Thursday, October 27, 2011

Giving Stuff Away!!!!

Hey y'all!  I have been packing for my move and have some clothes to give away.

First are these pants--  they are from Lane Bryant size 14P, moderately curvy aka red triangle cut (they are for the short legged gals).  They are a rayon/nylon/spandex blend.  They have good stretch and maintain their shape well.  I have worn them about a dozen times so they are practically new.  Here is a pic of the actual pants.

Second, I have this pair of denim shorts. I bought them at Kohls, they are from the Sonoma line and are size 16 Misses.  It's getting pretty chilly here in TN and I am hoping that when warm weather returns they will be way too big for me.  Perhaps some of y'all who get more temperate weather year round can still wear them.

Okay, and the last thing---- you may think I am crazy (or gross) for giving these away. (If you do, just think it-- don't say it.)  I have 2 pair of the Spanx Higher Power Power Panties Shaper Size E (check the size chart on the link to see if you fall in that size. You could prolly go a size down too, cuz they are snug. )  They are the high waisted ones that come all the way up to below the boobies.

Okay---just hear me out on this.

I have only worn these Spanx maybe 3 times total (bought these long before I got WLS) -- Each time I wore them I wore them WITH panties under them (I have never been able to not wear underwear with items like this, I also have to wear panties with my pantyhose/tights).  They have been washed after each wear and they will be washed again before they are sent to anyone.

These jokers are almost $40 each brand new which is one of the main reasons I hate the idea of just throwing them away.  I have been blessed with a minimum of loose skin issues so far (I think it might the 1 upside to the slowness of my weight loss and my 6 mos plateau--maybe it gave things some time to snap back.) However, I know that some of y'all are really struggling with loose skin issues and are wearing these garments daily and as I said before these things ain't cheap.

So like I said--- the thought of this might totally yuck you guys out but I thought I would at least throw it out there and see if there are any takers.  Here is a pic: One pair is Black, one is Nude.

If you want any of these items. Just put it in the comments what you want.  First person to call dibs gets the particular item.  Also, only one thing per person ---so I can share the love :)  If you have any more questions just email me.


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  1. I would take either the pants or the nude spanx. Am I gross for wanting them? Haha!