Friday, November 25, 2011

Word Verification is Back On!

I know it annoys the pants off of many of you however, I have gotten spammed pretty heavily in the past few days and I am turning it back on till it calms down.  My getting spammed makes you guys vulnerable to spamming too.  I hope you like/love me enough to put up with the word verification.   I promise I am not hiding--- I have a couple of posts brewing.  I am however, in the home stretch of having my new house fully cleaned, organized, and unpacked (even the garage!!!).  This completed task will be bumping up on Christmas decorating.  My goal is to have everything done by the end of the month so I can resume my normal eating/exercising plan in December.  I have given myself a month off of watching my food and exercising.  I can really feel the lack of exercise.  Dec 1= back on the wagon!!!

I hope you all had delightful Turkey Days.  And for all you Black Friday Crazies--- hope you got lots of great deals and didn't lose all hope for humanity in the process.

Much love---  chat you soon!!!!!


  1. I never knew you could turn the thing off until someone emailed me about it. lol

    I have no problem with it myself. It doesn't stop me from replying. :)

  2. if that's what happening - I sure don't blame you for turning it back on!

    Good to hear from you girl - can't wait until things settle down for you and you can finally get back to your routine!:)

  3. I don't blame you, I've never been spammed but I can't imagine how annoying it is.

    Good luck with the rest of your unpacking and decorating!

  4. Still love the name of your blog. Yes, I DO wanna pet your port. ha ha ha

  5. Crazy cause I've never been spammed from my blog before! Weird!

    I never mind it when I am on my PC but when I am on my iPad it drives me batty! But it doesn't stop me from replying just sometimes the posts don't go through!

    Hope youa re well! I've been gone for a little while!