Thursday, February 2, 2012

10 Things Thursday - Focused Frustration Edition

10 Things Thursday Time -- courtesy of Laura

1) First let us talk about the Focus -- I feel I have it back.  My body has "leveled" out from my January "issues"and I am feeling much more like myself.  I also weighed myself this morning and the scale said 191.6 which means I managed to ditch what I gained last month plus a few tenths of a pound.  I am tracking my food/exercise on MFP and even sat down to work out my exercise "schedule." (Hopefully, gonna write a longer post about my food and exercise plan -- but I also realize that I have promised longer posts on many things that I have yet to deliver. :/  )

2) Now for the Frustration part --  So I wrote out my aforementioned exercise schedule. A large portion of it hinged on the Zumba schedule a new gym that just opened up. It is kind of a different type of gym that is centered on pay as you go personal training and group fitness classes.  I went there with a friend at the beginning of January and they were advertising a deal in which $50/month allowed you unlimited group fitness classes.  I was totally about that bc that would let me do 8 Zumba classes a week, even if the classes are pretty uninspired compared to the Zumba in my previous city, like I said I'm getting focused.  So I am all ready to write my $50 check and the receptionist was like "Oh we're not doing that anymore." And I was all like "Whaaaaah?" Apparently the owners either can't do math or don't know shit about running a business but they didn't "run the numbers" when they offered that deal last month and they got totally hosed on it financially.  The classes are $5/class times 8 classes/wk = $40/wk x 4 weeks a month = $160/month. $160 a month to "work" my schedule is a no-go -- for that kinda money I could have a membership at every gym in town.  So now I completely re-work my exercise plan.

I do have access to weight and cardio equipment.  We became athletic supporters (Ha!!!  I love saying that!) at the local college in our town and that gives us unlimited access to their student/faculty fitness center.  However, I really am not jazzed about relying on the machines for my cardio --- I will use them in a pinch or if I have to but before long it will make me cranky.

3) I just ate a piece of Spicy Tuna roll and while it wasn't all that spicy in my mouth, it is currently sitting in my pouch burning it up like the 3rd level of hell.

4) I am drinking my water. My new job title should be CUO, as in Chief Urination Officer. I am peeing like it's my job.  And while I am not posting this whilst sitting on the potty I prolly should be because I have already peed like 4 times  45 times since I started this post.  * Drank a gallon while at Zumba.

5) I am giving a new and different Zumba instructor a try out tonight.  She is one of the more popular and successful instructors in town so I hope that is promising.  While I was Facebook stalking  looking for info about her I stumbled onto her FB profile and realized that she kinda has 'crazy eyes' and is obsessed with Zumba in a way that weirds me out more than just a little bit.  Although, if she can bring a class with anything that resembles intensity --- then she can stare at me with her crazy eyes all she wants.

6) So I was all set to churn this post out before I left for my Zumba class this afternoon however, that plan was thwarted when I found these little buggers going wild in my master bathroom.  I had to drop what I was doing to deal with them before I left for Zumba.

Those black dots?  Are ANTS!!!!
I have no idea why they were in there (not like we were having a picnic or anything).  They just showed up in a matter of minutes. They were not there 30 mins before I took this pic. I know this courtesy of all the peeing.  They were just milling about and giving me the heeby-jeebies like crazy.  Seriously, I was scratching myself like a tweaking meth head just from the sight of them.  

7) Mama is rockin' a serious case of The Tights.  Which is okay and not okay at the same time.  It is okay because I know that it is part and parcel of what I dealt with physically in January.  I fully anticipate that it will level out as I continue to level out.  It is not okay because I am seriously ramping up my workouts this month so I have got to be able to fill the fuel tank.  (Did I mention I did 2 hours of Zumba tonight -- it felt so good to walk away totally physically exhausted from exercise!!)  I am having some difficulty getting my minimum calorie requirement according to MyFitnessPal. (I am going to try harder -- add a protein shake or something -- I don't want my metabolism to slow down.)  This means that MFP bitches at me every time I log my food and exercise.  

8) Speaking of fuel in the tank..... Chick-fil-a was one of the few fast food restaurants that I still go to with any regularity.  But now, they may be the ONLY fast food restaurant I go to.  Have you guys seen the new Grilled Chicken Nuggets?????  They are like little protein wads from heaven.  They come in this little cup and the 6 pc has 110 calories and 25g of protein.  

You may be thinking, big whoop, I just get a grilled chicken sandwich and don't eat the bun.  But really, have you ever tried driving down the road gnawing a whole chicken breast?  I have, it's no fun, and I get weird looks from other drivers.  

Also, they have this new "soup" Chicken Tortilla (basically, white chicken chili). The medium portion has 230 calories, 19g protein, 14g fiber -- and it's really tasty.  

I know, that fast food isn't ideal but we all find ourselves out and about needing some food -- never have I found anything so freakin' bandster friendly than these choices.  

9) Back to my Zumba class tonight -- I did two separate classes. I didn't get to meet Ms. Crazy Eyes bc she was out sick.  However, her subs were good.  The girl who subbed the first class was under the impression that she would be subbing both classes so when the other subs showed up thinking they were subbing the 2nd class it got just teensy bit awkward.  It was VERY clear that they do not care for each other.  Like I said....AWKWARD.

10) Do any of y'all get the "Exercise Poops"?  It seems like anytime I do an extended workout session (60mins +) I inevitably feel the need to poop in a serious way.  


  1. Crazy eyes may work your ass off (no pun intended!). Love it!

  2. "CUA"--can I steal this and put it on my resume????

  3. I admit I still love Chick Fil A. It's one of the few fast food restaurants that I feel is worth the calories (and I don't always get the healthier choices). CUO! Love it!

  4. That soup is delicious. I had it a couple of weeks ago. Yummy in my tummy. Exercise poops...hilarious.

  5. I just started doing zumba and love it (goodbye evil ex-trainer)!!

  6. Sometimes I do a running tally of how many times I pee in a day. Oy - can I be Co-CUO with you?

  7. You just made my night! I had no idea that Chick-fil-a had grilled chicken nuggets now! I will be going there ASAP!