Thursday, December 22, 2011

10 Things Thursday - Missing In Action Edition

What better way to catch up after an extended absence than breaking it down 10 Things Thursday style?!?!  Courtesy of Laura Belle 

1)  I have been absent from my blog for way too long.  I got distracted by moving and by the time the house was fully disinfected and all the boxes were unpacked the Christmas Crazies were in full swing.  Just getting my Christmas tree put up was a clusterfornication of epic proportions.  Two trees, four days, and re-lighting a supposedly "pre-lit" tree I finally got it finished and here's proof:  

2) My Granddad is terminally ill.  He has decided to go home for his final days.  There is more to this story and I tried to write it out here but when I got to the 3rd sub-point I kinda figured it needs it's own post. :-/

3) By some cosmic miracle my weight is holding steady.  I am not eating well and I am not exercising like I would like to be.  Honestly, I don't get it, but I am grateful as all hell.  (There is an expanded post here too.) 

4) Speaking of exercise, I am struggling to find a good outlet.  The Zumba in this part of the world seriously leaves a lot to be desired.  I know I am a Zumba snob and I was spoiled by my awesome, challenging instructors in the big city.  I also have only ONE gym in my town.  Their fees are redonkulous and their facilities are pretty limited and they require a contract ---  I am just not geeked about the whole thing.  

5) Since the Zumba is so abysmal in this town I am toying with the idea of getting certified to teach Zumba and it scares the panties right offa me.  

6) I finally got a replacement wedding ring set since I can no longer wear my actual wedding set.  It's Diamonesque or Diamonelle or whatever but it's big, gaudy, and totally blingtacular and I LURVE it!!!  

7)  I am having a bit of a bloggers etiquette quandry. I really wish there was an Emily Post for blogging so she could tell me if what I am feeling is legit or if I am getting my thong in wad for no good reason.   

8) While it may seem like I have been completely MIA --- I have been reading everybody's posts.  I haven't been commenting enough.  I always feel compelled to say something significant especially if it's a post where someone has totally spilled their guts, but too often I haven't had time or mental strength to say anything of real quality.  

9) I haven't wrapped any of my Christmas presents yet.  I hate wrapping presents because I am terrible at it.  Seriously, a drunk pre-schooler could do a better job.  

10) Here are some pics from Christmas 2010 versus Christmas 2011 (taken a couple days ago): 

2010 (L)     2011 (R)
What a difference a 100+ Lbs. makes? 


  1. OMG...You are finally back...yay!!!! I have missed you!

    I think you should totally get certified to be a Zumba would rock!

    Just do a post on whats bugging you about blogging etiquette. Maybe some us don't know we don't have blog manners and need to be schooled on it :)

    Love your new ring!!!! And both of you are looking fabulous!!

  2. don't ever worry about having to leave profound comments on people's post - any bit of comment love is noted!!! i believe i speak for about everyone on this one!

    the one and only zumba class i ever went to left MUCH desired for me and honestly a very bad taste in my mouth for zumba because of it. and i was really let down cause i REALLY wanted to love it. guess i need to stick with my love of cardio kick boxing :)

    SOOO glad to hear from you girl!! welcome back! and the difference in your pics is absolutely AMAZING. your pic from this year looks like a younger, thinner, HAPPIER sister to your "old self" from last year!!

  3. I think you should totally go for the zumba thing!

    As for blog etiquette, throw it out there. I think some of us may do impolite things without realizing it.

    So sorry to hear about your grandfather. At least he'll be home with family for the his last holiday.

    I hope you have a very merry Christmas!

  4. My heart goes out to you on your granddad.

    The ring is amazing and I love the pictures!

    Merry Christmas.


  5. I've been missing reading your blogs!

    Love the pictures! You look so great and I'm sure you feel great too!

    I'm sorry about your granddad! My heart goes out to you!

    Oh and the ring is fab!

  6. I have just finished wrapping and it is officially Christmas day here!!Merry Christmas:)

  7. You are gorgeous!!!! You look so happy in your picture.