Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Appreciation for Kindness and Fine Men

Hey Y'all.  It's been a minute or fourteen since we chatted ---- I have missed you guys.  It is gonna take me fo-evah to write this considering it's really cold outside and I am snuggified on the couch under my binkie with a hot cup o' tea and last night's premiere of 'Justified' on the TV.  Seriously- I started this post at 7:30am :/

Let's all just take a minute and think a naughty thought or four about Raylan Givens.  Daaaayum!!!  That man is 43 kinds of fine.

Anywhatsit, thanks a bunch for all your kind words and thoughts about my Granddad.  The family was shockingly well behaved, with the exception of my Grandmaw --- she is in full blown dementia and it has made her shitballs crazy and plain ol' mean.

One by product of my Granddad's illness and passing is that my Mom was able to re-kindle her relationship with her brother who she has been estranged from for 25 yrs. Now, my Mom and Uncle claim that the reason for their estrangement is due (come to find out) to my Grandmother manipulating their relationship to keep them apart and create tension between them.  While I am sure this is true I can't help but call BULLSHIT on the two of them just a smidge.  (I haven't actually called BS to my Momma because Momma sooooo cannot handle it right now, but I will someday soon.)  I think it's just a little too damn convenient to blame 25 yrs of not speaking/interacting with each other on my Grandmaw's manipulation.  I can't help but question how much they each valued their relationship if they were willing to let one person destroy it.  There were bigger issues at hand that contributed to their failed relationship and I call BS on laying all of it at my Grandmaw's feet.  Ultimately, while I am happy for my Mom that she has renewed her relationship with her brother, I have a really hard time trusting that this is real and gonna last.  My family is flighty and fickle when it comes to their relationships with each other.  I also have a really hard time investing emotionally in a relationship with my Uncle (who I was extremely attached to when I was very little) because when it all goes to shit it wouldn't be the first time I got attached and then got my heart broken because the "grown ups" got pissed and walked away.   We shall see.

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  1. My inlaws are like that. They're constantly not talking to this one or that one or haven't spoken to them in 20 years or some such nonsense. Here's the beauty of being an adult though. Regardless of whether this lasts between her and her brother, YOU can choose to continue a relationship with him and leave the rest separate.