Thursday, February 9, 2012

Cavort Out With Your Port Out!!!!!

How's about that title??  It basically has little to do with the substance of my post but it came to me a while ago, and some of you may have seen it because I have left it in your comments.   I like it for the Bandster equivalent to "Rock Out With Your C*ck Out" which has always been a bit of  positive, fun, goofy party cry amongst many of my friends. However, it can be a smidge crude and since most of us are ladies and lacking "c*cks" I thought I would clean it up and make it more Bandster centric.  
It's just my way saying "Way to Go, You are Awesome, You Totally Kick Ass, Be Proud of Yourself, etc" all in one tidy statement.  Feel free to use it yourselves ---- I think it's totally gonna be "a thing." HaHa!!!  

Fair warning:  this post could get a little thinky and long. I hope you packed a snack. :) 

So as I mentioned previously I have gotten some of my focus and motivation back.  Most of it is a result of my January stuff .  Per my Lady Business Dr., I have to take a minimum 2 month hiatus from baby making.  So I figured I would take this 2 month period to try to go balls out, full steam on my weight loss like never before.  Mainly because I need something positive and productive to focus on, and since that positive/productive thing cannot be getting baby-fied it might as well be knocking off a few more El-bees.
And here we are. Now, before I get to the specifics of my plan, I wanted to bring up some the things I realized in the process of formulating the new approach.  (Here's where it gets a little thinky)  I kinda realized that I have had 3 major phases in my Band journey.

1) Just the Band :  This phase was good for about 45lbs of mileage for me.  Time wise it lasted about 7 months.  I was active in a day-to-day kinda way.  I wasn't working out but at the time I had 2 jobs that were fairly physically demanding which helped.  At around the 7mos mark I got a fill and was not fully prepared for what real significant restriction would feel like.  I was really afraid of being too tight so I ended up getting a tiny unfill (or so I thought).  This was my last follow-up appointment with my Memphis Doc's office (we moved to Nashville a few weeks later).  The FNP ended up taking out way more than the .25ccs that I requested.  (I loved my surgeon in Memphis but never was a big fan of her FNP who tended to ignore our thoughts/input and do what SHE thought was better.)  We moved a few weeks later. Couple the bad food choices that tend to happen during these kinds of stressful situations with the fact that the FNP had actually removed 1.0+ccs and my weight loss came to complete stop.  (I fully recognize how miraculous it is that I didn't see a major gain!)  By the time the move was straighten out and I stopped beating myself up for not losing any more weight 4 months had gone by.  It took us another 1 1/2 months to get set up with a new Band Doc (love their FNP). Finally, almost 6 mos post unfill, I got my 1.0+ccs back and the scale started moving again.

2) You Gotta Move It If You Wanna Lose It:  After my unfill clusterfornication and resulting "plateau" the scale was moving again but it was seriously creeping at a snails pace.  I watched my 1st bandiversary come and go -- and while I had lost almost 50lbs I was no where near anything I could call a real goal.  I moped and pouted and freaked worrying that I was gonna end up being a story of LapBand failure.  The Hubs finally shook me out of my funk and I realized that I wasn't going to go down without a fight.  I knew that this Band wasn't magic when I got it and I needed to GTF over my pouty self and start getting serious about working out.

I started going to Zumba and I really liked it.  The exercise was physically tough but the hardest part of my new exercise regimen was feeling awkward, self-conscious, and out of place in my gym/classes.  I would go to Zumba and leave wanting to cry almost everyday for the first month or so.  It got better -- I got better at Zumba, made friends with my instructors, and changed to a different gym with more Zumba and less "roided out gym rat" culture.   Within 4 month of starting Zumba I was doing 10-12 classes/week plus going in early to hit the treadmill/elliptical for a couple miles.

Of course that's when we decided to move again and since then I have struggled to find new Zumba classes/exercise that I like.  And of course, then there was January.

3) Hardcore Focused aka This Kinda Feels Like Diet, But We'll See :  Honestly, I didn't think I would ever be willing to enter this phase since one of my biggest motivations for getting a Band was getting away from the whole diet-obsession spiral that did serious damage to my pre-band brain.  I had always been reluctant to track my food because I was afraid it would take me back to some ugly low points in my W*W Points days.  One of my LapBand goals was to not only make a healthier body for myself but make a healthy mind as well.  My approach so far has been make the obvious good food choice (i.e. grilled chicken and veggie is better for me than a Taco Hell Beef Burrito) and listen to what my Band is telling me (i.e. you are satisfied, stop eating lady).

I know that, for many of you guys,  religiously tracking your food intake and exercise has been the ultimate key to your LapBand success. With me,  many things that are done religiously they can end up getting fanatical really quickly and that is what I was afraid of for myself.  I do know, though, that tracking will influence my food choices -- I will be forced to acknowledge everything I eat and REALLY think about it.

On the other hand, here I am with 2 months on my hands that I am not allowed to vigorously pursue my goal of getting preggo-fied so I might as well vigorously pursue my goal of continuing to lose weight.  So I am gonna take a stab at tracking my food and working out like a maniac.  Hopefully, it will be a positive distraction and get me further along in my journey in the meantime.  

Now on to the plan specifics.  Also, note that I have enacted some "Anti-Crazy Clauses" to my plan to prevent the fanatical obsession stuff that I was just telling you about.  

1) Tracking Calorie Intake: ~ 1300 calories/day according to MFP. 

 This is the calorie intake that MFP has given me to lose 2 lbs/ week.  Now, as tracking goes, I like MFP. It's very convenient - I have it on my phone, iPad and laptop and I like that they all sync up so that if I enter something on my phone that when I look at it later on my computer it's already there.  I also really like the bar code scanner -- just scan that joker and it dumps all the nutrition info into my list.

Anti-Crazy Rule #1: Listen and honor the cues my body is giving me.  I want to be aware of my food intake but I am gonna listen to my body and I mean REALLY listen.  If I am hungry (legitimately, physically hungry) then I will eat regardless of what my calorie count is for the day. If I am not hungry I will not eat (even if MFP is gonna fuss at me).  I will not make myself starve or force feed myself for the sake of a number on my iPad.  However, I hope that knowing my calories will (hopefully) steer me toward a quality food choice.  
Anti-Crazy Rule #2:  I will do my best to be as accurate as possible with my calorie counts but I will not cry in the kitchen floor because I cannot pinpoint the exact calories in a food item. (Don't laugh, this is one of those WW Points dark places that I was talking about.)  Rough averages are okay from time to time.  This is about being mindful of your food/nutrition this is not rocket surgery--- scientific precision isn't mandatory. Asteroids will not destroy Earth if I am 20 calories off on when I record the meatloaf I made the other night.   

2) Workout. Workout, like never before.  I have set a goal of a minimum of 600 mins/week of Cardio. (Is this too much?)  I like the idea of Minutes/week because it give me some flexibility but still keep me accountable to a goal.  If I need a day off (you know, if the Sun fails to come out)  I can take it but can make it up elsewhere. Also, if I am having a freakishly energetic day and wanna do a 3 hour workout then I can have a lighter day if need it later.  I don't really feel like I need a lot of Anti-Crazy rules when it comes to exercise.  Exercise has never really churned out the crazy in me like food can and most of the issues (self-consciousness, embarrassment) that I had when I first started working out are gone now.

3) Follow ALL the Band Rules. I mean ALL of them. All the time. No, really for serious.  (Oh, and if I have forgotten one, let me know.)

*Take my Vitamins (I have been pretty good about this)
* Drink My Water - Minimum 100 ounces/day.  (This is pretty easy when I am working out.  It's harder in the winter time.)
This 3L jug is about 100oz. I strive to drink one/day.  I like the size because I just have to drink one - so it doesn't seem like such a big deal. I also pour my water into my fun green sippy cup- which I love.  
* Measure my meals - stick with my 4-6 oz./per meal
* Protein First!!!
*No drinking while eating
*Listen to my signals of fullness

Anti-Crazy Rule #3: I will/can get on the scale everyday as long as I do not let it rule my daily mood and happiness.  If the scale is up - I have to learn to be able to be honest with myself about my recent food and exercise and judge that against other possibilities (i.e water retention, hormones, poop, etc).  I will not talk ugly to myself in my head because my colon won't get with the program.  This is a big rule for me because I have not generally been a consistent 1-2/wk losing kind of person.  I tend to be a "bulk loser" i.e I go days and days without any movement on the scale and then Whoosh!! like 4lbs gone at once.  


  1. Wow! I don't know how I'd fit 600 minutes of exercise in a week! Good for you! Sounds like you're really motivated and you've really thought about where you've been and where you want to go. I have no doubt you'll get there!

  2. there may or may not be several shiny things in this room with me at the moment so i might of been forced to have trouble focusing on this whole wonderful post of yours....

    BUT, I love how you think. It's chaotic and incredibly psychoanalytical at times and reminds me of being inside my head which in turn helps me understand where you're comin from even more. :)

  3. All these things are true. Loving the plan! I'm getting back to basics as well, good luck with it. :)

  4. I know, my comment is lame. I'm currently inhaling my lunch. What happened to "chew, chew chew"?!?!

  5. I think 600 a week is super doable:)

  6. As my hubs would say... Let's hang out with our wang out.... moving on :o) I am not banded yet, but I appreciate you putting it all out there for me (and everybody else.) I would do a lot of praying that I would just wake up skinny one day (never happened.) I know it's going to be a lot of work regardless of me being banded or not. Thank you for the reality check.

  7. Anti-Crazy Rule#1...ha ha, I used to get pissed off at MFP when it would tell me every day that I wasn't eating enough.

  8. 600 minutes a week?! Wow. When do you sleep? I'm lucky if I manage 180 minutes per week.

  9. I need to get one of those 100 oz. water bottles. I have a hard time keeping track of how much water I have gotten in.
    I know, I am late to the commenting party- playing catch-up.

  10. Love this! I'm realizing too that we go through phases with the band. I feel like I'm learning new things about myself every day through this process.

    I think that this is a great plan and something great to focus on during these next two months. It will get your mind off things and get you back on track at the same time! Go AJ!

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