Monday, April 2, 2012

Call it, Hundo!!

I got up at Le Asscrack on Saturday to go to my only Zumba class this week and honestly, wasn't quite feelin' it.  I decided to go ahead and weigh myself because I figured it would likely motivate me to go.  It did but in the good way!!!  'Cause this is what I saw when I hopped on the scale.  

Do you ever just wake and swear that you feel lighter?  

That, my friends, means that I am officially 100 lbs. down!!!!  It was the last thing I expected to see.  (Although, Saturday was when Aunt Flo had officially left town and I was hoping she might have taken some of her bullshit water retention with her when she left!!! )  

While I haven't been terrible in my choices this week -- they weren't amazing either. Also, I haven't "worked out" but once this week. I will qualify that by saying that I have been hittin' and gettin' it around the house this with lots of yard work, etc., so it's not like I have been lounging on the couch.  

Anywayse, I am more than just a little geeked and relieved.  Of course, every time a goal is met it requires the re-evaluation and setting of new goals -- so Imma gonna have to start getting all thinky (which is always dangerous! Ha!)  

I am prolly gonna have to strive for losing at least a few more el-bees bc I am lurking between a Size 12 and 14 and that is just annoying.  So I am, at least, gonna have to get myself solidly into a 12.  We'll just call that my new goal for now.  

Happy Monday Y'all!!!  I am gonna go wash down the outside of my house!!  


  1. Congratulations A.J. That's amazing news...and great motivation!! Keep it up.

  2. Wow AJ- that is wonderful. COngreatulations.

  3. Yay A.J.!!!! You ROCK!!!! So proud of you, mama!!!

  4. WOW! and yes I do want to pet your port.

  5. GIRL!!!!!!!! I knew you'd get it!! WOOHOO!!!!!

  6. That is AWESOME!!! Well done sweetheart!! x

  7. 100 POUNDS?!?!?! So amazing! Congratulations!!! All your hard work has definitely paid off!