Monday, March 12, 2012

Losing An Hour, but Gaining NSVs!!!

First off, lemme say, I fuh-reakin' love me some Daylight Savings time!!!  I am sooo ready for long, sunny, days full of being active and productive.  

I decide to celebrate my love for Daylight Savings time by kicking off my Spring Cleaning efforts this weekend.  First job on the list??  OUR CLOSET -- seriously, how it managed to get so completely outta control in the 4 short months since we moved in is beyond me.  

What started off as a simple sort, purge, organize mission turned into an NSV-apolooza that I could have never imagined.  I mean, it's 24 hours later and I am still stupid faced giddy about it.  

NSV #1 :  

Hubs and I have been maintaining/losing consistently enough that we finally had the courage to get rid of most of our old winter clothes.  This was a BFD because this time last year, despite having already lost quite a bit of our weight, we hadn't lost so much that we felt comfortable getting rid of our winter clothes.  We had both plateaued a bit over last Winter and so there was that little voice in the back of our heads that thought there just *might* be a chance that we would still be able to wear those clothes when the next Winter rolled around.  

While that ended up not being the case mostly, there were still a handful of items that we could still wear at the beginning of this Fall/Winter.  I can now say that all those old Winter clothes are now in a bag headed to the Goodwill.   We finally believe in ourselves, our Bands, and our new lifestyle enough that we KNOW that those clothes won't work for us next Winter.  YAY!!!! 

NSV #2:

I also decided to dig out my box of "Goal Clothes" --  you know, the stash of clothes that you have held onto for years and years from your skinniest days??  Well, I have been toting mine around since college.  It's full of blue jeans, pants, and dresses ranging from high school to college.  It even had my Senior Prom dress in it.  (An amazingly classic black, satin, strapless number that was made for me from a Calvin Klein pattern. )

So long story short?!?!   EVERYTHING IN THE BOX EITHER FITS OR IS TOO BIG!!!!  

The aforementioned Senior Prom dress -- TOO BIG!!!  (Don't worry, I'm gonna see about having that sucker altered because it's just too awesome to let go of.) 

The jeans?? All of them- TOO BIG!   I wore them all around the house for, like, 5 minutes just because I could but then I was more than happy to put them in the Goodwill bag.  (I mean, I can't believe I ever thought those jeans were the hotness -- alls I'm saying is tapered legs, full rise torso --Eeww!!) 

With the exception of the Senior Prom dress, an awesome LBD from Banana Republic, and another cute sundress from Express, everything else went into the Goodwill bag.  And it felt sooooo good!!!  

I realized that I had arrived at my Goal and it had nothing to do with the number on the scale.  I made it back to the Me that those clothes represented.   I don't need those clothes to remind of what I used to look like or how I used to be or who I could be.  I don't have to look at that box of clothes to remember a time when I could actually feel good about myself because I have managed to make my way back to that place. The Me that I kept in that box is now and about and living her life.  

From here on out, it can't get anything but better. 

NSV #3:  

The even crazier thing about all those clothes in that box???  The last time I wore those clothes I weighed in the 160s.  However, this morning when I weighed the scale read 188lbs.   This proved an even more point to me --  I am in even better physical shape than I was 15 years ago.  I may weigh more but my body composition is so much better.  I am a firmer, tighter, more toned 188lbs now than the last time I saw 188lbs on the scale.  

This realization couldn't have come at a better time since I am a week away from my 2 year Bandiversary.  I had originally wanted to lose 100 lbs. by my 2 Bandiversary, but it looks like I might come up just a couple pounds short of that goal.  That's totally okay by me --- because I realize that I am profoundly changing the shape of my body.  

Like many of you I have been bouncing up/down with same 4lbs or so for the past 2 months.  It was frustrating.  It was hard to keep from beating myself up about it.   I mean, I am eating pretty well, getting my cardio  and even adding more weight training to my regimen.  It's hard to know sometimes if the scale isn't changing because you really are "adding muscle" or if that's just another fairy tale we tell ourselves.  Well, now, I finally believe it!!!  Although the scale isn't really moving, my body IS changing.  

That, my friends, is the definition of a Non-Scale Victory!!!!! - I'm just one more stomach flu away from my goal weight!


  1. That is beyond exciting!!! Good for you!!! Love the Prom Dress...who doesn't love their prom dress??? I still have and love mine, no it doesn't fit today, but it will!!! My wedding dress too!!;)

  2. Congratulations on the awesome NSVs!!

  3. Great NSV's! :)

    Super jealous that you kept all your cute clothes. I wish I had a stash of cuteness hidden away for me. (Sadface for being the fat girl my whole life. But happyface for being the thinnest we've pretty much ever been!)

  4. Yay for your NSV's!!! Honey, I was the Queen of tapered pants...who am I kidding, I will probbaly still rock 'em if I could fit my big leg in'em :)

  5. Yay AJ!!! THESE are awesome NSV's go girl! So proud of you! And yay for spring - I rode my new bike home from work today, and it was delightful...fingers crossed it stays this way, as I think my heart might break a bit if it snows again here!

  6. Wow!! Congratulations those are amazing NSVs!!!!!

  7. They are some pretty great NSVs! So glad for you. I don't have skinny clothes anymore. I gave up on that years ago and tossed stuff. Now I seriously wish I hadn't done that.

  8. Those are fantastic NSVs! When did cleaning closets become so much fun?