Thursday, December 29, 2011

Word Up!!! 2012 Style

Since all the cool kids* are doing it, I wanted to play along with choosing my word for 2012.
Speck, Rockband BarbieAndrea, Gator Girl, Ronnie, VickyD, Dawnya, LapBandGal

But first, take a listen to this little gem, and just try to keep your ass in your seat -- I dare you. 

You couldn't do it, could you?  Now that errbody got their exercise, let's get wordy.  

My word for 2012 is:  Refine 

refine [rɪˈfaɪn]   vb
  • to make or become free from impurities; purify
  • to improve (upon) by making subtle or fine distinctions
  • to make or become free from coarse characteristics; make or become elegant or polished** 

 ** The 3rd definition will be ignored --  I am anything but polished or elegant and I can give up many things but my 'coarse characteristics' are not negotiable.

I am nothing short of stunned and amazed at the improvements I have made in my life in the almost 2 years since I got my band.  There are times when I really can't believe it especially considering that this time last year I wondered if I was gonna be a LapBand fail.  I had lost around 40 lbs and I was 3 months into a 6 month plateau.   I spent a couple months worrying that I was gonna be one of the people who lost a few pounds but never got anywhere near anything that resembled a goal. 

I had taken a trip to Crazytown.  Fortunately, thanks to The Hubs' refusal to let me wallow, it was only a vacation not a full blown relocation.  It took me some time to get my head "right" when it came to my goals. 

When I started this journey, I couldn't fathom a world where I weighed less than 140 lbs, (incidentally, this is what I would need to weigh to have a normal BMI). I just told myself that if I could get below 200 lbs, that would be fine.  I also told myself that if I could shop in regular stores, that would be fine.  I told myself that if I could just exercise a few days a week, that would be fine.   This year I managed to meet all these goals this year and it was fine --- for a minute. 

Then I started to reconsider what I thought was just fine.  The scale didn't stop moving when I hit 199 lbs so I thought "Maybe losing 100 lbs is more doable than I thought?" so I set my sights on the century mark. (BTDubs, I am 5.8lbs away from this goal at this moment.)   I didn't fall out when I added my 4th, 5th....8th Zumba class to my weekly workout schedule so I thought, "Maybe I could be all fitness-y and stuff?" so I am getting focused on running.  

I will admit I had hoped to have reached the 100 lbs lost goal by the end of this year, but it's okay that I most likely won't [unless I am plagued with the stomach flu between now and Saturday   --- Oh please, Lawd, know that I am kidding].  But when I reconsidered where I am with this goal I decided that this most definitely IS  fine -- know why?    Because I spent November moving/unpacking my new house then December was Christmas Craziness and in the midst of this I managed to lose/keep off 8 lbs all while enjoying Christmas tidings without emotional food turmoil.  

I still want to see a 100 lb loss and I have a sneaking suspicion that when that goal is met I will reconsider what is fine for me.....again. I can finally wrap my brain around a world with a 140 lb me in it [whether I will choose to pursue that goal remains to be seen, but it no longer seems like some alternate reality universe a la Fringe]. 

I already feel like I am LapBand success.  I am content with my weight loss and my accomplishments.  I can be happy here -- but I want to refine.   I want to take something that is good and make it just a little bit better. I want to modify habits that are already so much healthier and make them even healthier-er.  I want to continue to change small things that add up to an even more purified, fantastic version of something that is already pretty great.   

As I move through this year, I want to reconsider what is fine then refine it to its very best. 

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

A Very NSV Christmas

Christmas is D-U-N, done!

The circumstances with my Granddad aside, Christmas was pretty good.  We spent Christmas Eve with the Hub's extended family and then Christmas Day with my in-laws. I got the gel nail polish kit I have been lusting after.  Plus,  I got some really great clothing pieces and I got a new winter coat which I desperately needed.  Xmas NSV #1- I am finally wearing Misses size clothes verily and truly (Most tops I wear Large, even a Medium from time to time and pants I am still rocking the Misses 14) which means that friends and family are no longer scared to give me clothing gifts.  They can give me clothes and there is a pretty good chance it's gonna fit.  

My MIL pulled off the biggest Christmas coup this year by getting iPads for myself, the Hubs, and his sister.  We totes thought we were the Christmas badasses by getting her a Kindle Fire.  I think my MIL was just was pretty stoked to see her 30+ yr old kids running around the house like this:

This Christmas was our first truly financially secure Christmas in a very long time.  This was the first year that I felt able to purchase and give gifts without stressing and panicking and freaking out--- it was very nice.  Don't get me wrong, I didn't go all Oprah's favorite things and buy for every person I have ever met. We still kept most of our non-immediate family gift giving to homemade treats and trinkets. I want them to know that I am thinking of them but I don't want to create a situation where everyone feels obligated to spend money and buy stupid stuff just because.  I feel that gift giving gets really out of hand really fast in many cases if someone isn't willing to set some boundaries.  I think Sheldon explains the stresses of gift giving quite well in the video.

The food/eating/band situation was equally good, also no stressing, panicking, and freaking out. Xmas NSV #2- For the first time in my life I don't feel disordered about food and eating --- even when I am not 100% bandster perfect, especially when I am not 100% bandster perfect.  I have become weirdly zen and rational about my eating habits and that, in and of itself, is the best Christmas gift ever.

I ate basically whatever I wanted and how much I wanted (I mean, within the limits of the band of course.)  BTDubs--am I the only one who has noticed how many traditional Southern Christmas foods are particularly slider-riffic!!     That being said -- I ate too much. Not only did I eat quite a lot-- it was all creamy, starchy, mushie, buttered, sweet, deliciousness.  But guess what?!?!?!   I didn't feel guilty or bad or beat myself up. Just because I know this is not my everyday diet; this was a special occasion.  Pretty much all of the foods that I indulged in are only consumed once a year.  

I did start to "feel icky" yesterday but it wasn't the emotional "I am such a horrible bandster and I hate myself for eating all that"  icky it was actual physical icky ---which was great too because it was my body saying "Okay, I love dressing, sweet potato casserole, green bean casserole, and Oreo casserole as much as you do but, seriously, lady I think we are done --  can I get a chicken breast with some broccoli?"  Xmas NSV #3-  I have been living on healthful, nutritious food long enough that my body actually craves it and I can tell the difference when I don't get it.  

One of my major goals when I started my LapBand journey was to whip my attitude into as good of shape as my ass.  While I am definitely pleased with the progress my ass has made--- my attitude is 10x better.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

10 Things Thursday - Missing In Action Edition

What better way to catch up after an extended absence than breaking it down 10 Things Thursday style?!?!  Courtesy of Laura Belle 

1)  I have been absent from my blog for way too long.  I got distracted by moving and by the time the house was fully disinfected and all the boxes were unpacked the Christmas Crazies were in full swing.  Just getting my Christmas tree put up was a clusterfornication of epic proportions.  Two trees, four days, and re-lighting a supposedly "pre-lit" tree I finally got it finished and here's proof:  

2) My Granddad is terminally ill.  He has decided to go home for his final days.  There is more to this story and I tried to write it out here but when I got to the 3rd sub-point I kinda figured it needs it's own post. :-/

3) By some cosmic miracle my weight is holding steady.  I am not eating well and I am not exercising like I would like to be.  Honestly, I don't get it, but I am grateful as all hell.  (There is an expanded post here too.) 

4) Speaking of exercise, I am struggling to find a good outlet.  The Zumba in this part of the world seriously leaves a lot to be desired.  I know I am a Zumba snob and I was spoiled by my awesome, challenging instructors in the big city.  I also have only ONE gym in my town.  Their fees are redonkulous and their facilities are pretty limited and they require a contract ---  I am just not geeked about the whole thing.  

5) Since the Zumba is so abysmal in this town I am toying with the idea of getting certified to teach Zumba and it scares the panties right offa me.  

6) I finally got a replacement wedding ring set since I can no longer wear my actual wedding set.  It's Diamonesque or Diamonelle or whatever but it's big, gaudy, and totally blingtacular and I LURVE it!!!  

7)  I am having a bit of a bloggers etiquette quandry. I really wish there was an Emily Post for blogging so she could tell me if what I am feeling is legit or if I am getting my thong in wad for no good reason.   

8) While it may seem like I have been completely MIA --- I have been reading everybody's posts.  I haven't been commenting enough.  I always feel compelled to say something significant especially if it's a post where someone has totally spilled their guts, but too often I haven't had time or mental strength to say anything of real quality.  

9) I haven't wrapped any of my Christmas presents yet.  I hate wrapping presents because I am terrible at it.  Seriously, a drunk pre-schooler could do a better job.  

10) Here are some pics from Christmas 2010 versus Christmas 2011 (taken a couple days ago): 

2010 (L)     2011 (R)
What a difference a 100+ Lbs. makes? 

Friday, December 2, 2011

Secret Santa Fail!!!!!!!

UGH!!!  Just realized that, while I expressed my interest to participate in the comments, I failed to send in my info for Secret Santa. In the midst of the move I totally forgot and I am inordinately upset about it.  Soooooooo no Secret Santa for me-- wonderful.   Apparently bad timing is the theme of my blog existence.  Too late for BOOBS 2.0, too late for Secret Bandit, and now, too late for Secret Santa.

This month has really taken it's toll on me ---- I am exhausted, tired of eating junk, and tired of not working out, and generally tired of  effin' with crap in this house.

I almost had a total meltdown in Walmart because, despite searching at almost 10 different grocery stores, I have been unable to find Lay's Kettle Cooked Salt & Vinegar Potato Chips.   I don't eat chips very often since having the band, but I LURVE these chips.  When TOM is right around the corner and I get the serious PMS carbo-cravings this is what does it for me.   Usually I buy a bag, snack on them for a couple days and I am totally good.  However, not being able to find them has made me freakishly obsessed with them-- and no other brand will satisfy me.    A handful of these chips with a tall glass of buttermilk will soothe most of my carb craving hormonal demons.

GAAAAHHHHH!!  I am so cranky!!!! *stopping before I go full bitch*

Friday, November 25, 2011

Word Verification is Back On!

I know it annoys the pants off of many of you however, I have gotten spammed pretty heavily in the past few days and I am turning it back on till it calms down.  My getting spammed makes you guys vulnerable to spamming too.  I hope you like/love me enough to put up with the word verification.   I promise I am not hiding--- I have a couple of posts brewing.  I am however, in the home stretch of having my new house fully cleaned, organized, and unpacked (even the garage!!!).  This completed task will be bumping up on Christmas decorating.  My goal is to have everything done by the end of the month so I can resume my normal eating/exercising plan in December.  I have given myself a month off of watching my food and exercising.  I can really feel the lack of exercise.  Dec 1= back on the wagon!!!

I hope you all had delightful Turkey Days.  And for all you Black Friday Crazies--- hope you got lots of great deals and didn't lose all hope for humanity in the process.

Much love---  chat you soon!!!!!

Monday, November 14, 2011

I Fell Into A Cardboard Box.......

and have only barely managed to climb out.   I just wanted to check in and give a quick update.

I have about half of our new house unpacked a process that would be going much faster if the woman who lived here before wasn't nasty as all hell.  Okay, I know I have beat the "this bitch was filthy" drum so that everyone can hear it. And I am sure many of you are wondering if I the house was actually dirty or am I just a psychotically clean nutbag that chases people around my house with a Dustbuster?

YES-- it really was that dirty.  There really isn't an excuse to leave someone else's property in this condition especially when you have moved all your shizz out and giving the place a moderate scrubbing wouldn't be THAT difficult.   ( I really wish I had taken a picture of what I cleaned up from the 3 inch area around the guest toilet---  you would have all lost weight last week because you wouldn't have wanted to eat for 3 days!!! So gross)     As for my compulsive need for cleanliness, I am really not that psycho about clean and, for the most part, I don't judge other peoples houses. (But this house was out of control and past the point of any reasonable excuse.)   I am not secretly whipping out a white glove to check the status of your bathroom sink.  What I am psycho about is order and organization-- I can't stand clutter.  I also find that once one is able to achieve some measure of order and organization---  keeping clean isn't that difficult.   Long story short I really resent having to clean up someone else's filth.

On a brighter note, I finally weighed myself for the first time in 2 weeks.  The scale rang up 194.4-- whew *wipes sweat off forehead* which is approx a 3lb loss since my last weigh in.  I had been avoiding the scale like crazy for over a week -- the first week I couldn't have weighed if I wanted because the scale was in a box, the second week was just pure avoidance.  As a general rule, I don't weigh myself daily -- for me, I find that it causes more problems than it solves.  In an effort to improve my mental health along with my physical health, I try to not let my mood and happiness be ruled by the # on scale.  I find that if I weigh myself daily I end up beating myself up unnecessarily for what often amounts to fluctuations due to water retention or being constipated.  And really, should your psyche have to take a beating because your colon is being a slacker??

I have avoided weighing myself the past couple weeks because A) I have been eating junk and not working out and B) If I did have a gain there really wasn't shit I could do about it with all my stuff crammed into a cardboard box.   My first reaction was total disbelief because all I could think about were our food choices of late ---- but then I thought about my refrigerator that is crammed with take out boxes of meals that I had to bring home because I could only eat a 1/4 of what was served to me.  And once again,  I thought about how much I love my band.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The World's Prettiest Barf Bag

We had to travel back to the city we just moved from to tie up some loose ends. We decided to grab lunch at our favorite Thai restaurant because there is no Thai food within a 100 miles of the new hometown. I knew better than to get the Pad See Ew but it is my favorite and I haven't ordered it in ages because the rice noodles and I don't get along so much these days. I usually get the Tom Yum soup because it's broth based so it's easy on the calories but contains just enough solid bits to fill me up. I should have gotten the soup. Rice noodles still hate me. I thought I had learned but sometimes you gotta get punched in the nose to be reminded. Fortunately, I had this gift bag full of gift tissue handy in the car because I got about 5.8 secs notice that the rice noodles would be leaving the building.

Monday, November 7, 2011

5k Fail & Shout Out

First off,   thank-you to all of you who are still keeping up with me. I am sorry if I am not getting back with comments, but you all are definitely making me smile.   I have a feeling I will be pretty MIA for a little while longer.  We are still trying to get all our crap out of boxes.  This is being limited by the fact that I am having to scrub and scour every room from top to bottom before unloading anything in to it.  ( I have used a WHOLE can of Scrubbing Bubbles and I still have half a bathroom to clean!!! These people were disgusting!!!)   It is also being limited by the fact that the homeowner's are having laminate flooring installed (mainly, because the previous tenants trashed the carpet.)  and the installers were overly ambitious about how quickly they could get the floors installed.  So I have boxes of uninstalled flooring in the living room until tomorrow.  Hopefully, once that is done-- it will be balls to the wall unpacking.

I wanted to add another quick note--  If you have a minute stop by and pet on RockBand Barbie. She is my fellow TN gal and today is her surgery day.  I would love for her to come out of her anesthesia haze to tons of happy thoughts.

Now, let's chitty chat about how the move is affecting my band lifestyle.   Well, today marks a whole week since my last exercise.  (Sounds like confession, huh?)   I feel crappy about it because I miss doing it, but I don't feel too bad about it because slinging boxes and being on my feet for 20 hrs a day for 4 days straight has got be burning at least a few calories, right?  The 5k, on the other hand, did not happen for us.  Whatever made us think that signing up for a 5k the same weekend that we moved was nothing short of delusional.  By the time I went to bed on Friday night, I was barely capable of a coherent sentence.  When I woke up Saturday, I was barely able to move.  I ended up going back to bed and sleeping till 4:30pm.

My diet has been pretty poor this past week and I don't see it getting any better until my kitchen is fully functioning.  I am okay with this....kinda.  I don't like eating things that are less than nourishing, but I know that this is not the norm.  In a way, the fact that I am so frustrated with eating crappy food is its own roundabout NSV.  I am refusing to beat myself up about this.  I am just doing the best I can in a less than ideal situation.  Right now, I am just taking a pause trying to get our lives back in order and organized-- the sooner I do that-- the sooner I can get everything back on the rails.  This is just a momentary distraction.

I am gonna go unpack a box now.  Later!!

Thursday, November 3, 2011

10 Things Thursday- Moving Day Edition

Here is my 10 Things Thursday *hat tip* Laura Belle 

1) As I type this the moving guys are loading up our Uhaul truck.

2) For the first time I am not self conscious of hiring moving men to load my moving truck.  We have hired folks to load/unload our moving trucks in the past, this time I don't feel like they are looking at The Hubs and I like we are a couple of fat asses who are too lazy to load our own damn truck.  They may think I am lazy---- but at least it's not because I am fat. :)

3)  We hire loader/unloader guys to move our stuff because it would take The Hubs and I 3 days to do what takes these guys 3 hours.  Not because we are slow but because for every 1 we actual load/unload stuff we have 6 hours of discussions/negotiations about how the truck should be loaded.  It's just better all around for our relationship if we don't do it ourselves.

4)  I am on my 2nd 20+ hr long day running on about 4 hrs sleep.  I am about to effin' collapse.  I have had so much coffee that when I pee my bathroom smells like a Starbucks.

5)  My kitchen has been "closed" for 3 days.  I have been living on fast food/take out for 3 days.  I would punch someone in the colon right now for a grilled chicken breast and some steamed broccoli, yet, the more exhausted I get, the worse my food choices are.

6) Did I mention that it is raining like pigs and chickens here today?  Really?  It hasn't rained in 3 weeks but it has to rain on the day that my less than 1yr old sofa has to go outside and play??

7) I have been avoiding Facebook like the plague today. Mainly because I haven't been super vocal about our move.  We have moved a lot in the past few years because of jobs and I don't want to be bombarded with questions about our job status (for the record The Hubs isn't changing jobs, since he works from home we have flexibility in where we live.)  More importantly, I am exhausted to my core (see #4) and when I get tired I lose what little ability I have to filter myself ---  0 Filter + 1 Facebook = 0 Facebook Friends (Just a little social algebra.)

8) I just got finished cleaning my bathroom.  I am more that just a little bit high on bleach fumes at the moment.  (That explains so much about this post.)  I had to bleach out the shower because our apartment people are total punks and I will be damned if they deduct from my deposit because there is mildew in the shower grout.

9) The asshat-ery of my apartment management is the main reason I am channeling my anal retentive tendencies toward cleaning this apartment.  However, the house we are moving into is gonna require a thorough napalming and top to bottom magic erasing. This is because the bitch ass trick who lived there before us decided to trash the place and bug out.  The house is owned by some childhood friends of my husband (who had to move out of town to maintain their jobs but had to rent out their house that won't sell). Since we were in a similar situation not too long ago, (and we know how hard that can be on a budget) we didn't make a big stink about them paying someone to professionally clean it.

10)  Speaking of anal retention and movement.  Thanks to my lack of sleep and stellar fast food diet I am constipated as all hell.  Nothing can make me feel crappy (haha!) like being constipated AND I can't take anything because I do not have the luxury of sitting on the toerliet for the next 3 days.

Monday, October 31, 2011

Bye Bye Blues

This is gonna be a quick one (or at least as quick as I can be Ha!!) since this week is our Moving Week!!  

I am going nuttier than a fruitcake trying to get all the boxes packed, services cut on and off,  renting the UHAUL, etc.  

I am proud to say that I have done a much better job of staying focused with my eating and exercise than I did when we moved this time last year.  Last year, I used the moving as an excuse to bail on the little bit of exercise I was doing and to allow myself to eat a lot of junk in name of convenience.  I definitely consider it a NSV that I have continued to lose weight through this process.  

Today was my last day of membership at my gym.  I am really gonna miss it. Right now, I live in a pretty large metro area and my gym has lots of locations with a wide variety of classes scheduled.  I have had pretty easy access to TONS of classes with awesome instructors.  

This is me with my Zumba guru- Maggie!  

We are moving to a very small town that is 20 miles from a medium sized city. Our new geography is really gonna challenge my dedication and motivation.  There are much fewer options for Zumba and the gym facilities are pretty limited too.  I am gonna have to get creative with my working out.  

Yesterday was The Hubs' birthday so we got a little bit of cake yesterday at the grocery.  It's my favorite cake  frosting.  For those of you who don't live in the South or have never been to a Publix grocery I am gonna issue a warning-----NEVER EVER LET YOURSELF TRY THEIR BUTTERCREAM FROSTING!!!!  It is my kryptonite.  I have been overindulging because we are moving to an area that doesn't have Publix so my access will be limited (blessing and curse, I know).  

Well, that's all for now.  I gotta go throw some more shit in a box so that this time next week I can scratch my head and wonder how the toaster ended up in a box with the bathmats?  

Here is my "Last Day at the Gym" pic (please ignore the demon eyes) 

Note to self: work on upper arms.

Friday, October 28, 2011

BYOC 10/28/2011

1. When did you begin blogging? Do you plan to do it a long time or do you think you’ll stop after a while? 

Like seriously blogging?  about 5 minutes ago.  The Hubs and I had a couple false starts in the early part of our journey.   Right now, it's really helping me to reach out to other people in my situation.  Also, it's really helping to have a place to dump all the clutter in my brain.   When it stops helping----I will stop doing it.

2.  What do you enjoy more - blogging yourself or reading other’s blogs?

I really like reading others blogs because I like to find out about other people's journeys. When I read other blogs it makes start thinking and there we are back to the whole "where do I put this clutter in my brain?" so then I have to blog.  

3.  What’s the biggest thing blogging has taught you? Biggest surprise about blogging?

I am trying to learn that I don't wait and save up my posts until I am able write something totally witty and profound.  If I did that, I would post maybe 3 times a year.  :)  I was really amazed at how, once I put myself out there to a couple folks, I got a lot of support.

4.  Have you met any other bloggers in real life – solely because of your blog or theirs?

Not yet----but I have already marked BOOBS 2012 down on my calendar.  Several of my followers and those I follow live within a reasonable distance of me so I wouldn't be shocked if there were some mini-get togethers in the future. 

5.  Does your blog have a general theme as in one topic or do you cover everything and anything?

I am trying to keep it pretty centered on the LapBand/ WLS topic since most of you that are following me are also Bandsters/WLSers.  I think as things go on I may reveal more of my life and personality and it may end up transitioning to something else.  I have no plans for that just yet.

6.  Are you public or anonymous? Whichever you are – do you ever wish you were the other?

I would say that I am publicly anonymous? or anonymously public?  I don't know.  Obviously, I put photos of myself on here so if someone who knew me stumbled on here they would realize it's me.  The Hubs knows and  I think he stops by to read it from time to time-- although I have usually rambled to him ad nauseum about whatever I am writing about anyway so it's generally old news to him. 

I haven't told anyone in my real life about it.  I am trying to keep it so that I wouldn't be ashamed of anything on here but if I want to censor the crap out of what I have to say then I just hang out on Facebook.  I want to keep this anonymous enough that I can be fairly blunt and honest with what I say.  

7.  What’s your best blogging advice for a new blogger?

Nobody is gonna read your stuff if you aren't reading theirs. You get what you give.   Also, you need to know what it is you are trying to get out of blogging -- otherwise you won't have any motivation.  Is is just me or does that sound a whole lot like the whole weight loss/lapband journey in general?? 

8.  Does anyone in your real life read your blog/know it’s address? Do you wish they would or wouldn’t?

Like I said, the Hubs knows-- he is the only one.  

9.  Do you enjoy blogging or do you view it as a chore? How often do you blog?

I do enjoy it.  I enjoy interacting with all the folks I am meeting.  If I viewed it as a chore I don't think I would do it.  I have entirely too many other things that are chores that I can't opt out of.  I do tend to get spazzed out over grammar and whether or not what I am writing is profound or witty enough.   Many of you guys seemed to find me funny when I first started and now I worry that I am not keep up the standard. :/  

I try to have something moderately fresh to say--  but at least once a day I see/do/hear something that makes me think "Oh, yeah, I'm blogging this shit!!" 

10.  Do you tell people in your real life that you blog? Or keep it a secret?

Nope, once again. I haven't let a lot of people in on the emotional/psychological side of my weight loss journey.  I will explain a PB to someone all day but to dig into my "fat girl isshuhs"---nope, can't do it.   Quite frankly, I don't trust many people in my life with that part of myself.   Why I will spill this to people who are essentially strangers online--- no idea?  I am very pleased with how supportive and respectful this little blog community really is--- plus, most of what I am saying is all stuff you guys have lived/ or living too.   

I also want a place that I can just blow the help up if I need to do it, and I don't want to worry about my friend, uncle, cousin, or whoever getting their panties in a wad about what I say here.   I know there is a moderate chance that someone in my life may find out since I am not being super secret, but I am also not telling everyone I know.  

Oh, and that reminds me,  some you wonderful folks have invited me to friend you on FB.  I haven't done it for anyone because I have really been having trouble with FB lately.  I have just seen too much of my "friends" ugly sides on FB.  There have been too many people that I used to really like but after too much time on FB they either annoy me to no end or I have zero respect for them anymore.  Since I really like what I know of you guys--- I don't want FB to change that.  So that is why I will not be merging my blog life with FB life.  

Sweet Giggity Shitballs!!!!!! Ohneederland!!!!!

It was seriously the last thing I was expecting to see this morning especially after this weekend's gain.  199.2 lbs on the scale.  I weighed twice and it was the same each time so I am gonna take it.  I will say that I seriously under ate yesterday--- not on purpose. I was running errands and all there was to eat was fast food and I was sooooo tired of junk.    I also kept my eating very low carb yesterday.  *makes mental notes*   I managed to get another 5k training in and this time I jogged for over a mile!!!  I have decided that I need new running shoes---like real bona fide sure enough running shoes.  Plus I took a very intense Zumba class too.  Guess this is just the universe reaffirming to me that if I move my ass and keep my eating in check --- the weight will come off.  Damn universe and it reaffirmations!!!  :)

I plan to BYOC sometime today but I wanted to get this quick tidbit out there!!  Happy Friday y'all!!

Don't forget---I am giving some clothing pieces away so check it out and let me know if you want!!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Giving Stuff Away!!!!

Hey y'all!  I have been packing for my move and have some clothes to give away.

First are these pants--  they are from Lane Bryant size 14P, moderately curvy aka red triangle cut (they are for the short legged gals).  They are a rayon/nylon/spandex blend.  They have good stretch and maintain their shape well.  I have worn them about a dozen times so they are practically new.  Here is a pic of the actual pants.

Second, I have this pair of denim shorts. I bought them at Kohls, they are from the Sonoma line and are size 16 Misses.  It's getting pretty chilly here in TN and I am hoping that when warm weather returns they will be way too big for me.  Perhaps some of y'all who get more temperate weather year round can still wear them.

Okay, and the last thing---- you may think I am crazy (or gross) for giving these away. (If you do, just think it-- don't say it.)  I have 2 pair of the Spanx Higher Power Power Panties Shaper Size E (check the size chart on the link to see if you fall in that size. You could prolly go a size down too, cuz they are snug. )  They are the high waisted ones that come all the way up to below the boobies.

Okay---just hear me out on this.

I have only worn these Spanx maybe 3 times total (bought these long before I got WLS) -- Each time I wore them I wore them WITH panties under them (I have never been able to not wear underwear with items like this, I also have to wear panties with my pantyhose/tights).  They have been washed after each wear and they will be washed again before they are sent to anyone.

These jokers are almost $40 each brand new which is one of the main reasons I hate the idea of just throwing them away.  I have been blessed with a minimum of loose skin issues so far (I think it might the 1 upside to the slowness of my weight loss and my 6 mos plateau--maybe it gave things some time to snap back.) However, I know that some of y'all are really struggling with loose skin issues and are wearing these garments daily and as I said before these things ain't cheap.

So like I said--- the thought of this might totally yuck you guys out but I thought I would at least throw it out there and see if there are any takers.  Here is a pic: One pair is Black, one is Nude.

If you want any of these items. Just put it in the comments what you want.  First person to call dibs gets the particular item.  Also, only one thing per person ---so I can share the love :)  If you have any more questions just email me.


Wednesday, October 26, 2011

The View From The Wagon

I hope at least one of you "gets" this picture.  (And if you haven't fallen down the Loldogs rabbit hole, you totally should.)  Just a few quick thoughts for today.

Speaking of wagons----I have managed to shed 2 of the 6lbs that I brought back from my road trip which is definitely a step in the right direction.  You know how I mentioned that I hit the treadmill yesterday instead of Zumba in an effort to pseudo-train for my 5k in a couple weeks? Sweet Jiminy Fart Noodles!!!!!  I am so sore.  I think that after 3 mos of really going hard after Zumba that perhaps my body had actually developed some conditioning and stamina to those types of movements.  It would seem that doing a 5k on the treadmill yesterday forced me to not only be intensively active after a week of no exercise, but to wake up some muscle groups that had been dormant for a while.  I had thought that I might try to do it again today, but when I woke up this morning my legs said "BITCH PLEASE!! YOU'RE CRAZY!!!!!"  

Plus, I did some reading last night about running/jogging and the dangers of over training too much, too fast.  I like the idea of being able to comfortably run a reasonable distance. You know, in case I ever get chased by lions, tigers, or bears (Oh my!!).  If you think that sounds crazy- read this!!   However, at this time in my fitness journey, I don't see myself turning into a serious, hard core runner.  The last thing I wanna do is get too jiggy with the jogging and end up injuring myself in such a way that I am unable to workout at all.   So am gonna try for an every other day approach with the jogging.    

I will also say that this will teach me to skip a week at the gym---- I feel like I am starting over.  I am so stiff and sore and tired.   I am also very "nommy". (This is the term that The Hubs and I use to describe 'head hunger' or the desire to eat for any reason other than legit hunger. You know, when you just want to grab some food and go "Nom, nom, nom" all over it??)    

All that being said, it was so crazy to see myself in the mirror at my gym today.  10 days ago I was at my lowest weight and when I saw myself in the same mirror--- I didn't see myself as thinner or leaner. Today I am up 4 lbs from that low weight, but somehow I am seeing myself in the mirror and I am totally seeing a thinner, leaner version of myself.  Seriously, WTF? 

I also want to shout out to Mari, Jessica, and Alicia, the new Bandsters!!  I am so happy that you guys had successful surgeries and are healing up nicely.  (If I forgot anyone out there who was recently banded-- please let me know.)  My best piece of advice for starting out is to not put too much pressure on your self to lose 'X' amount of weight in 'X' number of months.  It's understandable to want to make as much progress as quickly as possible but just remember---you have your whole life with this band ahead of you. This is a journey not a destination!!


Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Exhaustion, Accomplishment, Carbs, and a Little More About Me

Um, yeah, so I kinda bagged out for a couple days but this weekend was shitballs crazy the likes of which I haven't experienced in ages.  

Here it is in bullets: 

  • Thursday was my 10th Anniversary (as you prolly, know).  Although, I am sooo not the kind of chick that requires grandiose gestures, I was a little bummed that it came and went with minimal acknowledgement.  The Hubs was completely pre-occupied with work--- I got a Facebook shout out in lieu of, oh say, a card or note.  It was a little extra disappointing because I had made a special trip to the Hallmark store 2 weeks earlier to find the perfect card for him from my favorite series of Hallmark cards.  Really, if you knew me, you would know how big this is because I am really, really not the mushy greeting card type of person. (We had already agreed to treat ourselves with a new HDTV when we get moved so gifts were a non-issue).  
  • The Hubs and I ended up bugging out of town on Thursday afternoon to head toward West TN this weekend.  The Hubs had work in Memphis on Friday morning and I had signed up to attend an event (more details in a bit) in his hometown (aka the place we are moving to in 2 weeks) that was being held this weekend.  It was my intention to grab an out of town Zumba class with a friend on Thursday evening and then we were gonna get some sushi at our fave sushi restaurant in  West TN.   However, The Hub's piece of shit company car decided to change those plans for us by completely locking up and stalling out on us whilst we were cruising at 70mph down the highway. The Hubs was able to ease it to the shoulder and get it restarted but this happened again 5 more times over 130 miles.  It got even better when, after we finally arrived at the nearest major city on our route, The Hubs called the fleet car company's roadside assistance line to arrange for service and a rental car.  They ended up sending us to the airport to pick a rental car that wasn't there----actually the rental car company wasn't even there.  They had made the reservation at the airport in a neighboring state with a city by the same name.   We were  stranded in town with a car that was barely functioning and liable to blow-up at anytime and we still had 80 miles to get to Memphis. (We HAD to be in Memphis on Friday bc The Hubs COULD NOT MISS his work appointment.)  We ended up calling his Mom who lived 25 miles away so she could let us borrow her car.  She followed The Hubs to the car dealership so he could drop off the company car and then he took his Mom the 25 miles back to her house and then he drove 25 miles back to town where we had gotten a hotel room.  We decided to get some sleep and get up way early and head to Memphis in the morning. He got back to the hotel at 11pm.   
  • On the upside- I did manage to get my sushi.  AND I did get to have a little 10th anniversary freaky freaky (TMI, I know). After the way the day fell apart I wasn't confident that either one would happen which just added to my feeling like crap.  I was pretty stinkin' determined to do everything I could to get both before the day was over.  
  • Thursday was exhausting- mentally and physically so getting up at 5am on Friday morning to head down to Memphis was a challenge.  We made it to Memphis in time for The Hubs' work appointment and got to have lunch with our best married couple friends. (The story of our relationship with them definitely warrants a post -- especially since I read Ronnie's and Bandster Momma's posts today) We finally made it back to my MIL's house that evening--  I ate, showered, and crashed in preparation for getting up at 5am (again) so I could go volunteer at the healthcare outreach event ALL day on Saturday.  
  • Saturday started at 5am and was the most physically, mentally, and emotionally exhausting experience I have had in recent memory.  I am a dental hygienist or in other words, I clean teeth. (Here is the "Little more about me" part)  I love it --- I especially love doing outreach work.  I love that it lets me focus on the best part of what I do which is cleaning teeth and making people a little healthier.  I also love that I don't have to think about appointment schedules and profit margins or convincing patients to get the services they need. I just get to do what needs to be done.   I love that all of my patients this weekend were so grateful and appreciative that I was providing my services. This is unlike when I work in private practice where patients tell me how much they hate coming to see me 8+ times a day.     I love what I do because I get to clean teeth that look like this:
I didn't actually clean these teeth. This is just example of what I encountered this weekend. 
And make them look like this:

I had several befores and afters that were 10x worse than this example.  It was so freaking rewarding.

I did this for 13 hours straight standing on my feet the entire time on Saturday and for 7 hours on Sunday.  This in and of itself was an NSV of sorts.  There is NO FREAKING WAY I would have had the stamina to do something like that 85 lbs ago.  It kicked my ass but in the best kind of way.  

  • This is where I bitch and moan a bit (I know you are asking "What the hell has this been so far?" ) . As a result of our travels I ended up not getting a legit work out in for a week.  While I know that all that standing and working this weekend prolly burned its fair share of calories that was completely negated by all the junk/fast food I consumed this weekend.  There was the candy that I stress ate the whole time we were riding in the malfunctioning car. The fast food breakfast on Friday and the snack cakes Friday after noon because I was too exhausted fight off the urge.  The brownies that I ate out of boredom at my MIL's house.  Saturday was pretty good until that evening when The Hubs and I hit the Mexican restaurant in town-- cheese dip and tacos.  Sunday was fast food breakfast and lunch was a chili dog and a hot fudge sundae and dinner was MORE Mexican food and candy.    Monday was Chicken McNuggets all the way home.  Oh and all this trash eating was accomplished while consuming almost no water whatsoever. This weekend was the worst eating I have had in a year.   I ended up bloated, constipated, and miserable. I also ended up 6lbs heavier than when I left home.   I haven't officially recorded the gain because I am hoping that this is gain is due primarily to the  poop and water retention.  Hopefully, some pooping and rehydration will bring things back to my pre-roadtrip weight.  We shall see.  
  • I am doing a 5k in 2 weeks so I decided to start taking a stab at something that looks like training. I really ended up doing this today because I got to my super intense Zumba class to find that the instructor had gotten a sub.  I have taken classes from the sub before and, while she is a super nice person, I hate her Zumba classes.  I can't stand the music or routines.  That is when I decided to hit the treadmill and work on this upcoming 5k thing.  I am trying work my way up to running at least as much as I walk.  When I run, I feel like this:

Although, I am pretty sure I probably I ACTUALLY look like this:

  • I am having the junk food DT's today also.  I have found that more than 2 days of junk food consumption leads to me intensely craving it.  It is very difficult for me to get over it.  I am not restricting my food quantities for the next few days but I am trying consume exclusively protein.  Hopefully, that will limit my food intake by default and help kill the carby junk food cravings.  
Okay, so that is the quick-ish and nasty breakdown of my past 5 days and quite frankly, I just wanna get this thing posted.  I hope it makes at least a smidgen of sense.  


Thursday, October 20, 2011

The Kind of Love That Makes Other People Wanna Puke

That is how I would explain what I have had for the past 10 years with The Hubs.  Today is our 10th anniversary and this is the post where I gush out all my stupid, drooling, nauseating love for The Hubs.
First, though, this is for him.

I don't know how I did it.  11 years ago I manage to stumble my way into dating a really nice guy that I had been "good acquaintances" with for a couple years.  We dated for 10 months and decided to get married, so we did, like 3 weeks later.  'Cause it's just like in When Harry Met Sally- "When you realize you want to spend the rest of your life with somebody, you want that the rest of your life start as soon as possible!" 
This is one aspect of my life where I truly got so freaking lucky.  I managed to find the most wonderful guy ever who would love me just as much if I were still sporting the 80ish lbs that I have lost. So many times I have heard stories of overweight people (particularly women) "settling" for partners and spouses that do not treat them well or support them because they have been trained over time that they "deserve less" in life because they are overweight.  I married a wonderful man who chose to take on this journey with me and I owe it all to blind, dumb luck. :) 

He understands my crazy and probably about 87.6% of the time he loves my crazy.  He is not crazy and that is why we work. When I make a big deal about how I turned off my flat iron before we leave the house so that when we get 5 miles down the road and I say "OMG, did I remember to turn of the flat iron?!?!" he just says "Yep, you told me." like this is something everybody does.

He tells me I am pretty now AND he told me I was pretty 80lbs ago.  He has never been purposefully mean or hurtful even when I have let my smart mouth run away from me.  He is my best friend and on any given day he is the only person I wanna hang out with.

We make a great team.   There have been a lot things in the past 10 years that were really difficult to get through, but us being together has been pretty easy.

We have 3,672 inside jokes and 3,642 of them make no sense to anybody else.

I love him so much it's gross.  I love that we have been stupid over each other for the past 10 years and, because we made the decision together to change our lives and get healthy, I can get excited about another 10 years of gross, stupid love.

Jan 2011

I love you, punkin.

Monday, October 17, 2011

What the French, Toast?

Don't let the title fool ya--- this post has nothing to do with breakfast foods covered in maple syrup.  Actually, this post doesn't involve covering anything in maple syrup. I am thinking if it did this would prolly need to be a whole different kind of blog.  (Excuse me for a second, while I remember the point of this post...................................Oh, yeah!!!)

So I have been hanging at 203lbs for almost 2 weeks now.  I got my period a week ago and got all bloated and gross feeling so the whole weight loss thing has slowed down to a crawl.  These last 4 lbs before Ohneederland feel like they are mocking me, but that isn't really what I wanted to talk about.

I am currently rocking a Size 14 Misses jeans and Large tops (Thank the Lawd I am still rocking some DD bra action).  However, it has been almost 15 years since I have seen 203lbs and I am pretty sure that I wasn't wearing a 14 Misses jeans or Large tops the last time I was there. As a matter of fact, I am almost positive that the last time I saw 203lbs I was filling out every bit of a plus size 16.  I will acknowledge that the last time I saw 203lbs I wasn't taking Zumba classes till my face melted off but still.....really?

I think I have to call bullshit of some of these sizing standards.  I am starting to think that in the past 15 years while I was stuck spinning my wheels at Lane Bryant the rest of the fashion industry decided to monkey with the sizes in "regular" stores.  My main argument for this is that I still have a lot of the "skinny" clothes held over from my lowest weight.  Many of those clothes are size 14 and still have quite a ways to go before I can even get them snapped let alone actually wear them.

So like I said, WHAT THE FRENCH, TOAST??  What are you guys experiences with sizes?  Are you as confused as me as to what happened over the past few years?

Follow Me!!!

I finally bothered to get the Twitter account set up.  If you are already Twitterpated come follow me.


Sunday, October 16, 2011

As It Turns Out, I'm Kind of a Big Deal......(For a Big Girl)

Of course you guys already knew that!!  *wink*

Yesterday was one of those "I totally rocked this Lap Band thing" kinda days.  I worked out hard and I ate properly and followed all my Band rules (and even turned myself around from getting a Salted Caramel Mocha).  So long story felt good!!

I got an unusual opportunity yesterday morning to do back to back Zumba classes with my fave instructor, Maggie.  Maggie was subbing the 9am Zumba class at the gym I currently go to along with teaching her regular 10:30am class at the gym I used to go to.  She texted me the other day to let me know she was subbing my 9am class and invited me to "party crash" with her at the other gym.  Maggie is my favorite Zumba instructor because her classes are INTENSE and her dances are AWESOME!

This is where it gets funny.  When we got to the 10:30am class she starting bragging on me for doing the 2 classes back to back with her.  Then everybody in the class started "Ooohing" and "Ahhhing" like they were totally impressed.  After the class, several women came up to me and kept going on and on about me doing 2 classes.  It was simultaneously flattering and weird at the same time.  The weird part was that they were acting like I just scaled Mt. Everest with one hand tied behind my back. Even weirder is that these women are in really good shape--  they are really thin and athletic. (This is at the gym that I left because it was a little too much of a muscle factory).  The just kept saying things like, "OMG, I don't know how you did it.....I could never do 2 Zumba classes in a row!!"

Don't get me wrong I was flattered and it's awesome when someone recognizes that you are busting your ass.  However, here is the thing.......I regularly take multiple Zumba classes a day. I have been for the past 6 weeks or so.  It is one of the reasons I changed my gym membership--more Zumba with better teachers.    There are at least 3 days a week that I take more than one Zumba class in a day.  In fact, the days I only do one class are my days when I "take it easy." While I know that most people don't do 2-3 Zumba classes a day (I am now learning that most of my fellow Zumba classmates barely do 2-3 classes a week), it never occurred to me that it was quite the big deal that these ladies were making it out to be.  I haven't made many friends in my classes so I have never really discussed my work out schedule to anyone.

So I have to wonder is it really such a big deal or is it a big deal because of my size?  I mean, even with an 80 lb loss I am still one of the bigger women in my classes.  Would these ladies be making such a fuss if I weighed 130 lbs?  I have gotten those kind of backhanded compliments before. When I started taking my Ballet class, Maggie (who also teaches Ballet)  kept marveling at my range of flexibility.  Even though I knew that she was being sincere and in no way intended to be insulting, I couldn't help but think that there was an unspoken "....for a big girl" that was hanging off her compliment.  

I wonder if I am still a bit too sensitive.  I have become much better at accepting compliments and praise (the key is to just say Thank-you) but I have to admit that I am still a smidgen suspicious of them. It still walk away analyzing them from every angle.

So what are you guy's experience?  Have you gotten this before?  Am I being too sensitive about the "back handedness" of these compliment?

Friday, October 14, 2011

I Have a Querstion......

Okay, so I just signed on to do Secret Santa. (I FREAKING LOVE SECRET SANTA!!!)  Now, how to do I get in on the whole Secret Bandit thing? Or is that a BOOBS only thing?   Just wondering.



BYOC- 10/14/2011

1. What’s your most favorite noise and your least favorite noise?
I love the sweet snore of a sleeping hound dog.

I loathe the sound of a whining human.  

2. If you were a character in the movie Grease – who would you be?

I would be 60% Frenchie and 40% Rizzo.  My Rizzo tendencies are mainly because of my sense of humor and  overuse of bad language.

3. What was the name of your best friend in elementary school? Are you still friends?

Joyce, yes, up until about a month ago we were next door neighbors.  
4. Who is your current celebrity crush?

Timothy Olyphant in "Justified" is kinda rockin' my world these days.  

5. Repeat question: How was your week in real life and in blog land?

In real life I am doing pretty good.  None of my moving related projects are going as planned but I am staying on track with Zumba and doing pretty well with eating.  ( We are eating some unusual foods lately in an effort to empty out the fridge and freezer before the actual move date)

In blog land I am enjoying keeping up with everyone but I feel like I am doing a piss poor job of producing adequate posts.   I am working on a couple of larger posts so hopefully they will be worth the wait.  

Thursday, October 13, 2011

10 Things Thursday 10/13/11

10 Things That Have Changed About Me Thanks to My LapBand

1)  I drink 2-3L of water per day.  Anything less and I feel sluggish and cranky.  The only other beverage I drink with regularity is coffee or wine.  I cannot remember the last time I had a soda.  

2) I now know what it feels like to sweat so much I get cold.  I had someone describe this phenomenon to me once and I thought they were nutballs and then it happened to me.  It's kinda weird.  

3)  I can take or leave most foods on most days.  I don't emotionally invest in food anymore. 

4) I think I have actually become a person who "craves" exercise.  I haven't skipped working out for more than 2 days in a row in over 6 weeks.  

5) I no longer snore so loud that I suck the wallpaper off the walls.  

6) I usually consume fast food one time a week or less. (Pre band it was at least once a day)  The Chick-fil-a Kids 3pc nugget kids meal is my go to fast food option.  My other fast food fave is Wendy's Chili and Krystal burgers (for you non-Southerners, it's like a White Castle only more awesome--and usually consumed in the wee hours of the morning after having 1 too many drinkies at the bars)  

7) I have learned to take a compliment and even give one to myself from time to time.

8) I am able to give myself constructive criticism without beating myself up.  Mainly, honestly assessing if my habits and behaviors are productive to my goal without using negative talk to chastise myself.  

9) By raising the bar for what I expect of myself and how I treat myself I have also raised the bar for how I expect to be treated and dealt with by others.  I no longer accept other people's bullshit because I somehow believe I deserve less than everyone else. As I learn to like myself more and more I am less and less concerned with pleasing people so they will like me.  

10)  I finally feel like I am healthy (mentally and physically) enough to be the kind of parent that I would like to be and now feel ready to have some chilluns.  

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Zumba Till Your Face Melts Off!!!!!

Which is exactly what I did today!  And it.felt.A-MAH-ZING!!!  At one point I think I flung sweat across the room.  I had sweat running into my eyes.  I was just so great to tear that shizz up after several days of feeling like I had no mojo whatsoever.  

I am telling you a top notch Zumba instructor makes all the difference.  Starting class with this song doesn't hurt either!!!

I am *this* far from Ohneederland and I feel like 199 is mocking me.

Oh well, gotta get back to packing boxes.

Monday, October 10, 2011

My A-Z's

This weekend was crazy. I am so zapped  I skipped some Zumba classes last week and I really didn't anticipate how much it was gonna derail me-- this morning's class was all kinds of rough.  We will be moving in a month and I spent the whole weekend getting that process ramped up.   I am very determined to stay on track with my Band during this move. This time last year we moved and I got highly distracted.  Fortunately I didn't gain, but my losses were negligible and it took a toll on my head.  It took me almost six months to get back on track and I refuse to have to fight that fight again.  

I have been reading and catching up on many of your blogs and they have been provoking my thoughts.  I am working on some longer, more soul searchy posts but right now all I have is my A-Z's. I have been awake since 4:00am and I can barely hold my eyes open gonna try to catch some Zzzzz's  with high hopes of hitting my evening Zumba class.

A-Z about me!

Courtesy of Speck, Fat Fish in a Skinny See

A. Age: 32 
B. Bed size - King- it used to because we were both so large we needed all the space we could get, but now I realize I just want my space.  
C. Chore you dislike - It takes all my willpower to unload the dishwasher.
D. Dogs - Everett, he is the last of my pack of 4 Basset Hounds.  He has more personality than some people.  
E. Essential start to your day -  Coffee and a shower. 

F. Favorite color - GREEN!!!!  
G. Gold or silver - I lean toward silver but I am suddenly warming up to gold. 

H. Height - 5' 3 

I. Instruments you play(ed) -  I played the Trumpet all through High School
J. Job title - Stay-at-home-Non Mom 
K. Kids - Not yet, currently warming to the idea ( it is part of my Lap Band journey--more info to come) 
L. Live - Middle Tennessee soon to be West Tennessee, but always ROCKY TOP TENNESSEE!!!!!  
M. Mom's name - Deb
N. Nicknames - AJ is one of my nicknames 
O. Overnight hospital stays - Never been overnight, the Band was a in at 6a out by 6p kinda thing
P. Pet peeves (aka things I hate) - When people just don't think about how their behavior effects others- when they act like they are the only people on the planet.   Oh, and when people randomly start singing in public places.  

Q.Quote from a movie -  Eight hundred leaf-tables and no chairs? You can't sell leaf-tables and no chairs. Chairs, you got a dinette set. No chairs, you got dick! -Raising Arizona 

R. Righty or Lefty - Righty tighty. 

S. Siblings - None.  

T. Time you wake up - Between 6-7am during the week.  7-8am on the weekends.  

U. Underwear -I have recently discovered Thongs.  My attraction to them is more functional than aesthetic.  I have underpants in all cuts, fabrics, and colors.  I am firm believer in situationally appropriate underpants.  No one one style of panties can cover all your fashion needs.  

V. Vegetables you don't like -  Lettuce, I hate it with fire of a 1000 Suns
W. What makes you run late - Deviating from my standard make up routine.  
X. X-rays you've had - Dental, and Fluoro once for a fill. 
Y. Yummy food you make - Lots of it---I am a Southern cook and I take my cooking very seriously. 
Z. Zoo animal favorites- Anything fuzzy with a penchant for ripping my face off---that just makes me want to snuggle it that much more.