Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Food In My Pouch and Sunshine Up My Skirt

Since there are so many new/prospective bandsters out there who have been trying to wrap their brains around the types of foods they will be able to eat with their bands, I thought I might take a few posts to play show and tell about some of my go to foods.  Here are some of the things I ate yesterday: 

I had this around 9:30a after my big ol' mug of coffee, sippy cup full of water, and vitamins.  I always eat something semi-soft mushy in the morning since I am very prone to morning tightness. 

<<<---------- This stuff is what I used to make 
                        this stuff------->>>

1/2c. plain greek yogurt 
70 cals/ 11g protein
1/4c. Uncle Sam cereal
60 cals/ 3g protein
1Tbsp Local Honey 
(call me crazy but I firmly believe this is why I am not sneezing my face off from allergies)

Lunch was kinda light for me today. I made these Edamame with Sesame Vinaigrette (about a 1/2c. shelled ) and munched on them periodically over a couple hours.  
120 cals/ 12g protein
I know a lot of veteran bandsters would frown upon the whole "munched for a couple hours" thing but sometimes that is what works for me, not all the time, but sometimes. I don't advise this behavior with say, M&Ms, but if you were to find yourself wanting to munch on handfuls of little round, snacky things you would be better off scratching that itch with some Edamame than the M&Ms.  (And that, my friends, is what we call a small change!) 

Fresh Mozzeralla (cherry size)  1 oz. 70cals/ 5g protein
Sprinkle some salt on these dudes and OMG!!  It did make me wish that my basil plants were already in full bloom because the only thing that could make these better is some fresh, homemade pesto!!!  
This is not what 1 oz looks like, I just forgot to take the pic before I ate my serving  :) 
We did Mexican food tonight.  I ended up getting the shrimp and cheese quesadilla.  Not the most perfect thing ever but part of having the band (for me) is not having to live my entire life at 100% perfection.  I strive for getting it totally 'right' 80-90% of the time and considering that a win.  (That is my philosophy-- your mileage may vary.)  
This was my leftover 'half' that I brought home.  I actually ate about 2/3 of the other one that came with this guy which was a tad smaller.  I really, really had to focus on my small bites and chewing with this thing --- my recent fill has pushed the small bites/chewing thing forward in my mind again.  

I also had some chips and salsa --- heavy on the salsa, light on the chips. :)  

That was my eating yesterday....................... I also drank my 1 gal. of water. 

<<<<<------------I bought some of this stuff to add to my water. 

Because every time I tried to take a "Poopsy-doodle" 
this weekend it left me feeling a little like this ------------>>>>> 

Here's hoping it helps, 'cause I can't handle going through that again. 

Aaaaannnnddddd since I just talked about my weekend Poopscapades, here is a brain cleanser.

This skirt is Size 12 AND was purchased (clearanced) w/o trying on first!!!!!!


  1. Sounds like a great day of eating.

    I ain't even mad atcha for the idea of snacking on something healthy over a few hours - if it helps you to have a snack that'll last you that long to help you keep hunger at bay... I think that's awesome!

  2. Too cute in your skirt!

    I think it's unrealistic to think you'll never snack as a bandster. Because sometimes, even though I know I'm not hungry, I want a snack. I need to crunch or something. Everyone has to figure out what works for them. :)

  3. I love the idea of the Edamame. When I get home from work is when I tend to stress eat. It's like I just want to have the motion of hand to mouth. This would be a good solution.

    Thanks for sharing.


  4. CUTE skirt!!! I hear ya on the snacking - I try really hard not to do this, but maybe 2 or 3 days a month, I just feel snacky...I don't necessarily think this is what you're talking about, now I'm rambling...anywho!!!!! You're rocking it out girly, and looking FOINE!!!! Oh, and I puffy heart Family Guy - this picture made me think of when Stewie starts taking steriods, and tries to lift a barbell, and says, "Uh oh, spedoodio"....makes me pee myself! Hugs!

  5. As an almost bandster I appreciate the ideas for what my day to day life will be like with this thingie in my bellie (imagine I said that with a Scottish accent like on Austin Powers). You are looking great and your blog always makes me laugh!!

  6. Cute outfit! It's always helpful to get ideas of what other people eat!