Friday, December 2, 2011

Secret Santa Fail!!!!!!!

UGH!!!  Just realized that, while I expressed my interest to participate in the comments, I failed to send in my info for Secret Santa. In the midst of the move I totally forgot and I am inordinately upset about it.  Soooooooo no Secret Santa for me-- wonderful.   Apparently bad timing is the theme of my blog existence.  Too late for BOOBS 2.0, too late for Secret Bandit, and now, too late for Secret Santa.

This month has really taken it's toll on me ---- I am exhausted, tired of eating junk, and tired of not working out, and generally tired of  effin' with crap in this house.

I almost had a total meltdown in Walmart because, despite searching at almost 10 different grocery stores, I have been unable to find Lay's Kettle Cooked Salt & Vinegar Potato Chips.   I don't eat chips very often since having the band, but I LURVE these chips.  When TOM is right around the corner and I get the serious PMS carbo-cravings this is what does it for me.   Usually I buy a bag, snack on them for a couple days and I am totally good.  However, not being able to find them has made me freakishly obsessed with them-- and no other brand will satisfy me.    A handful of these chips with a tall glass of buttermilk will soothe most of my carb craving hormonal demons.

GAAAAHHHHH!!  I am so cranky!!!! *stopping before I go full bitch*


  1. Now I want some chips too!!! You're right ,it's probably best to satisfy the craving early on while it is still controllable :)

  2. Oh, I love Salt & Vinegar chips too :) ... unfortunately, that is ...

  3. Why thank you woman for putting those chips in my mind! I love S & V chips and the Cape Cod kind are my favorite! I do like buttermilk too but rarely have it!

  4. Can I pet your port? hee hee hee :)