Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Politics, Facebook, & The Fat Card- Part 1

Somebody always said that you should never discuss religion or politics--  maybe it was Mama, Dear Abby, or that guy who sits outside the gas station and talks to himself, I don't know.  What I DO know is that whoever said that shit was an effin' genius!!!   One of the reasons I decided to give this blogging thing another shot was a recent incident on Facebook in which I made a (completely misinterpreted) comment on a politically oriented post by one of my "friends" we will call her Ms. C.  

Here's the quick and dirty: 

  • Ms. C posts link to a politically charged newspaper article
  • I commented.  (I am not one to habitually comment on political stuff because it almost always gets ugly.)  My comment expressed a viewpoint that was opposite to that of Ms. C but I maintain that, despite disagreeing with her, the comment was a respectful disagreement.  I did not call her names or use angry words like: hate, idiot, dumb, stupid, moron, Nazi (all words that would ultimately be directed at me in this comment thread.)  
  • Ms. C responded to my comment. Actually, she kinda went shitballs crazy to my comment.  She used a lot of the angry words I mentioned earlier.  
  • Then tons of her other friends went shitballs crazy on me.  (Some these people were my "friends" too.) 

This is point where all those little things about Facebook that had been annoying me for a while came together into one gigantic ball and then EXPLODED!!!!!    I had been slowly coming to the realization that I really do not give a shit about most of the stuff my FB "friends" posted on their page.  Do any of us really need to know that the toddler daughter of the girl whose locker was next to ours in 10th grade just "went poopoo in the potty"?  I didn't think so.   I realized that 90% of my "friends" on Facebook weren't really my friends.  This became abundantly clear as this particular comment thread played itself out.  Here were people who were supposedly my "friends" and who I guess at one time liked me saying truly mean and ugly things to me all because we shared a differing opinion on one particular political issue.  

I decided at that moment that my life on Facebook had to change.  I pondered leaving altogether but, honestly, there are several people on Facebook that are genuinely close friends with whom it is really great to keep in touch. (These would be the folks that I want to know if their kid "went poopoo in the potty")   Also, I use Facebook to keep up with businesses and social groups that I patronize.  The only solution was to take a scorched earth approach to my Facebook existence.    I went on a MASSIVE "Unfriend" campaign.  I forced myself to make an honest assessment of my ACTUAL relationship with every person on my Facebook friends list.   Sometimes it was an easy decision (like the folks who pounced on me for my comment) and sometimes it was difficult being honest about each person's role (or lack thereof) in my life.   

I know you are asking yourself, "Self, she's mentioned Politics and Facebook, but what about The Fat Card?"  Well, I told you all of that to tell you the best part. Here is the rest of the story:  

  • So I "Unfriended"  Ms. C whose post I commented on because it was obvious she didn't think very much of me or our "friendship."  I also "Unfriended" Ms. L another woman  who was a former co-worker and mutual friend of ours (Ms. L had also made some pretty unsavory comments about me because of my opinion.)   
  • I had pretty well washed my hands of these folks and was feeling pretty confident about the whole thing.  (I feel safe to say that a great deal of this confidence can be credited to my Band and my weight loss.) 
  • I decided to go back to Ms. C's profile in an effort to find this post and comments.  I wanted to see if I could just delete my comments altogether.  I really just wanted to vaporize my existence in Ms. C's online world.  
  • Then I saw it.  Apparently, Ms. L had discovered that both she and Ms. C were no longer on my Friends list.  For some reason this seemed to piss Ms. L off quite a bit, despite the fact that she thinks so little of my values or of me, for that matter.  She was so pissed off that she taken the time to write a nasty little poem about me.   (For the record, I was unable to delete my comments.  And why I was  able to view this poem is beyond me other than Facebook has been going crazy with changes lately.) 
  • This nasty little poem called me many names and made fun of my personal beliefs, but the kicker was when she called me FAT.  She.played.The.Fat.Card.  

To Be Continued.....................

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