.

3) I had been reluctant to go back to work because of our desire to have kids since I really wanted to stay at home with any future kids for a couple years. However, it looks like the kid thing isn't gonna happen anytime soon so I might as well try to make some extra cash. Besides, when would be a better time to get pregnant than right after starting a new job.

4) BTW, I have heard some potential babymaking rumblings from a handful of bandsters.  It would be nice if I could connect with some of you guys.  Even if you would prefer to do privately via email or such.  I am not "out" to hardly any friends and family that we are trying to get pregnant and even the ones who do know I have maintained a cool "Oh, we're semi-trying, you know, just letting nature do it's thing" facade.  I really don't want to open an account on any of the pregnancy message boards.  Is it just me or are message boards where crazy goes to multiply??????

5) I have fresh locally grown strawberries in my fridge and I just made some homemade whipped cream (BTW, if you haven't ever made your own whipped cream, YOU SHOULD!! ) Here is a little while I am gonna drizzle some sugar free chocolate syrup on them and sprinkle on some almonds and have myself a little afternoon mouthgasm.

6) I am still really torn about whether or not I am gonna attend BOOBs. Mainly, because I am terrified of meeting everyone.  I am scared that my perception of people will be altered and even more scared that all 3 of the people who read my blog AND actually think I am a decent person will be proven horribly wrong.  My social anxiety aside, the $$$$ freaks me out too.  I just have a hard time spending that kind of money on something only for me.  I can't stop hearing the voice in my head that says "Umm, that $500+ would be better spent paying down your remaining credit card." Also, there are quite a few bloggers that are not going to be attending that I really wanted to meet. (That's not to say that the current attendees aren't good enough, just that I hate that others won't be there.)

7) I think I may need an anti-depressant.  Anyone else experience post-weight loss letdown? You know, that realization that while losing weight has made your life better it hasn't solved ALL your problems? In fact, sometimes, it makes some of your issues more visible since you aren't as distracted my weight and food OR you can't blame your fat for your problems anymore.

8) At this moment, my husband is "exercising" the dog by running around the house so the dog will chase him.

9) I have lost every last bit of my exercise mojo.  Mainly, because I don't like my Zumba teacher and I don't have any friends who will workout with me.

10) I would like to get a mini -Boobs network going in my area. How many of you guys are in TN or in close proximity to the Nashville area such that you could do a day trip or a weekender??  Holla at me!!


  1. You totally need to come spend a weekend with me (or weekdays since I will be on summer break in 2 weeks) and then you won't feel as much anxiety about not knowing anyone in Chicago. We can totally hang out by the pool, go to Opy Mills (since it's FINALLY open again), get pedi's, and the sit on the front porch and sip sweet tea like good southern women do ;)

  2. A couple things...#1: You made me want strawberry shortcake in the worst way. #2: If you really want to go to BOOBS and can pull it off (I, unfortunately, can't) then you should suck it up, face your fears and go. Just read other people's old Chicago posts for tips on how not to build it up too much in your mind and #3: Aren't you in Phoenix? I would totally go work out with you if you're anywhere close to where I live or work. I need a workout buddy in the worst way.

  3. Great, now I want some fresh strawberries with some whipped cream!!

    #4 - yes, Preggo and Birth boards are full of crazies.. I'm a total lurker on my July 2011 Birth Board and there are some kookoo broads on there.

    Go to Boobs!! I am going and am a little nervous but think it will be totally worth it to meet all these fabulous women!!

  4. We have a strawberry farm in my hometown (about 10 miles from my current home) and I made strawberry shortcakes with homemade whipped cream (cream from a local dairy) for Mother's Day. DELISH!!!

    Also, I have used your husband's method of exercising the dog on more than one occasion--especially if it's raining (or really hot outside).

  5. PS I'm totally up for a weekend mini-boobs!

  6. Um - I am the QUEEN of social anxiety and even I have the time of my life at BOOBs! You can do it!

  7. see now I thought I was the Queen of social anxiety....anyhow..I think it would be worth overcoming for such a neat experience.

  8. i am pretty positive I will be at BOOBS. If I can't come up Friday I will come up Saturday atleast prob! :) It's only 3 hours away, how can I not? def come :)

  9. #7... yep.

    And you should come, if you're able. It was easily the best weekend of my life meeting everyone!