Saturday, April 21, 2012

I am Seriously 'Bout to High Five This Skinny Bitch in the Face With a Chair

Right now I am having lunch during a seminar all about Nutrition. This little endeavor is what we in the dental hygiene biz like to call a "Lunch & Learn". We dental hygienists are total food 'hos -- we will let you talk to us about anything if you feed us free lunch.

I have attended seminars from this presenter (different topic) before and I generally hold her in high esteem. However, I am sitting here about blow my mother FN stack. She is a very small person (5'5/ 106lbs) and I can tell, by virtue of way she speaks about nutrition and obesity, that she has clearly never had a weight problem. She is also espousing the notion that protein is minimally necessary in the average diet and that vitamin supplements don't work. She is all about vegan and plant only diets. It is plainly evident that homegirl has an agenda. I might also mention that she isn't a nutritionist or dietician -- just another lifelong skinny person trying to fix all of us fatties.

She also has that very judgy tone in her voice when she says the word "obesity." There was very much a tone of "Well, if people would just eat fruits and veggies they wouldn't be so fat." While there is likely some validity to that notion -- we all know it's not always so easy.

The last time I sat through one of her seminars I was 100 lbs. heavier. I am also sitting at a table with a obese lady who easily weighs 300+ lbs. She has her head down and I know she is feeling self-conscious. And my heart is breaking for her because I WAS HER. If this class had been 3 yrs ago, I would trying to crawl under the table with her. I would have been convinced the whole room was staring at me and thinking "Hey Fatty!! Listen up -- you need to hear this!!! You need to eat your veggies!!!" I just wanna look at the lady sitting next to me and say "Don't let this bitch get you down. She is kinda full of shit. I used to be obese too and now I'm not. I got a Lapband and it changed my life"

Ugh, I don't even really know what the point of this rant is other than to say that I get really stinking annoyed when people who have never dealt/lived with obesity start spouting broad spectrum solutions to obesity. So there rant over!! ( I will be posting this much later than when it actually occurred thanks to the lack O' wifi at this hotel.)


  1. Amen sista! I hate being preached to by skinny people about how to eat and what to try to loose weight - it make me mental!

  2. I only take weight loss advice from those who have had to use it! Those folks know their shit. period. end of story. Glad you are out of this meeting. I have been through a similar 3 day!!! seminar for executives to help them be more effective in their professional life....Room full of type As, mostly fit and then there was me....I was the girl next to you. for 3 days. The day before I had gotten a glowing performance review. The next I was feeling like a big-ass loser. My skinny bitch boss walked up to me during a break and said, SOooooo, what do you think of this (she forgot I was watching her stupid ass nod and clap for the skinny bitch marathon running presenter) I was dumb founded and mad as hell. But my political saavy took over and I said it gave me a lot to think how many different ways I could kill these judgmental women. Now see there??? you got me started! good post/rant. It was fun

  3. Food ho...ha ha ha. Teachers totally fall into that category as well. I think that's why they always feed us doughnuts and pastries on inservice mornings.

    Sounds like homegirl had an agenda fo sho. I would definitely lose weight if I was vegan or even a vegetarian since I don't like vegetables :)

  4. I wanna b*slap that heifer and I wasn't even there!!!!!!!! WOW. If one could walk a mile in our shoes......

  5. I'm with RB Barbie, at our school they bring out the doughnuts for "breakfast" and a bowl on each table filled with candy and stuff. Ok love the idea of them thinking about us but dang think about the people who are on a diet or trying to watch their weight. I really hate preachy little heifers like her. I am 360lbs right now and I have to admit I am the biggest person in my school. ITS SUCKS. But hopefully after the 27th (seminar) I will start my journey to the being one of the healthiest people in my school.