Thursday, November 3, 2011

10 Things Thursday- Moving Day Edition

Here is my 10 Things Thursday *hat tip* Laura Belle 

1) As I type this the moving guys are loading up our Uhaul truck.

2) For the first time I am not self conscious of hiring moving men to load my moving truck.  We have hired folks to load/unload our moving trucks in the past, this time I don't feel like they are looking at The Hubs and I like we are a couple of fat asses who are too lazy to load our own damn truck.  They may think I am lazy---- but at least it's not because I am fat. :)

3)  We hire loader/unloader guys to move our stuff because it would take The Hubs and I 3 days to do what takes these guys 3 hours.  Not because we are slow but because for every 1 we actual load/unload stuff we have 6 hours of discussions/negotiations about how the truck should be loaded.  It's just better all around for our relationship if we don't do it ourselves.

4)  I am on my 2nd 20+ hr long day running on about 4 hrs sleep.  I am about to effin' collapse.  I have had so much coffee that when I pee my bathroom smells like a Starbucks.

5)  My kitchen has been "closed" for 3 days.  I have been living on fast food/take out for 3 days.  I would punch someone in the colon right now for a grilled chicken breast and some steamed broccoli, yet, the more exhausted I get, the worse my food choices are.

6) Did I mention that it is raining like pigs and chickens here today?  Really?  It hasn't rained in 3 weeks but it has to rain on the day that my less than 1yr old sofa has to go outside and play??

7) I have been avoiding Facebook like the plague today. Mainly because I haven't been super vocal about our move.  We have moved a lot in the past few years because of jobs and I don't want to be bombarded with questions about our job status (for the record The Hubs isn't changing jobs, since he works from home we have flexibility in where we live.)  More importantly, I am exhausted to my core (see #4) and when I get tired I lose what little ability I have to filter myself ---  0 Filter + 1 Facebook = 0 Facebook Friends (Just a little social algebra.)

8) I just got finished cleaning my bathroom.  I am more that just a little bit high on bleach fumes at the moment.  (That explains so much about this post.)  I had to bleach out the shower because our apartment people are total punks and I will be damned if they deduct from my deposit because there is mildew in the shower grout.

9) The asshat-ery of my apartment management is the main reason I am channeling my anal retentive tendencies toward cleaning this apartment.  However, the house we are moving into is gonna require a thorough napalming and top to bottom magic erasing. This is because the bitch ass trick who lived there before us decided to trash the place and bug out.  The house is owned by some childhood friends of my husband (who had to move out of town to maintain their jobs but had to rent out their house that won't sell). Since we were in a similar situation not too long ago, (and we know how hard that can be on a budget) we didn't make a big stink about them paying someone to professionally clean it.

10)  Speaking of anal retention and movement.  Thanks to my lack of sleep and stellar fast food diet I am constipated as all hell.  Nothing can make me feel crappy (haha!) like being constipated AND I can't take anything because I do not have the luxury of sitting on the toerliet for the next 3 days.


  1. hahahahahah This post made me laugh out loud. Good Luck with moving!

  2. I love your social algebra, totally explain my mood lately, too... and I get 8 hours a night! lol

    Good luck with the move, and the constipation. :)

  3. Wow, that is so much going on. Definitely hire the movers to save the discussions ... oh hell yeah !

  4. Good luck with all that! Love your Facebook math! I tend to have the same problem but my family calls it 'diarreah of the mouth'. It's that a pretty picture!

  5. i hope you are able to get some rest after this is all over girl... i have suffered from insomnia my whole adult life so i know how you feel....

  6. you need some rest! Poor thing!
    Isn't it strange how we crave GOOD food when we stop eating it!

    Right now I just crave food! ANy kind!

  7. LOL @ Social Algebra.

    I wish we could afford movers. We've moved twice in the last two years and always do it ourselves. It's exhausting and always lead to weight gain because of the lack of home cooking during that time. So stressful!

  8. Paying for movers was the best money I ever spent! Hope the move goes well!

  9. You made me laugh out loud, funny lady!

  10. Good luck with the move and the new area....oh and by the way I am from FL and LOVE Publix. I so wish it were everywhere. OH and you can buy the frosting by the pound......such a bad