Wednesday, May 14, 2014

WTF with 2013 part dos

I left off my last post at about 23 wks preggers and getting chubbier by the minute.  I would be lying if I said I was thrilled about my weight gain, but in the grand scheme of things I had heavy on my mind getting chubby just wasn't at the top of the list.  

I did spend lots of time thinking about this: 
That was the "BIG" ultrasound.  Thankfully, it showed a whole lot of healthy baby with everything right where it was supposed to be.  We decided to be weird and didn't find out the baby's gender. (Being "Team Green" is a challenge but I highly recommend it --- it truly is a wonderful moment in the delivery room. But trying to find gender neutral baby things???  Oy!!  I could write a 50 page post about how hard it is.) 

Anyways, I kept nomming and Baby J kept growing. Here's the proof:

28 weeks

35 weeks

38 weeks

40 weeks

I ended up being induced at 41 weeks.  This Baby was snuggly buggly in there because at 41 weeks I was not dilated or effaced -- in other words, I had ZERO sign of labor.  I was HUGE and miserable. I started begging (jokingly) to be induced at 39 weeks.  I got more serious with every OB appt.  I was due 2 weeks before Christmas.  Under most circumstances I would have liked to have waited for labor to come on naturally but, for so many reasons, I really didn't want to be in the hospital having a baby on Christmas. My OB finally gave in and let me be induced the week before Christmas.  

Everything went amazing.  As childbirth goes, I can't imagine it being any more straight forward (I didn't say easy, just straightforward.) Nothing too wacky or scary, just some good ol' baby birthing.  When all the dust cleared we got this for all our effort: 

Our sweet Baby Girl!! Miss Temple  9lbs 4oz & 20.5ins   BEST. Christmas. present. evah!!! 

While babybaking was the biggest news of our 2013 it wasn't the only thing.  In April we had 4 legged fuzzy addition to our family.  

This is Rigby. He was saved from being run over in our local grocery store parking lot.  

He is an awesome little dog and he will be a great companion for the Little Girl. He already cares a great deal about her.  

Sadly, we also said goodbye to our Basset Hound, Everett.  He was the last of our 4 Hounds.  It was so devastating because they were our first "babies".  But I firmly believe that our pets know when it's okay to go and my Everdoodle had gotten me through a lot of heart aches.  We lost him only weeks before the Baby Girl was born and I think he knew it was okay. That Mama would be okay.  

This guy was just such a fantastic dog.  We miss him so much.  

Next on the list of big, big changes was The Hubs job.  His job had begun to really stress him out and take a toll on him.  He wasn't enjoying it at all which was sad because it started out as a really awesome gig.  Fortunately he was presented with an opportunity to work for himself and it has worked out really, really well.  There was a tiny bit of stress in the beginning. It kinda freaks a gal out when she is 30 wks prego and Daddy leaves his steady paycheck and benefits to pursue something that isn't guaranteed even though it has the potential to way, way better than she can imagine.  Fortunately, it is going very, very well so far.  Not to mention that a self employed Daddy has way more freedom to spend time with his new baby girl.  

So there you go.  That was 2013.  There have been some big developments so far in 2014 but that's for another post. Hopefully, I will get y'all caught up on 2014 sometime before it's over. :-0


WTF with 2013 part one

So, like, 8 months ago I caught you up on my 2012 and I promised to fill you in on 2013.  Well, here I am in 2014 and I am sure that all 3 of you who still follow this blog are wondering "What the hell??"  Or maybe not, but either way, here it is.  I am gonna break most of it down in photos mainly because so much happened in 2013 that to write it all down would mean writing a novel and none of us want that. (Of course, hit me up in the comments if you have questions and such.)

In January we came back from the beach.  I was determined to make this baby thing happen.  Despite lots of frustration, we kept  (going) at it.

In April we got this:  
We were soooooo happy but I was, of course, stricken with a paralyzing level of anxiety.  I admit that I spent a considerable amount of time bracing myself for yet another miscarriage.  My OB had determined that low progesterone levels were most likely the cause of my other m/c's. Because of this, as soon I got my positive HPT I was in my OB's office getting progesterone shots in my butt 2x per week for the whole first trimester.  Just FYI, progesterone is the preggy hormone that makes you all nauseous and fatigued --- getting a straight shot of it into your ass makes the effect, oh, about 20x worse.  Progesterone shots + paralyzing fear/anxiety = hiding on the couch under a blanket alternating between trying not to puke and eating cookies like it was my job.   Needless, to say I emerged from my 1st trimester still pregnant (YAY!!!!!) but 20lbs chubbier (Not so yay.) 

I also ended up having my Band loosened to only 4cc in an 11cc band.  (That is the least amount I have had since getting my first fills.)  That's about the point where my aspirations to have the "super-fit-gonna-Zumb@-till-the-day-I-deliver" pregnancy fell apart.  By the end of my 1st trimester it was full blown Summer here in the Deep South complete with 147% humidity so I opted for staying inside with my A/C.  

Oh, and I also made and ate about 14 of these: 

Strawberry Pretzel Awesome --- it's very common here in the South. It's like a Strawberry Cheesecake with a Pretzel crust.  I craved it constantly.  

There was also a lot of this: 
Pistachio Ice Cream (best ice cream in the history of ever) 

and this : 

Krystals, It's a southern thing.  You either love 'em or hate 'em.  I love them.  Even more when I'm pregnant.  

Thanks to all that here I am at 23wks (barely half way through my pregnancy) up approx. 45lbs from my lowest weight and looking like I am full term. :-

I got at a dozen "You're about to pop!!!" comments from total strangers.  

I kinda took a "Band Holiday".  I really just ate what I wanted, when I wanted and didn't really care about weight gain.  I realized that I could only handle so much stress in this pregnancy and the stress I felt worrying about whether or not this pregnancy would even last was more than enough.  There really wasn't enough room for worrying about every single pound I might be gaining.  I wasn't out to gain as much as possible but my anxiety over miscarriages was SOOOO huge that I needed to find as much happy as I possibly could. Sometimes I found that happiness in chicken parm and ice cream.  I fully believed that I had the tools to get my baby weight back off once this kiddo arrived.  

Monday, August 5, 2013

When a 'little break' turns into almost a year...Part 1

First off, thank-you to the handful of folks who got in touch and checked in on me.  I really appreciate it.

It's been almost a year --- really?? seriously?? How does that happen?? ---- it feels like so much has happened and not much has happened all at the same time.

Anyway, I am just gonna rock some bullet points to fill you in.  If there is anything you wanna know more about then you can always just ask and I will go into deeper detail, but I have a feelin' this is gonna look like a novel even with bullets. I am gonna do my best to keep it on track.

Here is how the end of 2012 wrapped up::

* I didn't really mean to take a break from blogging.  It all started out with being overwhelmed with holiday type things. Christmas 2012 was really, pretty tough.  I spent it pretty much hating the world and hating life and generally just being pissed off. Of course 2 miscarriages in one year has a tendency to make a person kinda cranky.  I just didn't want to participate. Especially since a large part of our holiday festivities involved being surrounded by a baby that was born the same time as MC#1 would have been due (the same baby who was named using the baby name that Hubby's cousin hijacked from me.)  I didn't want to have to paint on a smiling face while my heart broke over and over again.  And since I was chocked full of fertility-type hormones, I also didn't want to risk an outburst that was the baby related equivalent of this:

Warning: Language is prolly not safe for work -- just sayin'. 

*Around November I started experiencing some pretty effed up band tightness thanks to my new regimen of fertility hormones.  We're talking serious, serious acid reflux every night. No. Matter. What. This led to me eating next to nothing for quite a while which led to my lowest weight ever of 161.  It didn't matter if ate before bed or if I didn't eat before bed -- the minute I fell asleep I was ripped awake by coughing up battery acid.  It seemed to get better and worse based on my cycle so I tried to see if I could wait it out.  However, when I reached the point where I couldn't even sleep sitting up without coughing up acid I knew something had to be done so I scheduled an un-fill.

* I got my un-fill in December.  I had the FNP remove a full 1.0cc from my band.  It felt glorious.  I did gain around 5lbs afterward but I sooooo did not care.  I gained that because I was finally able to eat real food again.  It was nice being at my lowest weight but not at the expense of my health or the health of my band.  I was also fortunate to find out that my band was still okay and hadn't been damaged by all the acid reflux.

*We also decided to spend the last 2 weeks of December at the beach.  Actually, The Hubs decided for us --- well, for me.  I never really wanted to admit that I could not handle Christmas but the closer it got the more The Hubs knew he needed to get me somewhere  He called the families, handed them some BS about his vacation time running out for the year and said we were going on vacation.  He booked a condo on the beach, we packed ourselves and the dog and spent the last 2 weeks of 2012 on the beach in Mississippi.  It really was the best thing that we could have done.

I guess that covers the end of 2012.  I plan to follow up with some more posts about 2013 so far, but then again, I plan to do a lot of things.

Saturday, November 17, 2012

OMG!!! Holy Shizzballs!!!

Okay --  I have been super busy and super preoccupied with pre-holiday preps and such.  I need to blog some shizz out in a major way, but it's gonna have to wait a for a bit because I am running around with my ass on fire trying to get stuff done.

Um, like, I totally need to do the whole Liebster Blog that The Dandy Bandy was so sweet to nominate me for!!  Just know, Dandy --- I'm gonna do it soon and I appreciate it so much!!

But my real reason for this drive by blog??  NEW LOW!!!!!  I don't know WTF?!?? I was not expecting this when I jumped on the scale this morning.


SHUT. YOUR. FRENCH. TOAST!!!!  I am so excited I could just pee!!!!  Now Imma go do some Saturday Zumba!!!!!

Later Taters!!!

Monday, November 5, 2012

High Cotton!!!

Wow!!!  I have been absent for a while.

Fair warning this post is gonna be random as all hell with bullet points firing in all different directions.  

  • I have been really busy lately.  There have been so many things going on but for the most part they have been really good.  West TN is cotton country and several members of The Hubs' family still make a living growing cotton.  It's cotton pickin' time in this neck of woods and the cotton is HIGH!!!  "High Cotton" is a very good thing.  Here in the South (particularly where cotton is grown) we have a saying, "Shittin' in high cotton!!" and it means that everything is really good.  I feel like I have been going non-stop and things are whirling around but I feel really good about pretty much everything right now.  (Hence, the blog title. Ha!)  Here is a pic from the family's farm.  
It's even more gorgeous when you can see it go on for miles.  

  • October 20 was my 11th anniversary.  The Hubs and I just took a quick little weekend trip to Nashville.  We had a great time!  I hit the clearance rack at 0ld N@vy and racked up on some awesome deals.  Even bought my first pair of Skinny jeans -- in a size 8.  They are snug but they fit and I can still breath (a little) in them.  NSV!!!  My first clothing in a single digit size!!!!  Holla!!!  Here is a pic I took that weekend (I am terrible at cell phone self portraits!)

These aren't the skinny jeans but it's a huge NSV bc I  am wearing a belt purely for the purpose of fashion.  
  • I got to go to my FAVORITE Zumba class with my Zumba idol -- Maggie!!  She is a ball buster!!  Just when I start to get cocky about my Zumba skills I go back and take her class and get my ass kicked in the best kind of way!!!  She has encouraged me from the beginning and even though she is a former professional dancer (as in Broadway professional not pole/g-string professional)  she always made me feel like I was totally awesome in Zumba class!!!  
Sweaty post Zumba sparkle!!  You can't tell but she had to bend quite a bit so as not to be 2ft taller than me!! Ha!

  • One of my anniversary gifts to myself was to have my wedding/engagement rings resized.  I hadn't worn them in over a year because they were too loose.  The idea of getting them resized made me very anxious.  For some reason, it felt like a huge leap of faith that my weight loss was really real.  Like I was REALLY committed to this new body of mine and there is no going back.  I don't know --- it's hard to describe.  But I was really pleased with the way it came out.  


  • Finally made it back to my hometown in East TN to pick up many of the items left to me by my Nana.  Most of it was sentimental pieces that aren't particularly valuable but that remind me so much of her and going to her house.  However, I did get some really awesome things.  The first is a gorgeous rocking chair that will be PERFECT for a nursery when/if that time comes.  The second were her diamond stud earrings -- she wore them everyday from the time she got them till shortly before she passed.  Since she never took them out they were just bit "gunked" up with make-up and such.  It took some serious scrubbing but now they sparkle like new.  I really love having a piece of jewelry that she loved and valued so much.  

  • My OB/GYN determined that he thinks my pregnancy issues are related to a Luteal Phase Defect.  Which in my case, means that my Luteal Phase is too short (The Luteal phase is the part of your cycle after you ovulate ideally it should be around 14 days long.  Some women can get/stay pregnant with as little as 12 days but anything shorter than that makes getting and/or staying pregnant a challenge.)  One of the primary treatments for LPD is HCG injections.  Yes, HCG. The same HCG that is produced during pregnancy detected by a pregnancy test  AND the same HCG that is being used in one of the newest (and freakiest) weight loss fads.  I have heard so many horror stories about fertility treatments and hormones etc that I was really apprehensive about beginning any kind of hormone therapy.   For now, I have gotten super lucky in that department.  Of all the hormone treatments out there, HCG is the least complicated.  I only have to do 4 shots per cycle, it has very few (minor) side effects, it's a small shot in my belly (not one of those huge ones that have to go 3 miles into your muscle).  Other than the fact that I almost passed out the first time I had to give myself the shot -- this first round has been relatively easy.  Hopefully, my Luteal phase will be extended which will hopefully pump up my progesterone levels.  

  • Remember in the last point when I said that HCG is used in some new fangled weight loss fad???  Well, I am happy to say that it's the best side effect ever!!!  I am at a new all time low of 170lbs.  I have lost 4lbs in the past week --- it's totally because of the HCG because I haven't been especially great in the eating department.  We shall see if it "real" i.e. if it stays off this week since my last shot this cycle was yesterday.   I haven't had a loss like that since the early days of my surgery.  But I would be lying if I didn't admit to being seriously geeked about the weight loss side effect.  I am finally the person who gets weight loss as a side effect of medication!!!  I have never in my life been that person.  
That's all I can think of for now.  I know there is more stuff to tell about but I just can't think of it right now.  

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Your Input Is Needed!!!!

So, I told you all that I recently got certified to teach Zumba.  I have been working on routines and thinking about developing classes.  The Zumba market in our area is kinda saturated so I definitely need something to set myself apart.  I also really want to reach out to the folks who are where I was 3 yrs ago.

Also, I just read this post by Megan at Big Bottom Banded.

With all that being said, one of the Memphis bariatric surgeons has recently opened a satellite office in my town.  When I finally do decide to pursue teaching my own Zumba classes, I have given thought to maybe working with them to offer to teach a class for their new WLS patients.

SOOOOO...... here is my question(s).

Would it make a difference to you if you knew that your fitness instructor was a WLS patient??  

Would you have felt more confident starting to exercise in a group format if your instructor had WLS??  

Or if your class was for WLS patients only??  

I REALLY want  need your feedback/input on this, even if it is only a couple of words.

Pretty please, help a sistruh??

Monday, October 8, 2012

Weight Limits???

I know, I know ---- it's usually MandaPanda bringing you the news but I saw this on the morning news this AM while I was having my coffee.  

Here is the article: (I copy/pasted it for those who aren't able to click through links) 

(CNN) -- Childhood obesity isn't just a health issue, according to a group of retired military leaders. It's also a national security issue.One in four young adults are too overweight to join the U.S. military, a new report from the advocacy group Mission: Readiness says. And the U.S. Department of Defense spends an estimated $1 billion each year on medical care related to obesity issues for active duty members, their dependents and veterans."No other major country's military forces face the challenges of weight gain confronting America's armed forces," according to the report.

"At the end of the day, the reason America is safe and sound is not because of its tanks," adds retired Lt. Gen. Norman Seip, spokesman for Mission: Readiness. "It's really the men and women who volunteer and so proudly serve."

Kids on average consume 130 "empty" calories a day from candy, cookies and chips, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture. Mission: Readiness has been working to get rid of junk food in schools since 2010, when it supported the passing of the Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act. The act requires the USDA to update nutrition standards in schools.

Mission: Readiness believes having healthier food in the cafeteria and in vending machines will help slow - or even reverse - rising childhood obesity rates. And healthy children are more likely to grow up to be healthy adults who can serve their country

"We're not picking on the schools," Seip says. "The schools are part of the solution. We like to think that this obesity problem... is one that's going to require all of America to tackle."


While I am not usually one to post news type articles, this one really hit me.   It IS scary to think that our military defenses could be compromised because our young people are too obese to meet the physical requirements of military service.  But the real reason it struck me so hard was that I identify totally with this problem.  

Although I never aspired to military service, I did, at one point in my life, aspire to being a police officer.   I even got a degree in Criminal Justice (that was before I learned how to clean teeth). However, I never pursued my desire to join the police because, at the time,  I knew I would NEVER be able to complete and pass the physical training.  It's just another reminder of the limits that my weight put on me and allowed me to put on myself.  

I was overweight or obese from my childhood through the majority of my adulthood.  It's still a touch painful to think about all the ambitions and experiences that I never pursued or had the courage to pursue because of my weight.  

This makes me sad because I know there will be many kids out there that feel called to defend their country but won't be able to do so because of their poor physical condition.   Even worse are the kids who won't aspire to join the military because they are repeatedly told how awful, terrible, and worthless they are because they are overweight/obese.  

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

NSVs -- Like a Boss!!!!

First off, I am glad that everyone had a great time in Chicago and equally glad everyone got to and fro all safe and sound.

While part of me is sad I missed out on BOOBs3, my weekend RAWKED pretty hard despite not being in Chicago.

Last week/weekend was full of some HUGE non-scale victories as well as a scale related victory.

My scale related victory was getting to see a new all time low!!!  I am finally solidly into the 170's with my new low of 174 lbs.  For anyone keeping count that comes out to a total of -110lbs.

Thanks to my new all time low I got to experience my first NSV in a long time when I decided to try on a pair of Size 10 jeans.  When I pulled them off the rack, I really didn't think they would fit, but the jeans were super cheap on clearance so I thought "What the hell -it's worth a shot!!" I really anticipated doing some dressing room acrobatics to wrestle them on, but it wasn't necessary -- they slide right up and fit like a glove.  

The proof!!  Even better they were clearanced for $13 (I found the same pair at another store on sale for $12 -I totes bought those too!!) 
I won't lie -- I almost cried right there in dressing room.  I have never worn a Size 10 anything in my entire adult life.

NSV: Numero Dos

As of this weekend I am officially a Licensed Z*mba Instructor, well, I am licensed to instruct.  I haven't actually instructed my own class, yet.  There is still a lot of work for me to do before that happens like, 1) coming up with some routines, 2) learning those routines, 3) getting over my paralyzing fear of being in charge of a class, 4) dealing with my anxiety that everyone will hate my routines and will leave class before the 2nd song.  You know, no big.

Taking this certification class was so HUGE on so many levels.  Now, in all honesty, they will pretty much give anyone a certificate if you complete the class, so don't let me fool you into thinking that I got some mad, awesome dance skills.  However, the class IS pretty intense.  It is basically 8 hrs of almost non-stop Zumba lead by an Instructor who has been doing Zumba since it began in the US almost 10 yrs ago (Chica was pretty hardcore!!).  So the fact that I could hang in a class that intense for almost 8hrs -- feels like a pretty big deal.  (Especially considering that 3yrs ago I spent most of my free time sleeping).  Bonus, I WASN'T THE BIGGEST GIRL IN THE ROOM!!!!  That still takes getting used to, I have spent so much of my life being the biggest person in the room that it still takes me by surprise.   Having that realization in a fitness related environment is just double bonus.

This me goofin' with my pal K.K. who took the class with me.  Notice our matching BondiBands!!!  Our class was held at a church so we didn't get to shower at the end of the day ---  we were RANCID!!!  I think KK's car still smells like BO.
****  With all this talk of NSVs and new lows I must tell the whole store of this weekend.  When we left the training class I was HUNGRY like I have never been before (despite having fueled myself throughout the day on good, healthy snacks).  My bones were hungry!!!  I remember thinking --- this is what athletes must feel like.  Anyways, KK and I had to hit the road for home so we opted for drive-thru dinner.  Somehow, someway in the course of the 3hr drive home I consumed a bacon cheeseburger, Lg onion rings, Lg Cherry Coke, AND a Chocolate Frosty.  I have NO idea where I put it.  Any other day I would have been horrified with myself but I DID NOT even feel the teensiest bit of guilt since my HR/calories burned monitor said we had burned 5000+ calories that day.  And lemme tell ya, I am not crazy about fast food these days and I really do my best to avoid it but I have no words to explain how that meal rocked my face!! 

As if this weekend couldn't get any better, I found the purse I have been lusting after for over a year on sale at TJ M@xx for $150 cheaper than normal retail. SNAP!!!! 


 It is by Michael K0rs and I have lusted after it fo-eva!!!  Even on deep discount it was still waaaaaay more expensive than any purse I have ever owned before.  But I had some extra birthday $$$ burning a hole in my pocket and I really wanted something nice to reward myself for making more forward progress in my weight loss/fitness journey.  Now I am gonna start saving my nickels and dimes for the brown version.  

Lots good stuff going on!!  I am also making plans to run a couple of 5Ks before the end of the year.  The Hubs and I have decided to wait till the first of the new year to resume any baby making efforts in order to avoid being all hopped up on hormones/baby stress during the holidays.  ('Cause when it comes to the holidays I don't need any help in the Crazy Dept.)  So, while I haven't accomplished certain things I had set out do this year, I will [hopefully] end the year having accomplished even more weight loss and fitness goals than I could have imagined.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Ten (maybe) Rants Thursday.....

Mad props to Laura for TTT.

1) Today is the first day of TOM which prolly accounts for my post title.  I'm a smidge cranky.  Fair warning this may be a little lot ranty.

2) Since today is the first day of TOM it means I have officially completed my first cycle of fertility charting.  My OB will begin the hormone testing in cycle 3 and we can start trying again with cycle 4.  WOOT!!  Also since my fertility charting hinges completely on charting cervix mucus (TMI, I know), 5 days of TOM means a 5 day vacation from evaluating what being produced by my lady station. Double WOOT!!

3) I forgot to mention that September 5 was my estimated due date for pregnancy fail #1 -- I managed to make it till around 5pm without thinking about it.  I also managed to think about it without having a total emotional breakdown.  Progress, I guess?

4) Speaking of due dates--   Remember the pregnant cousin-in-law?  You know, the one who announced her 5wk pregnancy on FB the same day I found out about pregnancy fail #1 ?? The one who announced on Mother's Day that she would be naming her son Jacob which was the boy name that my Hubs and I had been planning on using for years --- this was after she swore up and down to me that she would not be conforming to the family tradition of naming boys with "J" names (which is why I never called dibs on the name.)???  Yeah, that pregnant cousin-in-law

She is being induced next week.  Know what else is next week??  My birthday.  So help me if she has her baby on my birthday it will be all I can do to keep from kicking her in the vagina.  It's like her pregnancy has been some kind of cosmic joke meant to destroy my sanity.

Of course, I don't think she is really gonna have the baby on my birthday because she has requested to be induced late on the 17th so she can have the baby on the 18th because she doesn't want the baby to have an odd numbered birthday.  REALLY?!??!?  WTF??!?!?   All I could think was --"I just wish my baby would've had A BIRTHDAY....period."

I am totally amazed by the ridiculously trivial things that pregnant women that have never dealt with infertility or miscarriage can concern themselves with.  I guess when you have never had worry whether your pregnancy will last long enough for a baby to even be born it's really easy to get all wrapped up in stupid shit like the numerical value of your baby's birthdate.

5) I have 2 different people in my life who are currently (obnoxiously on FB) pregnant with 2nd or 3rd children and blathering on and on about their baby showers.  I may offend some of you but I cannot tell you just how obnoxious I find having a baby shower for your second/third child.  According to my MIL this is somewhat of a newish trend since the advent of gender identification before birth.

Dear Cousin-in-law: 

I am sorry you had a girl first and only registered for pink shit and now you are having a boy but I really don't think I should have to buy you things you already have just because you foolishly bought them in all pink.  Let your little man hang out in the pink Bumb*o chair it'll be good for him. 

Dear Other Friend:
I know you thought you were done with having  kids and sold all your baby stuff and now you are preggo with Baby Whoops (who was conceived right after you had your IUD removed and Daddy "didn't feel like running out to Walgreens for some rubbers", and you completely forgot that your  previous 2 kids were concieved on each first attempt), but why should I have to buy you new baby shit because you guys were careless and didn't use protection.

6) And don't get me started on people having Wedding Showers when 1) this is their 2nd, 3rd..... marriage  or 2) they run off and elope.  (My wedding was a Justice of the Peace type thing and I was not thrown nor did I request a wedding shower)

Wedding/Baby Showers are to help people get the things they need to begin a new phase of life --- you only begin that new phase once ---- choose wisely in the things you ask for and be mindful of cost.  Maybe even get your finances in line before you take that next step???  (Of course maybe I am just bitter because we waited to have kids till we were financially able to support the decision on our own and waiting so long may have contributed to my current difficulties???) 

I guess the reason I am so pissy about this is because some of the things these women have registered for are just ridiculous!!!  Like the $100 baby food processor.  Which is just a food processor in Baby colors ---- seriously???  you can't get a standard food processor for less?  Or the $20 special cutting board just for baby's food?  Come on!

Just because someone else is footing the bill doesn't mean frugality flies out the window.

7) Since I have offended half my readers let me offend the other half.  I have TOTAL respect for teachers --- seriously, I could not do your job.  However, I have gotten so tired of listening to my teacher friends whine on and on on FB about how everyone thinks their job is cake but it's really the hardest job ever, ever, ever.  

This rant is mainly aimed at my sister-in-law.  Everyday on FB she has to announce that she didn't leave school until 5:00pm so everyone who thinks that teachers only work from 8-3 is just stupid.  Of course I always feel the need to remind her that pretty much everyone else in the free world has to stay at work until 5pm and it's not optional.  I also feel the need to remind her that those same people work till 5pm everyday all year round and not just 180 days out of the year.  Don't get me wrong -- teaching is a thankless job that requires a lot of hard work but there are lots of hard working, thankless jobs that DON'T allow people to have 12wks of paid vacation during the year.  

8) My Dad, Aunt, & Uncle are fighting like children over the settling of my Nana's estate.   The items currently being disputed :  an electric mixer, a flower arrangement, and a portrait.

9) Does it seem like everyone out in BOOBland in constant texting contact with everyone else in BOOBland??  Or is it just me??  Maybe I am just having insecurity and not feeling included in both real life and blog life.  

I think that's all I've got but, really, I'm sure this is more than enough. 

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Epic Thrift Store WIN & New Low Weigh-in!!!!!

This weekend I made 2 trips to a couple of local thrift stores.  The first one was completely by chance because The Hubs and I had some time to kill on Friday afternoon.  After my first good trip, I decided to try again at another store across town on Sunday.

I have never really had all that much luck with thrift store clothing shopping.  It always seemed like the the selection available in larger sizes had a definite Granny vibe going. I wasn't super confident I would find anything during this trip either, but I figured "What the hell?!?!"

Since getting back into regular exercise I had started noticing that my clothes were getting a little looser so I thought I would take a chance on trying on some stuff in the next size down (size 12).  Lemme say that the quality clothes options get waaaaay better the lower the size.

I racked up!!!  Both trips combined I spent just over $100. However, except for 2 coats, I didn't spend more than $6 for any single item.  Most items were around $2.50-$3 (some were even $.99)

It is sooooo nice to really fill out my closet.   Throughout my weight loss I have kept clothing purchases to the absolute bare minimum.  Between the fact that I don't work outside my home and never knowing how long I would actually be able to wear an article of clothing --- spending oodles of cash on clothes just never made sense.  This reluctance to spend $$ on clothes meant that my fashionable wardrobe options were non-existent.  (God forbid I have to dress up 2 days/evenings in a row!!)

Imma gonna get my fashion on now!!!

I don't even live in a very large city --- I am sure you big city folk have waaaay better thrift store options.

Stretch khakis - Unlisted, Kenneth Cole

Okay, this is hilarious! These are actually maternity pants. I THOUGHT they were yoga pants and they were on the .99 rack so I just threw them in the cart. Didn't realize they are maternity until I went to wash them.  Oh well, they will live in the back of the closet till I need them.  

This coat is AMAZING!!!  Straight off the Mad Men wardrobe dept.  And yes! That collar is REAL FUR!!!
 It was only $25!!!!

This pleather coat is also totally pimpin'!!!  It was only $16 

This sucker is a CASHMERE blend!!!!  Did you hear me??  CASHMERE!!!   For $2.50

Love this--  Boots and leggings, what?!?!

Another nice little layering sweater! 

There are few things I love like a black, turtleneck sweater -- it's just so classic!!!  That is why I bought TWO!!!   Seriously!?! when it's .99, how can you not??? 

More fuzzy sweater action!!

I fuh-reaking love this outfit.  Top: Old Navy, Pants: The Limited

Just some generic floppy cargos, but they are SUPER comfy!! 
The last thing I need is more T-shirts but the Adidas shirt is  U Tenn Orange and the black one is a moisture wicking material for fall winter workouts. 

These jeans are so great!!  Ann Taylor Loft!!

Again, another outfit I fuh-reakin love.  It doesn't get more classic than a French blue oxford and these pants are from the Gap and they are THE BALLS!!!!  I LOVE THEM!! 

More slacks from Dockers, (They look black but they are really dark grey)

These pants are kind of an NSV for me.  They are corduroys from Old Navy.   In my bigger days I would NEVER have worn these because I would have been mortified by the "Swishy, Swishy" sound of my super huge legs rubbing together.  Not to mention, the fear that my inner thighs would have caught fire.

So there you go my thrift store conquest. This maybe a fluke but I think I am really coming around to thrift store shopping.  I like it for a couple of reasons -- mainly the $$. What I like is that if an article is maybe just a wee bit too snug but I liked it anyway then it's only $3 so I can afford to get it as a motivational item.  I would never do that with something that costs $50.

The real downside to thrift store shopping is the time --  you gotta hunt for your deals and (I recommend) you gotta try things on.

Here's hoping I have  more awesome thrift store luck in the future.

I totally failed to mention that now that I am officially wearing Size 12 pants (and I say officially because all the pants I bought were Size 12's ) it means that I am in the smallest clothing size of my entire adult life.  HOLLA!!!!!


I totally woke up this morning to a new low on my scale - 178.8. (I actually saw 178 on Friday at my Docs office when I tagged along to The Hubs' appt- but I wasn't gonna count it until I saw it on my own scale)  Can I tell you how totally geeked I am to be out of the 180s!!  Woot!!  It's also good to finally see my renewed commitment to exercise FINALLY paying off. (It's also nice to see that the Snickerdoodle brownies I made over the weekend didn't completely derail me.)  It's been almost a month and the first 2 weeks I didn't see a damn bit of movement!!  Only 4.8lbs to go to my first goal on 174lbs!!

Thursday, August 30, 2012

How to Unfollow a Blog!!!!

Many of you have complained about not being able to "unfollow" many of the abandoned blogs that you have followed. I have also been on a bit of a blogcleaning mission and I think I managed to f*ck up and figure out how to do it.

First things first.....if I tell you how to unfollow then you can't use it to unfollow me, mmkay?? You promise??? Alrighty, I believe you.

Here goes:

1) Go to the blog you wish to unfollow

2) Find the "follow widget" aka the thing with everybody's pics clustered together.

3) Make sure you are signed into the site. If there is a link that say "Join this site" - you aren't signed in and you need to do that.

4) After you sign in you should see your pic above the cluster of followers pics. Under your pic is a tab that says "Options" -- click on that. (see photo 1)

5) When you click the Options tab a menu will drop down. Click on "Site Settings" -- it will take you to another page where you can select to "Stop following this site" (see photo 2)

6) Voila!!! You have officially unfollowed that blog. Just remember you can do this with any blog you wish 'cept for mine. K? K!!
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