Friday, April 20, 2012

T to the 3 power aka 10 things Thursday ( in the wee hours of Friday)

It's T to the power of 3 aka Ten Things Thursday courtesy of Laura Belle

1.) As I write this it is 8pm and I am sitting in a HIV/ Infectious Disease Seminar. The only thing keeping me awake is a VERY large cup of coffee and a YoYo Cookie from the Publix Bakery ( that is, if you consider 2 choc chip cookies w/ buttercream frosting sandwiched between them and then dipped in chocolate a "cookie"). I really hope the doctor doing the seminar knows what to do when I fall out in a sugar induced coma.

2. ) Have any of you guys ever forgotten about your band and then eaten something thoughtlessly only to get a rude awakening to remind you that you do, in fact, have a band. Tuesday night, shortly before bed, I was cleaning up the dinner dishes. There was small chunk of chicken cutlet leftover on the pan. The chicken was extra delish ( even if I did make it myself) so I nibbled at it as I worked on the dishes. Then went on to bed. Have I mentioned that the only thing that gives me reflux is eating right before bed?? Yeah, like an hour after I fell asleep I sprang from the bed coughing up battery acid. Stupid, stupid,stupid *pokes forehead*

3.) I am seriously gonna turn into a breaded chicken cutlet. It all started on Saturday when I got a serious craving for Chicken Parm. So I pounded out some chicken breast, breaded them, and lightly fried them till they were golden. IT WAS A-MAH-ZING!!!! So I kinda went on a breaded chicken cutlet rampage, we have had breaded chicken cutlets in some form all week.

4.) The chicken cutlet rampage came to a screeching halt yesterday morning following the reflux incident. I made my band very angry and it responded by getting extra super tight. I am trying to baby it and make nice. It's that time of the month where my hormones are gonna get wackadoody so I think that is compounding the tightness situation.

5.) I think I am having a fight with my preggo friend on FB. She just wouldn't stop bitching and moaning about being pregnant and, when I couldn't take it anymore, I totally called her out on it. I lose patience with folks who bitch about their blessings. Much the same way my overweight/ obese friends probably wouldn't want to hear me whine about the minor, insignificant annoyances that can part of bandster life after I have managed to lose 100lbs.

6.) I must also mention that the cousin -in-law who has been my pregnancy tormentor on FB has also now stolen my baby name that I have been planning on for years. In my husbands family they have a tradition that all the boy children have names that begin with the letter "J". For years, the cousin in law has sworn up and down that she would not be participating in that tradition. However, the minute she found out that she is having a boy she decided she would play along. They announced that they would be naming their boy Jacob nickname Jake. That just happens to be the name we had settled on for any potential boy child of ours. So not only does she have almost the exact same due date that I should have had, the bitch is stealing my baby name.

7.) The hotel where my conference is being held doesn't have free wifi in the meeting rooms. Very glad that I didn't pay $200/ night to stay there. Really you folks can't include a little wifi in the obnoxiously expensive rate that you charge for hosting this conference ????

8.) There is a woman at my conference that I went to school with (3 yrs & 100lbs ago) she hasn't spoken to me. I am telling myself it is because she doesn't recognize me. Yeah, that's the ticket!

9.) My conference is being held one town away from where my Zumba guru, Maggie teaches classes. I am totally skipping out on part of my conference to take her Zumba class. I am hoping that it will kick my ass and inspire me to get back to my workouts because I have been SUPER unmotivated as of late.

10.) I have learned that the Law of Crazy is like the Law of Matter. It can be neither created nor destroyed. While I have largely put all my weird, obsessive crazy associations with my weight/food issues behind me, many of those same issues and tendencies have resurfaced in my baby making quest. Surprisingly, struggling to make a baby is a lot like struggling to lose weight. In my upcoming posts I plan to highlight the ways in which these journeys are oddly similar.


  1. As much as I love Facebook I also hate it! One of my friends always says that Facebook can ruin lives! Plus I just don't understand why people put up half the crap that they do.

  2. I hate no free wifi. What do they think we are going to do during a silly conference?

  3. I say use the name Jacob anyway and call him Cubby or Cub. ;)

  4. That is seriously one of my pet peeves that hotels don't have wifi or even charge for it! So stupid!

  5. I can't believe she went there and stole your baby name!!!!!! I will refrain from saying anything mean about her or her little baby, but GRRRRRRRRR!