Monday, January 9, 2012

The Way Things Are

Prolly gonna be MIA for a bit. My grandfather passed on Sunday night and between the emotional exhaustion of knowing what's to come with the funeral along with the extreme physical exhaustion I have with this cold I am trying to shake I can barely put together a coherent thought.

Thanks to JRD, Rachel, and Speck for tagging me in the fun tag fest going around. I am working on my responses but it may be another day or two. I really do love these kinds of posts. I love knowing what other people wanna know about me.

I am really dreading this week and not because of the funeral. Long story short, my grandmother is nutty as squirrel shit. Her crazy is a special piquant blend of delusional, paranoid, manipulative, and, come to find out, downright mean. She has been outright nasty to my mother and uncle while they have provided 24/7 care to my grandfather. My Mom is very wounded right now. I know she want to lay all details of my grandmother's terrible behaviour on me when I get to town. Not to mention multiple revelations about my grandfather learned over this time spent caring for him. I am not ready or interested in the airing of family dirty laundry that is to come.

10 years ago my paternal grandfather died and it ripped my Dad's side of the family apart, literally. The end result was half of my Dad's family not speaking to the other half and me left with something that bears no resemblance to the family I grew up with. I have only managed in past year or so to come to some kind of emotional conclusions about what happened with my Dad's family and how that impacts my role in our family.

I am much less close to my mother's family but nonetheless I would really prefer to not go through the same kind BS as they rip each other to shreds like my Dad's family did. I know I seem really pessimistic but there are so many more factors that that make me fairly certain it's gonna be nasty. Quite frankly, I really can't tolerate yet another dose of my family's dysfunction.

I have no idea what kind of mine field I will walking into on Wednesday.


  1. So sorry for your loss. Family drama is no fun at any time, especially during a funeral and a cold. Eeeeek! Wishing you strength and good health this week.

  2. I am so sorry to hear about your grandfather. You'll be in my thoughts.

    These types of family dramas can often bring out the worst in people and dig up very old grudges. Try to avoid it as best you can.

  3. Oh girl, what a mess.... I am sorry you're having to go through this. And I can see how you'd be ticked off and protective of your mother. She doesn't deserve to be drawn into that BS either.

    Hugs and prayers to you - just check in when you can...

  4. So very sorry about your grandfather! Thinking of you!

    My Grandfather died 6 years ago which meant my dads family became the constant caregivers for my grandmother. It too ripped our family apart. It is a huge thing to deal with and I am not sure that we will ever recover! Sad isn't it! xxx

  5. So sorry to hear about your loss. I truly hope that your family sticks together during this tough time. xxx

  6. So sorry to hear about your grandfather. My family also became very divided when my grandmother died. It totally sucks, especially on holidays.

  7. Oh my! My thoughts are with you! I hope your week is peaceful -- hey it could happen! You will be in my thoughts and prayers!

  8. I'm so sorry! Praying for you and your family!

  9. Sorry sorry! You'll be in my thoughts and prayers!!!