Monday, September 26, 2011

The Intro

Hey there!!  

Like I said in the About Me--  I am kinda late to this blogging thing.  I did have a few false starts.  I had the best intentions of documenting this whole process down to the most explicit and unnecessary detail but I managed to get banded during one of the most wackadoodle times in my life.  My hubs and I were actually both banded on the same day.  I had hoped that we could blog out our feelings on this journey but as it turns out he is too effin' busy to blog and never was much for over sharing his feelings in the first place.  We had a whole other blog based on both of us with both of our half-hearted efforts at documenting this whole LapBand journey. I tried and tried to go back to that blog but just couldn't get past how disorganized and half-assed it seemed.  So I finally made the command decision to start my own blog.  No matter how effin' late to the party I might be.  Because, as we are all learning, we are never really "done" with this LapBand life of ours, are we??  And the journey changes everyday so there is still shit to say no matter where you are.  

I will try to include "flashback" posts in which I detail some of the key moments in life with the LapBand (i.e.  my weight struggles pre-band, my approval process, my surgery/recovery, and some of the early issues I had with the band) but I am gonna also try to work with where I am now.    Holla!!!  

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