Monday, April 30, 2012

Reason #88 Making Babies is Like Losing Weight

Getting your period when you are trying to get pregnant feels like stepping on the scale only to find out that you have gained 25 lbs. overnight.  

Actually this is where I think that making babies is actually harder than losing weight.  I mean, imagine if you could only lose weight for 3-5 days of the month THEN you had to wait 2 weeks to weigh in and find out if you lost, except you didn't lose weight even though you got all your exercise and watched your calories.  Now you have to wait ANOTHER 2 weeks before you are able to try to lose weight again.


  1. I do not mean this to make light of your struggles at all, so please don't take this as disrespect...but you should plan and pay for a big fancy NON-REFUNDABLE vacation. I have two friends that planned fancy schmancy vacations and paid for them, then got pregnant, both with due dates right around vacation time.

    I have never tried to get pregnant, so I can't imagine how disappointing it would be. Good luck and my crazy aunt always used to say doggy-style was the key!!

  2. I have not ever tried to get pregnant and I'm guessing by the time I think I might, I will be too old. I hate when people have these struggles and I'm very sorry. I like Morgan's point above...go plan a super awesome non-refundable vacay. If you don't get pregnant, you will have a fun time. If you do, it will be the answer to your prayers. :)

    I hope that the next one comes up positive!

  3. You are so right. It is more difficult. This brings back memories of my husband and I trying to conceive. It was a difficult struggle, but let me tell you, SO worth it in the end. Girl, your time is coming. I just FEEL IT! Kerri