Thursday, April 5, 2012

10 Things Thursday

* Courtesy of  Laura Belle

1) I spent the past 3 days washing the exterior of our house from gutter to ground.  Anybody know the calorie burn count on scrubbing filthy a** vinyl siding in 85 degree sunshine??  Me either. Needless to say I have had no trouble getting to sleep this week.

2) I started tanning again last week.  I bought an unlimited 1 month package because it takes a lot of visits to turn this pasty ginger gal into a gingersnap.  I had to bag on the tanning the past 3 days because all the house scrubbing in the sun turned me into a lobsta!!

3) I made another batch of kale chips.  My love for them wasn't a fluke -- they're still rockin' my socks.
My dinner last night was kale chips dipped in Ranch dressing (the fresh made kind w/ actual mayo, buttermilk, and ranch powder). I feel less bad about dunking kale chips in Ranch as opposed to, say, potato chips.  I realized during my Ranch Kale Chip snack that, since I hate lettuce and raw veggies, it was probably the first time in my life that I have actually dipped a vegetable in Ranch dressing.

4) One of my best friends is 10 weeks pregnant.  She is one of 2 people who know about what I went through in January.  Her pregnancy was unplanned. She and her husband are the 2 most fertile people on the face of the planet. This will be her 3rd child and all three were made on her first attempt to conceive each one.  (This current one was conceived 2 wks after she had her IUD removed & had her cervix scraped and blow torched).  She is the same friend who had a 5 a day Nachos Bellgrande/Burrito Supreme habit when we were in college and never got any bigger than a Size 4.  I love her, but sometimes it's kinda hard.

5) I am really am fine with her being pregnant -- I don't want to deny anyone her joy. But she has done nothing but bitch, whine, and moan on FB/Twitter about everything that has to do with being pregnant.  And that DOES piss me off.  It's insulting.  It's all I can do to keep from saying "SHUT UP ABOUT HOW MUCH {MORNING SICKNESS/CONSTIPATION/SWELLING/GETTING FAT} SUCKS!!!!  I am sorry you and your husband can't pass each other in the hallway without getting knocked up but some of us would gladly puke up our toenails everyday to be where you are!!!  Stop complaining about your blessings -- it's insulting."

6) #4 & #5 make me feel like a terrible person.

7) I think Carnie Wilson is full of shit. There, I said it.  That makes me feel like a terrible Bandster.

8)  Is it just me or does losing bunches of weight change your internal thermostat??  We haven't run heat or AC in almost 2 months.  In the heat of the afternoon my house is 75 degrees inside -- 100lbs ago I would not have been able to tolerate anything over 68F.  Plus, this winter I kept having to bundle up. WTFrench, toast?

9) I bought a MEGA crap ton of Easter candy on Monday so that I could give treat bags to all the kids in the family on Sunday.  Well, on Tuesday I find out that due to a family spat (unrelated to us) that Easter dinner on Sunday is cancelled.  What the what?!?!?!??  I now have 5 bags of candy that I am hiding in my garage fridge.

10) Lately it seems like my port ACTUALLY wants to be petted.  It really pokes out y'all!!!!  Weirdly enough, you can't see it poking out, but I feel it anytime I am within 6 inches of touching my tummy. The Hubs swears he feels it anytime he gives me a hug.   So I can't see it but I can feel it?!?!?  That's just crizazy.


  1. 4 & 5 doesn't make you a terrible person. Sounds normal to me. My thermostat changed since losing some weight too. Not as hot as I used to be but sometimes the heat sneaks up on me. I agree about Carnie Wilson...I don't think celebrities are the best spokespeople for Weight Loss programs because they're either ubersuccessful with personal trainers and special help or not successful due to serious underlying addictive and emotionally distressed behaviors (a la Carnie and Kirstie). :)

  2. I agree 100% that it changes your inner thermostat. I've never been colder than I was this winter.

  3. I'm glad I'm not the only one who thinks Carnie is full of shit.
    4&5 don't make you a terrible person, they prove you're human.
    I'm almost 1 yr into maintenance & my body is finally regulating temp better. I get cold a lot easier/faster but not at inappropriate external temps.

  4. I don't think you are a bad person, you are just a person! It's hard for anyone to see someone 'taking for granted' a situation that you wish for.

    I can't wait until my thermostat changes, I am a miserable, whining B at anything over 75 degrees.

  5. I so agree about Carnie Wilson. She didn't follow the rules the first time so she gets to go back for seconds?! I just hope she gets her head straight this time. If I had personal chefs and trainers I would be a size 4.

    You aren't a bad person. You are just saying what you feel. I had the same sort of situation. It took us 6 yrs. to get preggers with the first.

  6. I wish my internal thermostat would change, but I'm not sure it ever will. I have always been hot natured. If I get the least little bit hot my bp shoots through the roof. My air has been turned on for like a month.

    4 & 5 does NOT make you a terrible makes you a human being with feelings and hugs to you!!

  7. LOLOL...
    *big hugs, not bi hugs...perhaps I should try proof reading before I hit the publish button

  8. OMG...Kale chips in ranch dressing! Now I really have to try them!

  9. I know all about 4 and 5. sweet jesus people are getting knocked up all around up in here. except me.
    life blows sometimes.

  10. Some of my friends are having the same problems w people on Facebook so don't feel bad!