Monday, October 31, 2011

Bye Bye Blues

This is gonna be a quick one (or at least as quick as I can be Ha!!) since this week is our Moving Week!!  

I am going nuttier than a fruitcake trying to get all the boxes packed, services cut on and off,  renting the UHAUL, etc.  

I am proud to say that I have done a much better job of staying focused with my eating and exercise than I did when we moved this time last year.  Last year, I used the moving as an excuse to bail on the little bit of exercise I was doing and to allow myself to eat a lot of junk in name of convenience.  I definitely consider it a NSV that I have continued to lose weight through this process.  

Today was my last day of membership at my gym.  I am really gonna miss it. Right now, I live in a pretty large metro area and my gym has lots of locations with a wide variety of classes scheduled.  I have had pretty easy access to TONS of classes with awesome instructors.  

This is me with my Zumba guru- Maggie!  

We are moving to a very small town that is 20 miles from a medium sized city. Our new geography is really gonna challenge my dedication and motivation.  There are much fewer options for Zumba and the gym facilities are pretty limited too.  I am gonna have to get creative with my working out.  

Yesterday was The Hubs' birthday so we got a little bit of cake yesterday at the grocery.  It's my favorite cake  frosting.  For those of you who don't live in the South or have never been to a Publix grocery I am gonna issue a warning-----NEVER EVER LET YOURSELF TRY THEIR BUTTERCREAM FROSTING!!!!  It is my kryptonite.  I have been overindulging because we are moving to an area that doesn't have Publix so my access will be limited (blessing and curse, I know).  

Well, that's all for now.  I gotta go throw some more shit in a box so that this time next week I can scratch my head and wonder how the toaster ended up in a box with the bathmats?  

Here is my "Last Day at the Gym" pic (please ignore the demon eyes) 

Note to self: work on upper arms.


  1. Lookin' great!! I love Publix too...everything in their bakery! We are finally getting one here. It should be open by Christmas and I am soooo excited!

  2. You look wonderful! Good luck with the move! x

  3. you are SO SKINNY!!

    and i just had to go thru the same thing... moved from Fort Worth with 800k people which was next door to Dallas with 1.2 million to podunk middle of nowhere on the outskirts of a city with about 200k people. It's complete culture shock and I am still adjusting... good luck with your move! and way to keep accountable while under all that stress!!

  4. you look amazing!!!! keep up the great work... i have no doubt in my mind you will find tons of ways to get your exercise in =D

  5. You look fantastic!

    Good luck on the move! We rent so we move every other year lately and I just hate everything about moving. Makes me want to become a minimalist just so I don't have to pack.

  6. you are looking great!!!

    Good luck with you move! I know it can be a stressful time!

    Also, good luck finding a new gym that fits your needs! I bet you will though!

  7. Wow, you look great! And that is a HUGE NSV! Good for you! I'm sure you'll find a way to get in workouts in your new town even if it is a challenge.

  8. WOW love those pictures. You look great. Thanks for the info on the Secret Bandit. Hehe maybe we should be each others Bandit.....