Friday, April 20, 2012


Bring Your Own Crazy!!! Courtesy of Draz. (Sorry I don't have links I a doing this on my iPad and I don't know how to make that work)

1.) Do you have any siblings?

Nope. I am an only child. There are definite pros and cons to being an only child. And no, I was not spoiled. I have many friends with siblings who were indulged far greater as children than I ever was. I do have a god brother who is also an only child. He is almost exactly a year younger than me. We have taken each other on as unofficial siblings. He drives me bonkers like a kid bro and I judge all his girlfriends like a big sis. Sometimes it's not the family you have it's the family you choose.

2.) Let's talk pizza. Do you prefer homemade or restaurant? What toppings are your fave.

I tend to prefer restaurant pizza specifically wood fired oven pizza, mainly because they are super tasty but also because the extra thin crust are mandatory for me these days. I tend to lean toward the gourmet toppings: roasted red peppers, artichoke hearts, Kalamata olives, portobello mushrooms, prosciutto, feta cheese or Gorgonzola or fresh mozzarella.

3.) When is the last time you cried - in sadness or joy?

I am not much of a "joy crier." I am more of a "joy giggler. " As for crying in sadness, Easter Sunday. When I found out the cousin in law was stealing my baby name that I had been holding onto for years. (once again, this is the same cousin who will be due at basically the exact same time that I would have been. Total salt in the wound.)

I am also very prone to crying out of anger. This is very frustrating because crying is so often seen as a sign of weakness, but for me, my angry tears are usually the only thing keeping me from ripping someones throat out.

4.) Do you own a gun - one that is specifically yours? Do you know how to use it?
( I am gonna have to be careful because I am liable to show my politics and I make it a point not to show my politics in the blogosphere )

HELL'S FN YEAH I own a gun. I am one 2nd Amendment loving bitch. I was raised around firearms. I was raised with a very healthy respect for the power and responsibility that comes with owning firearms. I am the child of a former policeman and avid hunter and my Father went to great lengths to make sure I knew how to handle a gun safely at a very young age. Thanks to him I have never been afraid or enchanted by guns. I understood what their legitimate purpose was.

My first gun was a double barrel shotgun that Daddy gave me when I moved to my first apartment in Memphis. That joker still lives beside my bed.
But the pic below is my new bebe that I will soon be certified to carry all over this great Volunteer State. It's a Smith & Wesson .38 hammerless.

In the words of the great David Allen Coe, "All this hair can't cover up my redneck. ."

5.) Repeat question. Summarize your week.

Real life, is all about making babies and talking about teeth.

Blog life is all about posts fueled by the boredom of learning about toothy stuff. I love me some teeth but my fave class was the one about medical-legal investigations since both my educational backgrounds are Criminology and Dentistry. Maggots, dead bodies, and teeth -- it don't get no better

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  1. Love your #4. And OMG - that IS sad about stealing your baby name. How rude!