Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Just a Little Sumthin to Say "Haaaaay!!!!"

First off, thank you for all the positive, encouraging comments on my last couple of posts. I really count on the feedback I get from everybody so it really makes my day.

There isn't much point to this post other than to fill the time while I wait on The Hubs to get done with his work meeting here in big 'ol Nash-Vegas that I tagged along on.

Today begins a HUGE sale week at my face grocery chain, P*blix and I have a coupon crusade of epic proportions prepared!!!! (I will be posting pics and prices!!! Couponing is a favorite hobby of mine and this trip is gonna be about as close to "Extreme Couponing" as I get. (No, I have never in my life gotten $1000 worth of groceries for $25. That stuff is shady on multiple levels.) Most weeks are pretty low key for me but every now and then it gets extra awesome.

I didn't start Couponing still after my Surgery and that has influenced how I do it. After I get done today -- will post more about my couponing adventures.

So what I wanna know is--- Do I have any fellow couponers out there???? Are you maybe interested in it but not sure?? Any questions about it??


  1. I have never clipped a coupon in my life, but I admire people who do. I don't think I could ever be that much of a "planner". I never even make a grocery list.

  2. I love the idea of coupons. I love that some people (the none shady ones) can spend upwards of $500.00 and have 1/2 -2/3 of it deducted by coupons. That is amazing to some of them buy a bunch of stuff they will never use or come close to using all of it in a life time, and some of the storage rooms of the extreme...WOW!!!

  3. I'm not a good couponer. Half the time, I cut them out and then leave them at home. I'm also frustrated that there are hardly ever any coupons for produce, deli meat (like actually from the deli) or the meat department.

  4. I coupon. I use, I follow a couple of blogs of women who do the match ups so that I don't have to figure it all out on my own. I like to have a menu I plan and then figure out my grocery list and then watch the ads and get the coupons. The only problem here is that we don't have loyalty cards here. One grocery store chain doubles, but only up to $.50 and then only up to 10 coupons. So I have all the .50 coupons and under for that store. The other chain gets the rest of my shopping! I've saved as much as $20-25 at a store, but thats about it!

  5. Please teach me about couponing, I can't seem to get with the program, OK? thanks bye

  6. Girlfriend I know all about couponing! And I love me some publix deals. Unfortunately I haven't had the time to do it like I want but I love those savings. Addicting.

    And since you mentioned it, let me go look at the deals on lol