Monday, February 13, 2012

Make A List Monday

Welcome to Make A List Monday (Courtesy of Robyn).  I will put a category out there and your job is to copy and paste the question to your blog and make a list of up to 10 things that match the category.  The category for Make A List Monday is: 

You are forced to use the 10 items or less line at the grocery store and can only go to the store once a week.  What will be in your cart?

1) Eggs: I love eggs. I truly sympathize with bandsters that say that they can't do eggs anymore -- that makes me sad.  They are such cheap, great, versatile protein.  

2) Greek Yogurt:  I always keep a big tub of this stuff in fridge - it's such a multitasker!! It's like sour cream with a better attitude!!!   If I can get them cheap (with coupons),  I will get the cups because they are pretty handy, but I always make sure I have the tub kind.  

3) Deli Ham: Specifically, Ol' Farmers Ham.  Unfortunately, in my area, it's only sold at the giant mega-retailer that everyone loves to hate.  But it's extra tasty good - the only deli ham that I have found that is like someone actually baked an actual ham and then sliced it.  It's not the compressed, water added stuff.  

4) Coffee: Since I have all but completely given up soda.  Coffee is my non-water drink of choice.  Plus, I have a pretty scorchin' caffeine thing going on and I don't function in the morning without at least 2 of my giant travel mugs full.   
(I got a crap ton of this stuff for super cheap with coupons a few months ago. Now it's one of my faves)

5) Cheese: One of the best parts of my having a lapband is that I have allowed myself to enjoy cheese again.  Pre-band, cheese was one of the first things to go when I was "on a diet". Of course this was because it would generally take multiple servings to cover whatever mound of food I was slathering it with.  Now that I am able to enjoy foods in moderation, cheese is back on the menu.  It may be generic yellow shredded for my morning eggs or an a-mah-zing stinky Stilton- I am always buying cheese.   I usually pair it with fruit, some of my fave combos include: Brie w/ dried cranberries or Stilton w/ green apples.  

6) Heavy Cream:  One of the things that I noticed after mine and Hubs' surgery was that we threw out A LOT of milk.  Since we weren't eating buckets of cereal - the milk wasn't getting used so it would spoil.  I finally realized that Heavy Cream was basically like concentrated milk and it stays good in the fridge for waaaaay longer than regular milk so it became our go to for milk needs.  Whenever I make something that requires milk I just thin it out with water.  

7) Chopped Broccoli: I love broccoli, especially florets but those aren't always band friendly.  So chopped it is --  watch out I will try to put it in almost anything. 
8) Lipton Cup-a-Soup Cream of Chicken:  I cannot tell you how much I love this stuff.  It's major flaw is that it is kind of a sodium bomb, but it's creamy and rich and tasty.  It has helped to pull me out of many a late night snacky craving.  

9) Lime Juice:  During colder weather I really have to work hard to get my water in, I don't know what it is water just tastes different in cold weather .  I love just about anything lime (by far my favorite citrus) flavored so every morning during the cold weather months I mix up my jug o' water with a few healthy splashes of lime juice and a couple scoops of Splenda.  It does just the trick to knock weird water taste off but still be mostly water.  

10) Boneless Skinless Chicken Breasts:   'Cause you just can't beat em.  I pack mine in pairs in freezer bags and squirt in different types of sauces/dressings as marinades into the baggies.  It's the best way that I have found to keep from getting bored with chicken.  


  1. I love your choices.

    I too am a huge fage fan. I eat it all the time.

    Thanks for sharing.

  2. Good list :) I too love lime and have a big lime tree in my front yard. We are yielded a ton of limes almost all year. I also can't live without the greek yogurt.

  3. I never knew that about heavy cream. I throw milk out almost every week...some weeks the milk never even gets opened.

  4. I love reading everyone's lists. I'm getting some new food ideas!

  5. #3 - I MUST look for this next time I am at ass-mart!! I am the same way - I LOVE ham but can't stand the disgusting compressed water stuff!

    #8 - I am facing those late night craving as we speak, I'm gonna check those out too!!!

  6. Great idea with the lime juice- gotta get me some of that:)

  7. We use cream quite a bit these days as well. We buy a half gallon of milk for the girls but that lasts us 2 weeks.

  8. I need to buy me some of that chopped brocolli. I love brocolli but lasrge pieces are not band friendly.

  9. Hmm, favorite sauce combos for the chicken breasts? :) I needs some new ideas!

  10. Looking at your grocery choices, I want to come eat at your house!!