Thursday, February 23, 2012

10 Things Thursday -The Fill Querstion (Feedback Needed)

(Yes, it's spelled "Querstion." I went to college in Memphis and that is how the folks say it there -- at some point it stuck with me.)

Courtesy of Laura Belle 

My 10 Things are gonna be all the thoughts I have about whether or not to get another fill. 

1) I am coming up on 1 year since my last fill so I'm trying to decide whether or not I wanna/needa get a fill.

2) It has also been almost a year since I saw my Band FNP.  Their office uses fluoro - part of me at least wants a fluoro to "check under the hood" to reassure myself that all is well and where it should be.

3) For the majority of this year I have been in the "sweet spot" with tightness/looseness coming and going from time to time but generally, I could always put my finger on why.

4) I have lost approx 45-50 lbs since my last fill but lately it has been very slow and while I know it's not all about my band it's still slow.

5) While I know I just posted this, I will say that I would still prefer to put a little more distance between and the 200 lb mark.  My January experience (which made me VERY loose) showed me that it is possible to put on 9 lbs in 3 weeks.

6) I just feel like I can eat more lately and get hungrier more -- actually ever since January.

7) But what if a fill gets me way too tight??  I don't like the fill/unfill/fill/unfill cycle because I worry that constantly manipulating the Band can lead to problems.  (Just my opinion and thoughts - I have no medical basis for this.) I have only ever had one unfill and it kinda left a bad taste in my mouth since the FNP (not the same one I see now) ended up taking out 1.25ccs instead of the .25ccs I requested.  That is what ultimately started my first really major plateau.

8) I will be clear to re-start my quest to get preggo-nated in April and that is just another reason I want some more poundage gone.  Obviously, just because I begin the quest in April doesn't me everything will come together in April so I really don't want to sit around for goodness knows how long not losing anything or barely losing anything.  Besides I can always get an unfill if necessary when/if I get knocked up.

9) There two LapBand Urban Legends that I have heard/read/concocted in my own brain, those are: 1) As you lose more and more weight, it is possible to not feel as restricted as you did at the higher weight.  2) Over long periods of time, say, a year, it is possible for the fluid in the Band to shift or even seep out at a super microscopic level ultimately influencing restriction.  Now, what I wanna know is -- are these things legit or are they just products of my over active imagination???

10) I can't really think of a ten thing but I am VERY interested in hearing others thoughts especially those of you who are longer term bandsters (2+ yrs) although if you newbies have gotten good info from your providers I am game to hear that too.  Are there things I am not considering?  Do you have personal experience with this??


  1. Each time I've gotten a fill or unfill, I have tortured myself over it. I have so much fluctuation with my band, some days I can barely eat, next day I can eat my shoe. When you figure it out, let me know. I'm going on 2 years in March. I'm still about 40 pounds from my "goal" who am I to weigh in? LOL!

    1. OMG!! my band date was 3-19-2010. We are *this* close to being surgery twins. It has been so long since my last fill. But every fill I have had I have been pretty certain there was 'room' for more restriction. Now, I think there might be room but I am not sure. As for goal, I am not really sure how far I am from goal bc I don't really know what goal is for me.

  2. I'm 1.5 years out so not sure what you think of my opinion but here goes. The two urban legends are true. Doc confirmed them for me. So it's possible either of those issues could be affecting it. Basically, I think stinking to the normal "do I need a fill guidelines is best." Are you satisfied for 3-4 hours on 1 - 1/2 cups of food? If no, then you need a fill. If yes, then probably not. :)

  3. Well you know I am still a baby bandster so I don't have any advice for you...but I was much do you have in your band now? Since my insurance is going to be changing soon I made sure I set an appointment just before I lose my current insurance. I don't know if I will need a fill or not at that point, but I figured it was best to go ahead and set the appt.

  4. 2 1/2 Years out. Have not had a fill in more than a year...actually had .25 out about a year ago. I have lost 100 pounds but nothing at all in the last year, and that has been okay. I wanna take off that last 30-40 pounds...and I am hungry a lot....and can eat too much. Yet, I do suffer with acid reflex and sometimes my band feels like it is too tight. But if I am honest with myself...those times when it is tight...I am NOT taking small bites or chewing properly...and I snack too late at night.

    End story.....I have a fill scheduled in about a week and I am scared to death. I have had an (knock wood) pretty easy time of it and I am afraid I am poking a sleeping bear by messing with my band now after all this time. Paranoia much?

    So am I am of no help to you at all but just wanted to empathize with you!

  5. Sorry I'm so behind on blogs and commenting! This is so hard to know what to do! I always go back and forth on if I need one or not. I just try and listen to my body and see how I feel. My doctor is also really good and talking it out with me and deciding if I need one or not.

    I think you're doing great!