Thursday, March 22, 2012

Ten Things Thursday!!

Jiminy French y'all!!!  How did it get to be Thursday already?!?!?  Here are my Ten Things -- courtesy of Laura Belle

1) Since all the cool kids are doing it, I decided to jump on the Kale Chip bandwagon.  For serious, you guys!!  These things rock my face off.  I bought 3 bunches at the grocery store and they are almost gone in 2 days.  I have never eaten that much green leafies in that short amount of time so that's definitely a win!!!  They are crunchy and salty and not nearly as slidery as regular tater chips.  I am also gonna try to make some Spinach chips too!!!

Giant Bowl O' Kale Chips (almost gone now)

2) I finally got around to starting my herb garden yesterday. Seeee!!! Hopefully, I will up to my ass in fresh herbs in no time!!  

 I am new to the whole "I like to grow stuff" thing because I used hate all things "green thumby." My parents were total green thumbs who loved to garden and I spent countless hours of forced labor  quality time ass up in the garden pulling weeds, etc. 

3) Because of my new found love of Kale chips I thought I might plant some Kale.  I wandered around the home & garden store 3 times looking for Kale plants or Kale seeds -- something, anything!!!  I finally found a salesperson and asked her "Who do you gotta f*#k around here to find some Kale??" "Where is your Kale located?" I learned that Kale is fall planting fodder and I was a season too late for my Kale chip obsession.  BOO!!  Guess I am gonna be hitting up the produce section extra hard this summer.  

4) I went to a bar last night to see a band with my pal Andrea.

  I am officially an old lady!!! Oh how things have changed since my wilder days.  I didn't get to the bar until 9pm (I would have rather been in bed.)  I had good wine instead of cheap beer (Didn't even get a buzz bc I also drank lots of water.)  The band was good. (I would have rather been doing some Zumba to some crappy pop music.)  I left before midnight.  When I got home I had to shower off the bar stank before I could get to sleep.  

5) My Band is still tight as all hell.  It could be the weird weather here or some PMS/hormonal thing -- who knows.  I am rolling with it for now.  It's just something I have to be aware of and not really causing any problems.  I am just rocking my soups, mushies, and my stick blender is getting a workout.   Since I have to drive 2 hours to my Doc -- I am gonna give it sometime before I think seriously about an unfill.  

6) Although the tightness doesn't make it any harder to take my vitamins. It still takes me all danged day to get all of them in me.  
Red Pill top: Pre-Natal Vitamin,  White Pills: Calcium Supplement,  Red Pill bottom: DHA supplement,  Yellow Pill: Folic Acid Supplement
Getting them down is a process but it works for me --  I like to call it my Vitamin Ceremony (you know, like a Japanese tea ceremony??)  It involves taking them before I eat and lots of warm liquids, i.e. tea/coffee/soup.   The whole trying to get preggo thing has made just a *wee* bit obsessed with taking my vitamins.  

7) However, like Maria, I did get a scorchin' case of reflux last night.  And I know exactly why, I committed one of my cardinal band sins --  eating right before bed and going straight to sleep.  It's my recipe for reflux, regardless of fill level.  It's the only thing that has ever given me reflux.  The only thing that makes it stop hurting for me is drinking some Buttermilk --- but I was out.  :(  I tried regular milk but it didn't work as well.  

8) Peyton Manning is going to Denver. This makes me inordinately sad.  I always said I would root for anyone that Peyton plays for, but I don't know if I can root for Denver. Ugh!!  I *really* hoped, prayed, begged the sweet Lord that he would come back to TN.  We named a street after him in Knoxville, we totes would have done it again in Nashville. 

9)  I haven't worked out in almost 2 weeks.  Last week it was because I was totally committed to my massive Spring cleaning project ( I broke lots of sweats hustling around swinging the broom and mop) but this week I have been too busy day drinking and going to bars.  Hah!!!  I thought I might go to Zumba tonight but today the weather is like this: 
Rainy and BLAH!!  
10) Since I am not going to Zumba, I am gonna paint my nails -- hands and feet!!!  I got a gel polish kit (aka like Shellac) for Christmas.  It takes me a while to do the whole system but it's worth it when I only have to do my nails once a month and it doesn't cost me $50 for a manicure.  I love, love, love it!!  


  1. Ooh I was curious about the At-home Gel mani's! I get my gel manicures every 2-3 weeks. I love them but with all this biotin I am taking, my nails are growing uber fast!!

    Can you take gummy or chewy vitamins? My calcium sup tastes like chocolate and is a nice treat! One less big pill to worry about maybe?

  2. I always take gummy vitamins - it makes vitamins so much easier. I have got to try Kale chips!! xxx

  3. I really need to get on the ball with my garden prep, too.

  4. I keep saying I am going to try the Kale chips but haven't yet.

    Don't let that exercise get away from you....just speaking from experience! lol

  5. Yeah for Kale Chips!!!
    And Gardening!!!

    I was no green thumb either, despite the protests and torture of my dear grandmother for my ass to be in the air and my fingers plucking endless weeds outta her garden. Now I can't get enough! i have a little garden and grow cucumbers, tomatoes, peppers, carrots (my favorite!!), onions, and all sorts of herbs! I just wish it was bigger!

  6. We just started our first garden this past weekend (Well, Hubby and the kids did, anyway) and we're so excited to see things start to grow. Not sure if my girls are patient enough for it.

  7. I want to try a gel mani at home!!

  8. How do you make the kale chips?

  9. I really want to try the spinach chips! Love that you got that at-home shellac thing. Is it hard to do?