Monday, March 26, 2012

Make A List Monday

Make A List Monday 
Courtesy of Robyn 

Today Robyn challenged us to list the 10 things we would do if we won a the lottery.  

This is not difficult considering The Hubs and I have been known to play the lottery from time to time. 

(BTDubs, the Meg@Milli*ns is up to $363 Million?!?!?!?!?!)

{I know a lot of people have attitude about the lottery but we play for fun -- it's part of our entertainment budget. We don't play every time and we don't ignore our other financial responsibilities in order to afford lottery tickets.  We treat purchasing lottery tickets the same as we would a movie ticket -- it's entertainment and we only do it when the budget allows. Just sayin'. } 

1) Pay off all of our debt.  
2) Purchase a large piece of land and build a comfortably sized custom home -- paid for in full.  
3) Pay off our immediate family's debt and set up trusts for them so that they have the option to retire when they choose
4) Purchase new, reasonably appointed vehicles to meet all our needs.  
5) Set up trust accounts for any future children with the catch that they only get the $$ if they finish college/training program in which they gain a skill/ability that they can use to serve/help others in need. (I want them to be able to pursue their passions without stressing over day to day $$ but I don't want entitled little turds.)  
6) I will fund/staff a Basset Hound Rescue Ranch to house and love all the unwanted Bassets -- and there are so many!!  
7) I would fully fund the non-profit dental office that gave me my first job in dentistry.  
8) I would open a similar low cost dental clinic and I would just clean teeth -- kinda like Forrest Gump and mowing the grass.  

And 'cause I was a gozillionaire and I liked doing it so much, I cut that grass for free. - Forrest Gump 
9) I would travel school any of my future kids.  We would go to all the places where important things happened and learn about them hands on. 
10) I would hire my Zumba guru Maggie to be my personal full time Zumba trainer.  


  1. #1-5 sound a lot like mine. Hubby plays the lottery in our house...he keeps telling me he's not going to tell me when we win because I don't deserve it because I don't put out the good ju-ju. *sigh*

  2. Have you been to the Pioneer Woman's blog? She has two Bassetts and posts about them frequently (with pictures).

  3. I thought about you today as I almost canceled my teeth cleaning appt. I even sat out in the parking lot for 10 minutes before going in...I almost called you so you would talk me into going in. I finally put my big girl panties on and just went in :)