Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Let Me Fill You In.....

I got my fill last Friday -- I also got to drive like a NASCAR driver to avoid tornadoes. Good times!! So far the fill is going well -- just enough added restriction to remind me that those Band rules are there for a reason. I ended up getting .25cc for a grand total of 8.0ccs in my band.

I opted to get my fill done under Fluoroscopy since it had been almost a year since my last fill/check up. Everything under the hood looks good and according to the FNP the position of my band is "textbook perfect". Yay!!

Knowing my Band is still where it should be is great but what really rocked my socks were my stats. I was so totally stoked over them. I know you are dying to know them but imma gonna keep you in suspense because my 2yr Bandiversary in less than 2 weeks so I will tell you then. ;)

I also broke the real world/ blog world barrier this weekend. I had an ah-some, long chat with the one and only RockBand Barbie!! I totally talked her head off!!

Couple of NSVs for ya'. My high school alma mater is playing in the state girls basketball tourney so I am watching them opening minutes of the game as I type this on my phone. I
Seeing a lot of people I know walk right past me without recognizing me and these arena seats and stairs are no problem at all.


  1. Great NSV! Glad to hear everything is A-OK with your band. Sometimes it's nice to have the reassurance.

  2. I am glad that you were not caught up in any of the tornados. I hope that your friends, family and property is ok. All the images on the news have been so sad. Can't wait to hear about your 2-year stats.

  3. I loved talking to you! After hearing your southern accent I felt like you were my sista from anotha mista :)

  4. Sounds like things are looking up! WooHoo!

  5. you and rock band barbie get along?! NO WAY!!! LOL ;)

    can't wait for the 2 yr post!!

  6. Glad everything was good with your band! And you got to talk to RockBand Barbie!? How fun!