Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Exhaustion, Accomplishment, Carbs, and a Little More About Me

Um, yeah, so I kinda bagged out for a couple days but this weekend was shitballs crazy the likes of which I haven't experienced in ages.  

Here it is in bullets: 

  • Thursday was my 10th Anniversary (as you prolly, know).  Although, I am sooo not the kind of chick that requires grandiose gestures, I was a little bummed that it came and went with minimal acknowledgement.  The Hubs was completely pre-occupied with work--- I got a Facebook shout out in lieu of, oh say, a card or note.  It was a little extra disappointing because I had made a special trip to the Hallmark store 2 weeks earlier to find the perfect card for him from my favorite series of Hallmark cards.  Really, if you knew me, you would know how big this is because I am really, really not the mushy greeting card type of person. (We had already agreed to treat ourselves with a new HDTV when we get moved so gifts were a non-issue).  
  • The Hubs and I ended up bugging out of town on Thursday afternoon to head toward West TN this weekend.  The Hubs had work in Memphis on Friday morning and I had signed up to attend an event (more details in a bit) in his hometown (aka the place we are moving to in 2 weeks) that was being held this weekend.  It was my intention to grab an out of town Zumba class with a friend on Thursday evening and then we were gonna get some sushi at our fave sushi restaurant in  West TN.   However, The Hub's piece of shit company car decided to change those plans for us by completely locking up and stalling out on us whilst we were cruising at 70mph down the highway. The Hubs was able to ease it to the shoulder and get it restarted but this happened again 5 more times over 130 miles.  It got even better when, after we finally arrived at the nearest major city on our route, The Hubs called the fleet car company's roadside assistance line to arrange for service and a rental car.  They ended up sending us to the airport to pick a rental car that wasn't there----actually the rental car company wasn't even there.  They had made the reservation at the airport in a neighboring state with a city by the same name.   We were  stranded in town with a car that was barely functioning and liable to blow-up at anytime and we still had 80 miles to get to Memphis. (We HAD to be in Memphis on Friday bc The Hubs COULD NOT MISS his work appointment.)  We ended up calling his Mom who lived 25 miles away so she could let us borrow her car.  She followed The Hubs to the car dealership so he could drop off the company car and then he took his Mom the 25 miles back to her house and then he drove 25 miles back to town where we had gotten a hotel room.  We decided to get some sleep and get up way early and head to Memphis in the morning. He got back to the hotel at 11pm.   
  • On the upside- I did manage to get my sushi.  AND I did get to have a little 10th anniversary freaky freaky (TMI, I know). After the way the day fell apart I wasn't confident that either one would happen which just added to my feeling like crap.  I was pretty stinkin' determined to do everything I could to get both before the day was over.  
  • Thursday was exhausting- mentally and physically so getting up at 5am on Friday morning to head down to Memphis was a challenge.  We made it to Memphis in time for The Hubs' work appointment and got to have lunch with our best married couple friends. (The story of our relationship with them definitely warrants a post -- especially since I read Ronnie's and Bandster Momma's posts today) We finally made it back to my MIL's house that evening--  I ate, showered, and crashed in preparation for getting up at 5am (again) so I could go volunteer at the healthcare outreach event ALL day on Saturday.  
  • Saturday started at 5am and was the most physically, mentally, and emotionally exhausting experience I have had in recent memory.  I am a dental hygienist or in other words, I clean teeth. (Here is the "Little more about me" part)  I love it --- I especially love doing outreach work.  I love that it lets me focus on the best part of what I do which is cleaning teeth and making people a little healthier.  I also love that I don't have to think about appointment schedules and profit margins or convincing patients to get the services they need. I just get to do what needs to be done.   I love that all of my patients this weekend were so grateful and appreciative that I was providing my services. This is unlike when I work in private practice where patients tell me how much they hate coming to see me 8+ times a day.     I love what I do because I get to clean teeth that look like this:
I didn't actually clean these teeth. This is just example of what I encountered this weekend. 
And make them look like this:

I had several befores and afters that were 10x worse than this example.  It was so freaking rewarding.

I did this for 13 hours straight standing on my feet the entire time on Saturday and for 7 hours on Sunday.  This in and of itself was an NSV of sorts.  There is NO FREAKING WAY I would have had the stamina to do something like that 85 lbs ago.  It kicked my ass but in the best kind of way.  

  • This is where I bitch and moan a bit (I know you are asking "What the hell has this been so far?" ) . As a result of our travels I ended up not getting a legit work out in for a week.  While I know that all that standing and working this weekend prolly burned its fair share of calories that was completely negated by all the junk/fast food I consumed this weekend.  There was the candy that I stress ate the whole time we were riding in the malfunctioning car. The fast food breakfast on Friday and the snack cakes Friday after noon because I was too exhausted fight off the urge.  The brownies that I ate out of boredom at my MIL's house.  Saturday was pretty good until that evening when The Hubs and I hit the Mexican restaurant in town-- cheese dip and tacos.  Sunday was fast food breakfast and lunch was a chili dog and a hot fudge sundae and dinner was MORE Mexican food and candy.    Monday was Chicken McNuggets all the way home.  Oh and all this trash eating was accomplished while consuming almost no water whatsoever. This weekend was the worst eating I have had in a year.   I ended up bloated, constipated, and miserable. I also ended up 6lbs heavier than when I left home.   I haven't officially recorded the gain because I am hoping that this is gain is due primarily to the  poop and water retention.  Hopefully, some pooping and rehydration will bring things back to my pre-roadtrip weight.  We shall see.  
  • I am doing a 5k in 2 weeks so I decided to start taking a stab at something that looks like training. I really ended up doing this today because I got to my super intense Zumba class to find that the instructor had gotten a sub.  I have taken classes from the sub before and, while she is a super nice person, I hate her Zumba classes.  I can't stand the music or routines.  That is when I decided to hit the treadmill and work on this upcoming 5k thing.  I am trying work my way up to running at least as much as I walk.  When I run, I feel like this:

Although, I am pretty sure I probably I ACTUALLY look like this:

  • I am having the junk food DT's today also.  I have found that more than 2 days of junk food consumption leads to me intensely craving it.  It is very difficult for me to get over it.  I am not restricting my food quantities for the next few days but I am trying consume exclusively protein.  Hopefully, that will limit my food intake by default and help kill the carby junk food cravings.  
Okay, so that is the quick-ish and nasty breakdown of my past 5 days and quite frankly, I just wanna get this thing posted.  I hope it makes at least a smidgen of sense.  



  1. wow, you had a busy weekend. I am so proud of you for doing the 5k...I think that's amazing!

  2. You've been a busy one!! Sounds hectic and stressful - but I'm glad the anniversary wasn't a (ahem) total loss!!

    Good for you for doing the 5k!!

  3. Possibly TMI for me, too, but I peed & pooped out 6 lbs of my 10lb travel gain in the last two days. I'm pretty sure the junk food binge account for the remaining 4.

  4. I hate car troubles...they always seem to happen at THE most inopportune times. I'm one of those people that complains about seeing you...I'm sorry. I never say that to the people actually cleaning my teeth but I'm sure the attitude is there. I'll try to watch that from now on.

    Such a busy weekend. I'm sure the 6 lb gain is temporary. The pics of the running made me laugh. You'll do fine!

  5. um those teeth are gross!! I mean gross. I could not do what you do!

    What a pain in the ass trip that was in the beginning!!!

  6. Sounds like a great trip, despite the rough beginning... and the gain. :)

  7. That's awesome that you were able to give of your time like that! LOL @ that dog running! I'm sure that's what I look like too!